Blaze Pizza Menu Prices 2023 ❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

Blaze Pizza Menu Prices 2023 ❤️

Blaze Pizza Menu Prices: Blaze Pizza is a popular fast-casual pizza chain offering various delicious pizzas that have a distinctive twist.

Through its unique concept of building your own pizza and an array of choices of toppings, Blaze Pizza has gained an ardent customer base of pizza fans.

In this article, we’ll look at the menu prices of Blaze Pizza and the delicious options offered to customers.


It is a well-known reality the fact that Blaze Pizza offers a pizza experience that is quick and flexible and popular for these qualities.

Customers can choose their own toppings from a variety of options, and observe how their pizzas are made against them. Products offered by Blaze Pizza include a large variety of pizzas that feature distinctive flavors and salads.

There are as well as build-your-own choices for drinks desserts, beverages, and more.

Blaze Pizza Menu Prices List




Build Your Own Pizza   $8.45
1 Top Pizza   $6.75
Simple Pie Pizza   $5.55
Meat Eater Pizza   $8.45
BBQ Chicken Pizza   $8.45
Green Stripe Pizza   $8.45
Art Lover Pizza   $8.45
Red Vine Pizza   $8.45
Veg Out Pizza   $8.45
Link In Pizza   $8.45
White Top Pizza   $8.45



Caesar (Side Salad)   $3.95
Tomato, Basil & Ovalini (Side Salad)   $3.95
Roasted Veggie & Gorgonzola (Side Salad)   $3.95
Beet & Goat Cheese (Side Salad)   $3.95
Antipasto (Entree Salad)   $7.25
Chicken Caesar (Entree Salad)   $7.25



S’more Pie   $2.00



Fountain Drink   $2.10
Water Bottle $1.95
Milk   $1.95

 Special Offers

Blaze Pizza regularly introduces special deals and promotions that provide the best value for its patrons.

The offers could include discounts on certain meals, bundle deals, or promotions that are limited in time.

To keep up-to-date with the most recent promotions, customers are able to go to Blaze Pizza’s website of official Blaze Pizza website or sign up to join the rewards plan.

 Blaze Pizza Rewards

Blaze Pizza has a rewards program that lets customers get points with every purchase. These points can be exchanged to get free pizzas, drinks, and desserts.

Furthermore, members of the rewards program are entitled to special offers as well as early access to new menu items.

The process of signing up for the Blaze Pizza Rewards program is absolutely free and is possible through their mobile or website.

  Blaze Pizza Nutritional Information

For those who are conscious of their diet, Blaze Pizza provides detailed nutrition facts for the menu items they serve.

The information includes macronutrients, calorie counts, breakdowns, and allergens information.

The public can get the information on the internet or call the restaurant to make an informed decision that is in line with their diet requirements.

  Blaze Pizza Gluten-Free and Vegan Options

Blaze Pizza understands the importance of catering to a variety of food preferences and limitations. For those with celiac illness or gluten allergies, they provide gluten-free crusts.

In addition, they offer vegan cheese and a vast variety of vegetable toppings making it easy for customers who are vegan to enjoy the delicious and satisfying pizza.

  Blaze Pizza Catering Services

Blaze Pizza also offers catering services for parties and events. It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate gathering or birthday celebration or a casual gathering, Blaze Pizza can provide an unforgettable meal to the guests by serving delicious Pizzas as well as fresh and healthy salads.

Customers are able to inquire about catering options and prices by contacting the nearest Blaze Pizza location.

  Blaze Pizza Locations

Blaze Pizza has numerous locations throughout the United States and internationally. Customers can locate the nearest Blaze Pizza near them by using the restaurant search feature on their mobile or website.

Every location has the same dedication to high-end service and quality which ensures a satisfying dining experience.

Blaze Pizza Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday 11 am to 11 pm
Saturday 11 am to 1 am
Sunday 11 am to 10 pm

Blaze Pizza Contact Information

Blaze Pizza Head Office Address: Blaze Pizza, LLC, 35 N Lake Ave., Suite 710, Pasadena, California 91101, United States

Blaze Pizza Corporate Office Contact Number: (626) 584-5880

You can also contact the team of Blaze Pizza by using the contact form on their website.

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Blaze Pizza Menu Near Me


Blaze Pizza offers a unique and custom-made pizza dining experience that has won all pizza lovers’ hearts across the world.

Offering a menu with custom pizzas, built-to-order choices, salads, desserts, and drinks, Blaze Pizza caters to many different tastes.

No matter if you’re a meat eater or vegan, or you have particular food preferences, Blaze Pizza has something tasty to serve.

FAQ Blaze Pizza Menu Prices

What does a custom-sized pizza set from Blaze Pizza?

The cost of a custom-sized pizza from Blaze Pizza can vary depending on the location and toppings you select. It is between $7 and $9.

What’s the cost of a custom-made pizza at Blaze Pizza?

The cost for a build-your-own pizza from Blaze Pizza starts at around $8. But, the final price could increase based on the variety and quantity of toppings you pick.

What is the price of the cost of a signature pizza from Blaze Pizza?

Signature pizzas from Blaze Pizza typically range in price ranging from $9 to $12, based on the location as well as the particular signature pizza you pick.

What is the cost of an entrée salad cost in Blaze Pizza?

Salads served offered at Blaze Pizza are usually priced between $3 and $5, dependent on the location and the kind of salad you pick.

What’s the cost of the desserts at Blaze Pizza?

Blaze Pizza offers various desserts including s’mores brownies or pies, which generally cost from $2 to $4 dependent on the particular dessert.

What is the price of an alcoholic fountain drink cost for fountain drink at Blaze Pizza?

The cost of the fountain drink in Blaze Pizza can vary, but generally, it can range between $2 and $3 dependent on the size.

How much will the Blaze Pizza salad cost?

Blaze Pizza offers a variety of salads, which are generally sold between $5-$8 according to the size and quality of ingredients.

What is the cost of a Blaze Pizza combo meal?

Combination meal options are available at Blaze Pizza including a pizza as well as a side, along with drinks. The cost of a combo meal can vary from $10 to $15 dependent on the particular options you choose.

How much does a Blaze Pizza kids’ pizza cost?

Pizzas for kids from Blaze Pizza are usually priced between $5 and $7 depending on the location, and the toppings you choose.

What is the cost of the Blaze Pizza delivery?

The delivery charges charged by Blaze Pizza can vary based on the location as well as the delivery method used. In general, delivery costs range between $2 and $5 with no additional tip.

What does the price of a Blaze Pizza catering order cost?

Blaze Pizza offers catering options and prices may vary based on the amount of food ordered and the particular items selected. It is best to inquire with the nearest Blaze Pizza for catering pricing details.

What’s the cost of a Blaze Pizza side item?

Items that are served as side dishes available at Blaze Pizza, such as garlic knots or meatballs generally cost from $3-$5 dependent on the particular items served.

What is the cost of the Blaze Pizza loyalty program cost?

It is a Blaze Pizza loyalty program, named”Blaze Rewards,” completely free to join. When you sign up to join, you will earn points towards pizzas for free and also receive exclusive discounts.

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