Indonesia KFC Menu With Prices [2023]❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

Indonesia KFC Menu With Prices [2023]❤️

Indonesia KFC Menu With Prices: Indonesia’s food culture is noted for its variety and customization. The most popular fast-food option is not KFC but rather Kentucky Fried Chicken.

With its famous red and white logo as well as delicious finger-licking foods, KFC has become a household brand in Indonesia.

In the article below we’ll present a comprehensive outline of the Indonesian KFC and highlight its past, the menu, and the appeal it has to Indonesian customers.


Indonesians trust KFC, a prominent fast-food company. Indonesia is famous for its varied culinary landscape.

KFC is well-loved by both tourists and locals because of its vast menu of tasty fried chicken and other tempting snacks.

KFC’s menu in Indonesia KFC food menus in Indonesia will be discussed here, as well as the breakdown of each of the costs of the products.

History of KFC in Indonesia

KFC entered Indonesia in 1979 and is now expanding its business across the archipelago. KFC’s commitment to high-quality, cheap prices along with great flavor is well-received by the Indonesian population, which has placed KFC as one of the top-known fast-food chains across the nation.

Indonesia KFC Menu With Prices



Paket KFC Super Besar 1 Rp38.850
Paket KFC Super Besar 2 Rp55.500
Paket KFC Chaki Kids Meal Rp42.200
Paket KFC Kombo Super Family Rp142.250
Paket KFC Kombo Super Star Rp95.550

Chaki Kids Meal

Chaki Kids Meal

Chaki Meal A Rp53.350
Chaki Meal B Rp53.350

KFC Bucket

KFC Bucket

Whole Chicken Rp187.750
Winger Bucket Rp100.000
Snack Bucket BBQ 1 Rp98.800
Snack Bucket BBQ 2 Rp83.300

Alacarte Chicken

Alacarte Chicken

1 Pcs Chicken Rp22.250
2 Pcs Chicken Rp43.300
KFC Winger Rp26.650
Crispy Strips Rp22.200



OR Burger Single Rp33.350
Fun Fries Rp30.050
OR Burger Double Rp45.500
Colonel Burger Rp35.550
Fish Burger Rp31.100
Spaghetti Supreme Rp23.350
Colonel Yakiniku Rice Rp43.300
Twisty Rp22.200
French Fries Regular Rp23.350
French Fries Large Rp29.950
Perkedel Rp11.150
Rice Rp11.150
Tote Bag Rp4.450
Cream Puff 1 Pcs Rp15.500
Cream Puff 2 Pcs Rp25.550



Pudding Rp6.600
KFC Soup Rp6.600
Cream Soup Rp12.250
Alacarte Egg Rp12.250
Spaghetti Deluxe Rp12.250
KFC Bento Rp18.850
KFC Soup + Veggie Ball Rp18.850
Crispy Burger Rp18.850

Beverages Minuman

Beverages Minuman

Banana Milk Float Rp18.800
Lemonico Float Rp6.600
Mango Float Rp13.300
Mocha Float Rp15.550
Yubari Float Rp18.800
Coca Cola Rp14.400
Sprite Rp14.400
Fanta Rp14.400
Pink Coconut Float Rp12.250

Catering Options for Special Occasions

Are you planning a celebration or gathering? KFC Indonesia offers catering services to make your gatherings more memorable.

From corporate events to family reunions KFC’s catering menu has various options that can be tailored to your preferences and groups of all sizes.

Contact your local KFC establishment to talk about your catering requirements and prices.

KFC Delivery and Online Ordering

For the ultimate convenience, KFC Indonesia provides delivery services that allow you to take advantage of their delicious food in the comfort of your own office or home.

Just place your order via their mobile or website and meals will arrive right at your doorstep. Be aware that delivery times may differ in accordance with your location.

KFC Breakfast Menu

Begin your day by eating a hearty breakfast that comes on KFC’s Breakfast Menu. From the delicious Twister Wrap to the traditional Pancake Platter, there’s something for everyone to start their day.

Limited-Time Offerings

KFC in Indonesia frequently introduces limited-time menu items to keep its customers interested. The exclusive menu items feature distinctive flavors and creative combinations, ensuring a new experience each time you visit.

Healthy Choices at KFC

Although KFC is famous for its delicious flavor, they also offer healthier alternatives. They offer healthy options. Grilled Chicken and Garden Salad are fantastic options for those seeking delicious food while limiting their calorie consumption.

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Indonesia KFC offers a wide variety of delicious meals made from chicken and burgers, as well as sides and beverages, making sure there’s something for everyone to take pleasure in.

With their reasonable costs and easy delivery service that satisfy your KFC cravings is never easier. So, take a dive into the flavor that is available at Indonesia KFC and embark on a culinary adventure and leave wanting for more.

Faq Indonesia KFC Menu With Prices

What is the price for KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken?

The cost of KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken starts at IDR 22,000 for a single portion.

What does the price of a Zinger Burger cost?

The Zinger Burger at KFC is priced at IDR 29,000.

What is the cost of the KFC Krusher?

The cost of a standard-sized KFC Krusher will be IDR 23,000.

How much will an entire case of KFC Hot Wings cost?

The Box full of KFC Hot Wings, which typically contains six pieces, costs IDR 32,000.

What is the cost of KFC’s Twister Wrap?

The cost of the KFC Twister Wrap begins at IDR 30,000.

What does the price of one portion of KFC French Fries cost?

A portion of KFC French Fries is priced at IDR 15,000.

What’s the cost of the KFC Famous Bowl?

The cost of the KFC Famous Bowl is IDR 33,000.

What’s the cost of KFC’s Cheeseburger cost?

KFC’s Cheeseburger costs IDR 23,000.

What’s the cost of KFC’s Popcorn Chicken?

The cost of KFC’s Popcorn Chicken starts at IDR 20000 for a normal-sized serving.

What is the cost of a KFC Family Bucket set you back?

The cost of the KFC Family Bucket which typically includes eight pieces of chicken as well as sides begins with IDR 153,000.

What’s the price of a KFC Chizza?

The cost of the KFC Chizza is IDR 43,000.

How much will the KFC Rice Combo cost?

A KFC Rice Combo, which includes a piece of fried chicken along with rice and an alcoholic drink, costs IDR 36,000.

What is the cost of the KFC Double Down?

The cost of Double Downs at KFC Double Down starts at IDR 38,000.

What does the price of a KFC Bucket of fries cost?

A KFC Bucket of Fries is priced at IDR 38,000.

What is the cost of the KFC Soft Drink (regular size)?

The cost of a standard-sized KFC Soft Drink is IDR 12,000.

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