KFC Menu NZ [2023]❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

KFC Menu NZ [2023]❤️

KFC Menu NZ: KFC the abbreviation for Kentucky Fried Chicken, is an internationally renowned fast-food restaurant chain renowned for its tasty Fried chicken.

With multiple branches across the globe, including New Zealand, KFC has been a popular place for foodies. This article examines KFC’s menu in New Zealand.

KFC menus in New Zealand, highlight popular menu items, nutritional details as well as special offers, and much more.

History of KFC in New Zealand

KFC first appeared in New Zealand in the 1970s in the 1970s, introducing its signature chicken fried for people in New Zealand. Kiwi population. 

In the intervening decades, the company has seen its popularity grow and has expanded its menu to accommodate local tastes. Nowadays, KFC has a strong presence in New Zealand, serving millions of customers with their delectable menu items.


Sides & Sauces

Sides & Sauces

Large Coleslaw $6.83      
Regular Chips $4.90      
Regular Potato and Gravy $4.84      
Regular Coleslaw $4.90      
Large Potato and Gravy $6.84      
Regular Gravy $4.90      
Large Gravy $6.84      
6pk Bread Roll $7.29      
Tomato Sauce $0.97      
Garlic Aioli Sauce $0.97      
Smokin’ BBQ Sauce $0.97      
1.5L Coke $6.29      
Supercharged Sauce $0.97      
1.5L Coke Zero $6.29      
1.5L Sprite $6.29      
1.5L Fanta $6.29      
1.5L Coke No Sugar $6.29      
1.5L Vanilla Coke $6.29      
750ml Water $4.10      
1.5L LandP $6.29      
1.5L Water $6.29      
Can Coke $3.99      
Can Sprite $3.99      
Can Fanta $3.99      
600ml Coke $4.99      
Can Coke No Sugar $3.99      
600ml Coke No Sugar $4.99      
600ml Sprite $4.99      

Snacks & Wings

Snacks & Wings

Regular Popcorn Chicken $8.22      
Snack Box – Popcorn Chicken $6.99      
Snack Box – Wicked Wings $6.99      
Nuggets 6pk $7.73      
Big Snack Burger $6.99      
Snack Burger $5.73      
2 Secret Recipe Chicken Pieces $6.49      
Veggie Burger $7.85      
Aioli Slider $5.49      
Kentucky Mayo Slider $5.49      
Supercharged Slider $5.49      



Kentucky Mayo Twister $11.63      
Supercharged Twister $11.63      
Aioli Twister $11.63      



Duo Zinger $30.00      
Tower Burger $13.38      
Bacon Aioli Burger $13.30      
Family Burger Bundle $40.00      
Zinger Burger $11.88      
Colonel Burger $12.23      
Stacker Burger $15.99      
Zinger Stacker Burger $15.99      

Lunch Deals

Lunch Deals

Colonels Lunch $9.30      
Hot Lunch $10.99      
Wicked Lunch $10.23      
Wicked Zinger $14.99      
Popcorn Chicken Lunch $8.99      
Burger and Slide $11.99      
Wicked Chicken Deal $16.99      
Double Slide $10.99      
Lunch with a Twist $12.99      



Chocolate Mousse $5.68      
Cookies and Cream Mousse $5.29      

To Share

To Share

Dinner for 2 $39.35      
Wicked Wings 8pk $18.49      
Wicked Wings 12pk $22.99      
Family Feast $51.56      
Wicked Wings 20pk $36.49      
XL Bucket $68.13      
Jumbo Bucket $78.13      

Picked for you

Picked for you..

Wicked Meal $49.35      
Large Chips $6.84      

Nutritional Information

KFC is dedicated to transparency in the nutritional content of its menu items. information. Customers can get complete nutritional information, such as calories fat, protein, and carbohydrates on the official website of KFC as well as its mobile app.

This helps people make informed choices based on their preferences and dietary requirements.

KFC’s Commitment to Quality and Sourcing

KFC is a firm believer in sourcing and quality in its ingredients. The company works closely with local farmers and suppliers to ensure fresh and top-quality ingredients are used in its menu products.

KFC is also a strict adherence to food safety guidelines to ensure the highest quality and flavor.

Special Offers and Promotions

KFC often introduces special offers and promotions that offer customers the best value for dollars. They may offer discounts on meals and menu items with limited-time availability or exclusive deals offered via KFC’s app.

Customers can keep up-to-date on the most current promotions by checking KFC’s website KFC web site and following the social channels of KFC.

KFC’s Online Ordering and Delivery

To satisfy the growing need for convenience KFC delivers and orders online in New Zealand. Customers can place orders via KFC’s website or mobile app.

Customers can place orders through the KFC website and mobile application and receive their preferred KFC food delivered to their doorstep. This makes for a stress-free and satisfying dining experience.

Opening Hours Of KFC In NZ

I do not have current information, nor do I have access to store hours specific to KFC located in New Zealand.

However, I am able to give you general information on KFC’s working times within New Zealand.

KFC outlets located in New Zealand typically have varying hours of operation and vary based on location and the day on the calendar. to 11:00 a.m. and close between 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Certain KFC locations might have extended hours, especially on weekends or in areas that are busy.

For current and accurate information about the operating hours of the specific KFC outlet within New Zealand, I recommend visiting the official KFC New Zealand website or calling the store you’d like to visit directly.


The menu at KFC in NZ has a broad selection of delicious choices that cater to a variety of preferences and tastes.

From the famous Fried Chicken to delicious food items, delicious sides, and mouthwatering desserts, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy at KFC.

No matter if you’re looking for fast food or a meal that’s all-inclusive KFC’s menu offers an unforgettable dining experience that is brimming with delicious flavors and satisfaction.

Faq KFC Menu NZ

What is the most popular KFC product on its menu? New Zealand?

KFC’s most loved menu item for customers in New Zealand is the Original Recipe Chicken.

Are there vegetarian options on the menu at KFC New Zealand?

It is true that KFC New Zealand offers a burger that is vegetarian, known as The Veggie Burger.

What kinds of pieces of chicken are offered on KFC’s menu? KFC menu?

KFC’s menu in New Zealand. KFC’s menu for New Zealand includes chicken pieces like wings, drumsticks, breasts, and thighs.

Is there any chicken that is a spicy alternative at KFC New Zealand?

It’s true, KFC New Zealand offers spicy chicken options, such as Zinger Burger, Hot & Spicy Chicken, and Zinger Burger.

Can I tailor my KFC meal by adding different drinks and sides?

You can certainly customize the flavor of your KFC dinner on the island of New Zealand by choosing from the variety of drinks and side dishes on the menu.

Are there gluten-free alternatives that are available at KFC New Zealand?

KFC New Zealand does not offer gluten-free products on its menu. However, certain items such as green beans and coleslaw may be suitable for people who have gluten-free restrictions.

What desserts are from the KFC menu in New Zealand?

KFC New Zealand offers desserts like The Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Sundae as well as the Kream Ball.

Are there healthier alternatives that are available at KFC?

KFC New Zealand provides some healthier options, such as those of the Grilled Chicken, Green Beans along with Corn Cobs. Cob.

Can I get family-sized meals from KFC New Zealand?

It is true that KFC New Zealand offers family-sized meals such as The Family Feast, which includes different chicken pieces, side dishes, and beverages.

What kinds of burgers can be available at KFC?

KFC New Zealand offers a variety of burgers, including KFC’s Original Recipe Burger, Zinger Burger as well as Tower Burger.

Are any seasonal or limited-time menu items available at KFC?

It is true that KFC New Zealand introduces limited-time menu items and seasonal dishes all throughout the year. The menu items can change and are typically advertised by KFC when they are available.

What are the various sauces that are available to dip?

KFC New Zealand provides various sauces to dip like Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Sweet & Sour Sauce, and Aioli.

Do you know if KFC New Zealand offers any breakfast items?

It’s not true, KFC New Zealand does not offer breakfast at their outlets.

Do you have any kids’ menu choices offered at KFC?

Sure, KFC New Zealand offers kids meals that come with small portions of chicken with a salad dish, drinks, and toys.

Can I purchase KFC online to be delivered or picked up?

It is true that KFC New Zealand provides online ordering options for delivery and pick-up. You can order via their official website, or through the third-party platform for food delivery.

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