KFC Menu With Prices In Japan [2023]❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

KFC Menu With Prices In Japan [2023]❤️

KFC Menu With Prices In Japan: Are you looking to enjoy delicious Fried chicken as you discover the vibrant culinary scene in Japan Do you want to know more?

Look KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a well-known fast food chain that is now a favorite among tourists and natives.

In this article, we’ll look at the menu of KFC in Japan. KFC menus are available in Japan and give you information on the delicious dishes and the prices.

For those who are a fan of the original recipe for chicken tenders, which are crisp or delicious side dishes, KFC in Japan has plenty of options for anyone. Let’s take a look at the delicious world of KFC in Japan! KFC across Japan!

KFC in Japan: A Brief Overview

KFC was introduced in Japan at the time of 1970. It has since grown into an integral component of Japan’s fast-fix food culture. 

The popularity of the brand increased when KFC introduced its Christmas promotion that included the traditional Christmas dinner which was a tradition enjoyed by the majority of Japanese family members.

At the moment, KFC outlets can be everywhere in all the United States and offer a selection of food items that can be adapted to various preferences.

The Classic KFC Menu

Original Recipe Chicken

Original Recipe Chicken

The Original Recipe Chicken is the centerpiece of KFC’s Menu. KFC’s menu is renowned for its delicious blend of spices and 11 herbs.

Each piece is crafted by hand and baked to perfection, which results in a delicious and crispy delight.

The costs of the Original Recipe Chicken range from Y=380 per piece to Y=2,280 for an entire party barrel of 15 pieces.

 Crispy Tenders

 Crispy Tenders

If you prefer bone-free alternatives The Crispy Tenders are a great option. The tender, juicy strips of chicken are smothered in a delicious, crispy breading. Prices start at 390 Y to buy a tender and increase to Y=1,290 for a five-piece dinner.

 Hot Wings

 Hot Wings

If you’re fond of spicy flavors, then the Hot Wings will surely satisfy your palate. The succulent chicken wings are spiced with spice blends that are zingy and are available in a variety of sizes. Prices vary from Y=380 for three wings up to Y=1,190 for twelve pieces in a bucket.

 Popcorn Chicken

 Popcorn Chicken

A great snack or to accompany your meal The Popcorn Chicken offers bite-sized pieces of fried chicken. 

They come in various sizes starting at Y=310 the smallest box, and moving upwards to Y=1,030 for an enormous combination.

Japanese-Inspired Specialties

 Teriyaki Twister

 Teriyaki Twister

Teriyaki Twister is a special dish that mixes KFC’s distinctive flavor with ingredients from Japan. It is comprised of teriyaki-marinated, delicate chicken strips that are then wrapped in a flaky, soft tortilla and topped with mayonnaise, lettuce that has just been chopped, and fresh greens. For a Teriyaki Twister in the standard size, the cost starts at about Y=480.

 Rice Bowl with Fried Chicken

 Rice Bowl with Fried Chicken

For a filling and delicious dinner for a satisfying and hearty meal, the Rice Bowl with Fried Chicken is a favorite choice. 

It’s comprised of rice cooked in steamed form and is topped with juicy chicken pieces that have been fried, and an enticing sauce. Prices range from Y=550 to an average-sized bowl, up to Y=680 for a larger portion.

 Shoyu Chicken

 Shoyu Chicken

Shoyu Chicken Shoyu Chicken is a savory dish that reveals the essence of Japanese food. Chicken pieces that are tender are cooked in a soy-based sauce that produces an aromatic and rich dish. Prices start at Y=350 per single portion and increase to Y=1,680 for a 12-piece dinner.

 Japanese Curry Rice

 Japanese Curry Rice

KFC in Japan also serves a twist on the well-loved Japanese traditional comfort meal, Curry Rice. The delicious Curry comes with rice steamed and is accompanied by a portion of the Original Recipe Chicken. Prices start at Y=670 and include an average-sized portion.

Delectable Sides and Beverages



The Coleslaw is a refreshing side dish that matches the rich KFC Menu items. It is made up of finely chopped carrots and cabbage, served with an incredibly creamy dressing. Prices range from Y=160 for tiny portions to Y=290 for a substantial portion.

 Mashed Potatoes

 Mashed Potatoes

KFC’s buttery and creamy Mashed Potatoes are a classic popular. They’re the perfect complement to any chicken dish that adds a touch of comfort to your dining experience. Prices begin at Y=180 for the standard-size portion.

 Corn on the Cob

 Corn on the Cob

For a taste of Summer, KFC offers buttered and spiced Corn on the Cob. It’s a wonderful accompaniment that can add sweetness to your meals. Prices vary from Y=170 to one corn, up to Y=310 if you combine it with chicken.

 Soft Drinks and Desserts

 Soft Drinks and Desserts

For those who thirst, KFC provides a variety of soft drinks that come in different sizes, and prices start at 220 Y. 

If you have an appetite for sweets There are also delicious dessert options like cakes and desserts with varying costs.

KFC Pricing in Japan

The price of KFC in Japan could differ in comparison to other countries. Here are some hints into the pricing structure that you might expect to find:

Value Sets

KFC Japan offers value sets that offer a complete dinner at a reasonable price. The sets usually include an entree, side dishes, and a beverage and are popular with customers who are looking for a great dinner deal.

Individual Menu Prices

If you’d prefer to tailor your order or select items individually, KFC Japan also offers pricing for individual menu items. 

You can choose your preferred chicken pieces, sides, and drinks according to your personal preferences.

KFC Delivery and Online Ordering

KFC in Japan recognizes the ease of delivery and online ordering. Customers can savor the delicious KFC menu in the at-home or in hotels making use of the delivery services online accessible in Japan.

Special Promotions and Discounts

In addition, to special-occasion offerings, KFC in Japan regularly offers special deals and discounts to attune customers. They can include discounts on meals to special offers on certain menu items.

If you keep an eye out for such promotions, customers will be able to enjoy their favorite KFC food items at even cheaper costs. 

The specifics of the promotions can be found on the KFC Japan website or through their mobile application.

KFC Delivery and Takeout

If you prefer to eat KFC from the at-home comforts of your home or hotel room, KFC in Japan offers delivery and takeaway services. 

On their website or mobile application, customers can conveniently place orders and have their favorite KFC food delivered right to their doorsteps. 

The delivery and takeaway options make sure that you can fill your appetite for KFC any time and anywhere your location is in Japan.

KFC Near Me In Japan


KFC in Japan serves a delicious menu that blends the company’s traditional favorites with Japanese-inspired dishes. 

From the classic Original Recipe Chicken to the delicious Teriyaki Twister There’s something for everyone’s taste. 

With a wide selection of beverages, sides, as well as desserts KFC guarantees a pleasant dining experience. 

So, coming time that you’re visiting Japan and you’re craving some delicious tasty food, you must take a look at the appealing KFC menu.

Faq KFC Menu With Prices In Japan

What are some of the most loved chicken dishes served at KFC in Japan?

A few popular chicken dishes from KFC and KFC Japan are Original Recipe Chicken, Hot & Crispy Chicken as well as Chicken Nuggets.

Are there special menu items only available in Japan?

Sure, KFC in Japan often has unique menu items such as Teriyaki Chicken, the Shrimp Fillet Burger, and Teriyaki Chicken.

Is KFC in Japan provide spicy chicken choices?

Indeed, KFC in Japan offers hot chicken choices like Spicy Chicken and Spicy Chicken Nuggets.

Are there vegan or vegetarian alternatives available on your menu?

KFC in Japan offers limited options for vegans and vegetarians like their Veggie Chicken and some side dishes such as coleslaw and corn.

Do you have any information about the wide variety of food items available for side dishes?

Food items served with sides that are served at KFC in Japan can include coleslaw french fries, mashed potatoes biscuits, corn, and coleslaw.

Are there any exclusive limited-time offers or seasonal items?

It’s true, KFC in Japan often offers special promotions that are only available for a limited time and seasonal products, like buckets with Christmas themes or summer-inspired flavors.

What kinds of beverages are served on the menu at KFC across Japan?

In Japan, KFC offers an extensive selection of beverages, including Coca-Cola and chilled tea. They also sell coffee as well as fruit juices.

Are there any menus that are kid-friendly? choices?

KFC in Japan typically offers menus for kids choices like Chicken Nuggets, Kids’ Lunches with toys, as well as smaller portions of chicken meals.

Do they provide discounts or combo meals?

Absolutely, KFC in Japan often offers combo meals as well as discounts that comprise an assortment of chicken, beverages, and side dishes for a lower cost.

Are there alternatives that are healthier or choices with fewer calories?

KFC in Japan might have healthier alternatives or choices that are low in calories like salads and grilling chicken choices. However, the selection can differ.

Please provide more information on KFC Delivery services available in Japan.

KFC in Japan usually provides delivery services using different delivery platforms. Visit their official website, or contact KFC at your nearest KFC for more specific details.

Do they offer loyalty programs or special deals for customers?

KFC in Japan may offer loyalty programs or offers to customers, including discounts or membership programs. You should contact KFC in your area KFC for specific details.

Do they have breakfast menus and, if yes what do they serve?

KFC in Japan offers breakfast items that could include options such as breakfast sandwiches breakfast, hash browns, and coffee.

Are there desserts available at KFC located in Japan?

It is true that KFC is available in Japan offers dessert options like apple pie and chocolate cake and soft-serve Ice cream.

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