McDonald's Happy Meals Menu India [UPDATED 2023] ❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu India [UPDATED 2023] ❤️

McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu India 

McDonald’s India has a menu named McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu that offers delicious items from its whole menu list. The items from this menu can be enjoyed any time anywhere by ordering online or visiting an outlet.

But, you might find trouble in finding the prices for these menu items.

So, to help you, I have prepared a list of McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu and Prices using the official website of McD India.

Read the article carefully to find McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu and Prices –

McDonald's Happy Meals Menu India

McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu with Price in India

Check out the McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu and Prices –

Items  Prices
Masala Wedges Small Happy Meal Rs.126
Masala Wedges Medium Happy Meal Rs.175
Masala Wedges Large Happy Meal Rs.192
American Cheese Supreme – Chicken Happy Meal Rs.196
McVeggie Happy Meal Rs.182
American Cheese Supreme – Veg Happy Meal Rs.213
Mcchicken Happy meal Rs.196
McAloo Tikki Happy Meal Rs.128

McDonald’s Happy Meals Nutritional Information

Here is an overview table of the nutritional details of McDonald’s Happy Meals based on the results of a search:

Happy Meal Item Serving Size Calories Total Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g)
Hamburger Happy Meal Varies 475 16 62
McNugget Happy Meal (4 pieces) Varies 410 19 41
Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal (6 pieces) 419g 330 12 Varies

It is important to note that the nutrition information may differ based on the particular items that are included in the Happy Meal, such as the kind of beverage and other options for the sides. 

It is recommended to go through the McDonald’s website or the nutrition data provided by McDonald’s to get the most up-to-date and accurate details on Happy Meal food and nutrition.

McDonald’s Happy Meals Nutritional Information


McDonald’s Happy Meals Allergen Menu

Here is a table that summarises the allergen information of McDonald’s Happy Meals:

Happy Meal Options Allergen Information
Chicken McNuggets Contains wheat, milk, and soy.
Hamburger Contains wheat and soy.
Apples No allergen information is available.
French fries Contains wheat.

It is important to remember that allergen information may differ depending upon the location and the specific menus at the McDonald’s restaurant. 

It is suggested to contact your local McDonald’s to get the most current and accurate details on their menu for allergens choices.

Health and Nutrition

Balanced Meal Portions

In recognition of the importance of a balanced diet, Happy Meals are sized to provide an adequate diet for kids who are growing. The inclusion of vegetables, fruits, and protein sources guarantees an all-inclusive and nutritious dinner.

Incorporating Dietary Preferences

McDonald’s recognizes that each child is different, and the dietary preferences of each child are different. The ability to personalize Happy Meals allows parents to select the components that best suit the dietary preferences of their child.

McDonald’s India Customer Service

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  • Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. 1001 – 1002, Tower – 3, 10th floor, Indiabulls Finance Centre, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai – 400013
  • Phone Number –  022 – 49135000
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FAQ McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu India

How is McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu in India?

McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu in India is an especially designed menu for children. It comprises a burger that is sized for children and a side item (such as French fries or slices of apples) as well as a drink, and toys.

What options for food are offered in McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu?

The choices for food in McDonald’s Happy Meals menu may comprise a selection of kid-friendly burgers, such as McChicken, McVeggie, or Chicken McNuggets, and various options for sides like French fries as well as apple slices, or corn cups. The beverages available can comprise soft drinks and milkshakes.

Do I have the option of choosing the toy in McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu?

McDonald’s Happy Meals come with toys and generally, it is possible to can select from a variety of toys at the moment of placing your order. The options for toys may differ based on availability.

Is McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu accessible to be delivered?

McDonald’s Happy Meals menu is typically delivered through a variety of food delivery platforms as well as McDonald’s personal delivery service.

Can I alter my selection of items in McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu?

Most of the time everything on McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu comes an unison. However, it is possible that you may be allowed to modify the menu in a small amount by selecting a different option for a side or drink, based on the availability and location of the McDonald’s outlet.

What is the cost of McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu in India?

The cost for McDonald’s Happy Meals menu may differ based depending on location and on the food items that are included. You should go for the latest prices on McDonald’s website or call your nearest McDonald’s outlet for the latest prices.

Are there vegetarian alternatives on McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu?

McDonald’s in India offers vegetarian choices in the Happy Meals menu. You can select vegetarian burgers such as McVeggie as well as Paneer Salsa Wrap as part of the Happy Meal.

Can I purchase additional items alongside McDonald’s Happiest Meals Menu?

select more items off the standard McDonald’s menu in addition to their Happy Meals Menu if you would like.

Are there any exclusive offers or promotions available for McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu?

McDonald’s often offers special deals or tie-ups to popular films or characters. In these instances, they may launch exclusive toys or limited-edition Happy Meal options. Keep an eye on their site or contact the outlet to inquire about any ongoing offers.

Can I purchase McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu through the McDonald’s app?

typically place an order for McDonald’s Happy Meals through the McDonald’s app, if it is available.

Are there options for children who have dietary restrictions or allergies in McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu?

McDonald’s provides information on allergens that are present on the menu. It is possible to can ask the staff at the restaurant or consult their allergy information in order to come up with an educated decision in light of your child’s diet limitations or allergy.

Do I have to order a Happy Meal without a toy?

This Happy Meal idea is focused on the inclusion of toys. But it is also possible to can ask the local McDonald’s outlet to see if they offer alternative options or special plans for children who don’t need a toy.

Are there any Happy Meal toys on their own?

The majority of the time, Happy Meals does not sell McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.
They are designed to be an integral part of the Happy Meal experience.

Do I have the option of ordering a Happy Meal for takeaway?

Yes, you can take the Happy Meal for takeaway from the restaurant if you’d prefer to eat it somewhere else.

Is it possible to find the McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu offered in each of the McDonald’s stores in India?

This McDonald’s Happy Meals menu is generally available at the majority of McDonald’s outlets in

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