Mcdonald's Menu In Italy [2023]❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

Mcdonald’s Menu In Italy [2023]❤️

Mcdonald’s Menu In Italy: Fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s has locations all over the world. chain that provides a wide range of menu items specifically tailored to local needs and tastes.

This article explores the realm of McDonald’s menus in Italy and explores the distinctive menu and the culinary delights that make it stand out.

From traditional Italian tastes to new and innovative variations, McDonald’s in Italy aims to satisfy the different tastes of its patrons.


McDonald’s the American fast-food chain first entered the Italian industry in the latter half of the 1980s attracted the locals with its unique offerings.

Through the years the chain has been able to successfully incorporate Italian elements into its menus, creating an unforgettable and appealing experience for its customers.

History of McDonald’s in Italy

McDonald’s first opened its doors in Italy in 1986, establishing its first restaurant in Rome’s famed Spanish Steps. 

The concept initially faced doubt from traditional Italian foodies However, it quickly gained popularity and began adapting its menu to the local taste.

Mcdonald's Menu In Italy

Italian Influences on McDonald’s Menu

In order to draw in Italian customers, McDonald’s incorporated authentic Italian ingredients and tastes in its menu. 

The fusion between American fast-food culture with Italian food traditions has resulted in a menu that is a delicate blend of both.

Menu with prices In Italy


Price (€)

Hamburger 1.00
Cheeseburger 1.40
Chickenburger 1.00
McToast 1.40
Spicy Burger 1.60
Double Cheeseburger 2.30
McMuffin Sausage & Egg 2.30
McMuffin Bacon & Egg 2.30
Mac Junior 2.30
Double Cheeseburger Bacon 2.50
Gluten-Free Burger 3.00
Big Mac 4.20
Filet-O-Fish 4.20
McChicken 4.30
McVeggie 4.30
Crispy McBacon 4.40
Quarter Pounder Cheese 4.40
Quarter Pounder Deluxe 4.40
McWrap Caesar Cheese 4.90
CBO 4.90
1955 4.90
Grand Big Mac 5.20
Chicken Country 5.30


Price (€)

Double Cheeseburger 4.90
McMuffin Sausage & Egg 4.90
McMuffin Bacon & Egg 4.90
Mac Junior 4.90
Double Cheeseburger Bacon 5.10
Big Mac 6.80
Filet-O-Fish 6.80
Chicken Nuggets (6) 6.80
McChicken 6.90
McVeggie 6.90
Crispy McBacon 7.00
Quarter Pounder Cheese 7.00
Quarter Pounder Deluxe 7.00
McWrap Caesar Cheese 7.50
CBO 7.40
1955 7.40
Grand Big Mac 7.80
Chicken Country 7.90


Price (€)

Panino 6.30
McMenu Classic 8.90
McMenu 9.40


Price (€)

Normali Regolari 1.40
Normal Media 2.20
Normal Grandi 2.50
Le Ricche – Salsa al Cheddar (Singolo) 2.60
Le Ricche – Salsa al Cheddar (Doppio) 3.90
Le Ricche – Salsa Hot Cheese (Singolo) 2.60
Le Ricche – Salsa Hot Cheese (Doppio) 3.90
Sales in confezione da 25 ml cad. 0.25


Price (€)

Hamburger 4.20
McToast 4.20
Chicken Nuggets (4) 4.20


Price (€)

Mix Salad 1.00
Insalata Mista 4.50
Bacon & Egg Salad 5.00
Caesar Salad senza pollo 5.10
Caesar Salad con pollo 6.00
Insalata Mista + 1 bibita media 5.40
Bacon & Egg Salad + 1 bibita media 5.90
Caesar Salad + 1 bibita media 6.90


Price (€)

Regolari 0.25 L 1.60
Media 0.40 L 2.20
Grandi 0.50 L 2.50
Birra chiara 0.33L 2.70
Birra Moretti 0.33 L 3.00
Acqua minerale 0.50 L 1.00
Succo di Frutta 2.30
Succo Bio di mela 1.00
Caffe espresso anche macchiato 0.90
Cappuccino 1.20
Caffe americaon/Te caldo 1.50
Latte/Latte macchiato 1.60


Price (€)

Cono 1.00
Frutta Fresca 1.00
Actimel Kids fragola 1.00
Snack di Parmigiano Reggiano 1.00
Cremoso allo Yogurt 1.00
Carotine baby 1.00
Milkshake 1.00
Sundae fiordilatte 1.00
Sundae affogato 1.70
McFlurry 2.30
Sweet Temptation 2.40
Dolcetti 1.50
Pancakes 1.90
Muffin 2.00


Price (€)

Chicken McNuggets (4 pz.) 2.60
Chicken McNuggets (6 pz.) 4.20
Chicken McNuggets (9 pz.) 5.00
Chicken McNuggets (20 pz.) 9.80
Chicken McBites (8 pz.) 1.40
Chicken Wings (3 pz.) 2.10
Mozzarella Sticks (3 pz.) 2.10
Tasty Basket 9.90

Nutritional Considerations

McDonald’s recognizes the necessity of catering to customers’ diet preferences and nutritional requirements.

In Italy McDonald’s places a high value on using quality, local ingredients that are of the highest standard to ensure that customers take pleasure in their meals with confidence.

McDonald’s McCafé Experience

Italy is home to a vibrant coffee culture and McDonald’s has taken note of this by creating McCafes across the nation.

These coffee bars are dedicated to providing various specialty coffees like cappuccino, espresso, and macchiato, and offer a warm and authentic Italian cafe-like experience.


McDonald’s restaurant in Italy has successfully blended American fast-food culture with Italian cuisine to produce menus that cater to a variety of tastes.

Through signature Italian menu items, seasonal dishes as well as regional variations, and an emphasis on sustainability, McDonald’s offers a unique and pleasurable eating experience in Italy. Italian market.

Faq Mcdonald’s Menu In Italy

McDonald’s Menu in Italy?

The most well-known items that are available on McDonald’s menu. McDonald’s menus that are available in Italy are The Big Mac, McChicken, Cheeseburger along with French fries.

Are there special menu items only available in Italy?

The McItaly hamburger, which is cooked with Italian ingredients like Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar, is just one of the unique menu items that McDonald’s in Italy provides.

Is there a pasta menu at McDonald’s? Does McDonald’s in Italy offer pasta?

It’s not true, McDonald’s in Italy does not usually offer pasta. Their menu is primarily focused on sandwiches, burgers, as well as other quick food options.

Are there vegan or vegetarian choices on the food menu?

It is true that McDonald’s located in Italy offers vegan and vegetarian choices. They offer the Veggie Burger, which is an all-plant patty along with the Veggie Wrap and a Veggie Salad.

Are there Italian-style sandwiches and pizzas at McDonald’s in Italy?

Although McDonald’s in Italy isn’t serving traditional Italian-style pizzas or sandwiches, However, they do offer special menu items local to Italy that use Italian tastes and ingredients.

Are any regional specialties or special promotions with a limited-time duration?

It’s true, McDonald’s in Italy occasionally has regional specialties as well as limited-time promotions that highlight local tastes and food items.

Breakfast options offered in McDonald’s throughout Italy?

McDonald’s in Italy provides a wide range of breakfast options like muffins, croissants breakfast wraps, and traditional breakfast items such as bacon, eggs, and sausage.

Are there any healthier options available on your menu?

McDonald’s in Italy offers healthier choices including fruits, salads, and grilled chicken sandwiches in addition to regular fast food options.

Do McDonald’s in Italy have gluten-free options?

Indeed, McDonald’s in Italy offers gluten-free alternatives for those with restricted diets. They offer gluten-free buns in their burgers.

Are local ingredients being used in menu items?

McDonald’s in Italy is determined to use local ingredients whenever they can, in order to give an Italian accent in their meals.

Where can I buy gelato and different Italian treats at McDonald’s located in Italy?

It’s true, McDonald’s in Italy often serves gelato, an extremely very popular Italian dessert. It’s also available with other desserts like apple pie and tiramisu.

Are certain menu items specifically designed for children?

Indeed, McDonald’s in Italy offers children’s menu items including Happy Meals which include the main dish with an accompanying dish (such as apple slices or fries) and a drink.

Can I personalize my meal for McDonald’s located in Italy?

Absolutely, McDonald’s in Italy allows customers to personalize their meals by including or removing ingredients according to their personal preferences

Are there holiday or seasonal-themed food items on the menu?

Sure, McDonald’s in Italy often presents special menus with holiday or seasonal themes that commemorate special occasions and offer distinctive flavors during certain seasons of the year.

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