Pizza Patron Menu With Prices 2023 ❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

Pizza Patron Menu With Prices 2023 ❤️

Pizza Patron Menu With Prices: Are you a fan of pizza and looking for a delicious dining experience that will not cost you a fortune? You’re in luck! Pizza Patron, a renowned pizza chain, offers a wide selection of delicious options available at a reasonable price that caters to all tastes. 

In this post, we’ll dive into the world of delicious Pizza Patron and explore their menu items that are sure to make you crave pizza or two.

The Origins of Pizza Patron

Pizza Patron’s story started with a straightforward but ambitious plan to create the perfect pizza experience that goes beyond traditional boundaries. 

The company was founded 1986, in 1986 by Antonio Swad, Pizza Patron set out to cater to the Hispanic community specifically while catering to a wider market. 

This revolutionary strategy revolutionized the pizza industry and set the scene for a long period of culinary innovation.

Pizza Patron Menu With Prices List


Pizza Specials

Pizza Specials

La Patrona Large (14″) $8.99
La de Carnes Large (14″) $8.99
La Hawaiana Large (14″) $8.99
La Mexicana Large (14″) $8.99
Spinach Clásico Large (14″) $8.99
Chicken Bacon Clásico Large (14″) $8.99
Choriquezo Large (14″) $8.99
La Vegetariana Large (14″) $8.99
3 Meat Pizza Large (14″) $7.99
Pepperoni Large (14″) $5.49
Cheese Large (14″) $5.49
1 Topping Large (14″) $5.49
2 Topping Large (14″) $6.99
3 Topping Large (14″) $7.99
4 Topping Large (14″) $8.99
Unlimited Toppings Large (14″) $9.99



Wings (Lime-n-Pepper, Buffalo or Garlic-con-Queso) 8 Pc. $6.99
Wings (Lime-n-Pepper, Buffalo or Garlic-con-Queso) 12 Pc. $8.99
Wings (Lime-n-Pepper, Buffalo or Garlic-con-Queso) 15 Pc. $10.99



Soft Drink 20 oz. Bottle $1.59
Soft Drink 2 Liter Bottle $2.59
Aquafina Water 20 oz. Bottle $1.59
Gatorade   $1.79



Dulce de Leche Churro 1 Pc. $1.39
Dulce de Leche Churro 2 Pc. $2.39



Ranch Dip   $0.69
Spicy Ranch Dip   $0.69
Garlic Sauce Dip   $0.69
Buffalo Sauce Dip   $0.69
Jalapeño Cup   $0.69
Parmesan Cup   $0.69

Feedback and Customer Satisfaction

Pizza Patron values its customers’ feedback. Through interviews and surveys, they constantly work to improve their services and ensure that every customer’s experience is extraordinary.

Embracing Innovation: Online Ordering and Delivery

Pizza Patron stays ahead of the pack by adopting the latest technology. Their online ordering system and fast delivery services are designed to meet modern tastes, making sure that your pizza needs can be fulfilled with a single click.

Pizza Patron Contact Information

Pizza Patron Corporate Office Address: 510 Portland Rd. San Antonio, TX 78216

Pizza Patron Corporate Contact Information: (210) 614-7888

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“When it comes to pizza, Pizza Patron shines as an exceptional blend of quality, affordability, and innovation.”

From their wide selection of menu items and their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction Every element associated with Pizza Patron is designed to provide a memorable culinary experience. 

Faq Pizza Patron Menu With Prices

What is Pizza Patron known for?

Pizza Patron is known for its unique and delicious pizzas that often include ingredients that have a Latin influence.

What is the cost range for a normal pizza from Pizza Patron?

The price for a standard-sized pizza from Pizza Patron can vary depending on the toppings you choose and the type of pizza you pick. The majority of Pizza Patron’s prices are designed to be competitive and affordable.

Are there any options for pizzas that are budget-friendly available on the menu?

Yes, Pizza Patron has budget-friendly options available like Pizza Patron’s “Amigo” pizzas that provide an excellent value for your money.

Can I customize my pizza order at Pizza Patron?

Absolutely! Pizza Patron often allows customers to tailor their pizza orders by selecting specific toppings and crust options that fit their tastes.

Where can I find the exact prices of menus in my neighborhood Pizza Patron store?

To determine the exact prices on menus of your nearby Pizza Patron store, you can go to Pizza Patron’s website of official Pizza Patron website or contact the store directly. The online menus and staff will be able to give you current pricing information.

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