Barbeque Nation Menu Prices India

Barbeque Nation Menu Prices India

If you are looking for Barbeque Nation Menu Prices in India then check here Below I have listed Barbeque Nation Menu India with updated prices.

All prices are taken from the Official site of Barbeque Nation. I Have also included images of Food Items with their latest prices. You can also check the official portal for more details.

Barbeque Nation

UBQ Rice Bowls

Items Prices

Dal and Curries

Dal and Curries

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Items Prices

Chicken Buckets

Items Prices

Kebabs and Sharearbles

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Items Prices

Fried Rice

Items Prices


Items Prices

Rolls & Wraps

Items Prices

All Day Breakfast

Items Prices


Items Prices


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Barbeque Nation offers a wide range of barbecue and grill dishes. Barbeque Nation serves a wide variety of dishes including vegetarian and other options. Menu prices will vary based on which restaurant you visit and what meal you order.

Barbeque Nation also offers a variety of à la carte menus. The buffet includes a selection of starters (usually a variety), main course dishes (usually a few main dishes), and desserts. You can order particular meals from the a la carte menu.

Important: The prices listed in this summary are based on information that was available as of my last date to know, September 2021. Prices may vary over time. For the most recent menus and pricing, check with the restaurants directly or on their official websites.

Barbeque Nation provides a varied menu and a range of pricing options. It is a highly well-liked place to eat, especially among fans of grilled and barbecued cuisine.

FAQ Barbeque Nation Menu Prices India

What is the average Barbeque Nation price in India?

An average Barbeque Nation lunch in India costs between Rs800 and Rs1,200 per person. The price excludes taxes.

Are the prices of menu items different at Barbeque Nation outlets across India?

The menu prices can vary between Barbeque Nation outlets across India depending on factors such as location and operating costs.

Is there a special price for children?

Barbeque Nation does offer special discounts for children. Please inquire about the exact age and pricing criteria at your local outlet.

Is the price of the Barbeque Nation buffet inclusive of drinks?

Barbeque Nation does not include beverages in its buffet prices. You can order them separately at an extra cost.

Is there a charge for unlimited food refills?

The price of the Barbeque Nation buffet includes unlimited food refills. Certain premium dishes or promotions may be priced differently.

Is it possible to order specific dishes from the Barbeque Nation list?

Barbeque Nation, in addition to the buffet, also offers an à la carte menu. You can order certain dishes separately.

How much are the vegetarian options on the menu?

Barbeque Nation’s menu includes a variety of vegetarian options. Generally, vegetarian dishes are priced similarly to those on the non-vegetarian menu.

What are my options in terms of pricing for nonvegetarian dishes at Barbeque Nation?

Barbeque Nation charges a similar price for vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The cost of the dishes is determined by whether you order meat or seafood.

Barbeque Nation does not offer any special packages or offers.

Barbeque Nation regularly offers special menus, deals, and packages, especially at festivals or special occasions. The menus may be based on specific dishes, or they could offer a discount. To find out about current promotions, you should check the website of the outlet or contact it directly.

How much is lunch at Barbeque Nation and how much is dinner?

Barbeque Nation offers a variety of menu options for both lunch and evening dinners. Dinner is generally slightly more expensive than lunch, due to the larger menu available during dinner.

Do you offer discounts or special offers for large parties or groups?

Barbeque Nation does offer special packages and discounts for large parties or groups. There may be special group dining packages at discounted prices. For such arrangements, it’s best to make contact with the outlet well in advance.

Can I view the Barbeque Nation Menu prices online before going to the restaurant?

You can view the Barbeque Nation’s menu and prices on their website. It’s best to confirm the price directly with the restaurant as it may change.

Do you have a separate dessert menu?

Barbeque Nation does offer a separate menu of desserts. Dessert prices are often listed separately on the menu, or you can ask the staff for them.

Are taxes included in the Barbeque Nation menu prices?

Taxes are not included in the prices of Barbeque Nation’s menus. Taxes, like the Goods and Services Tax, will be added on to your final bill.

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