Jersey Mike’s Subs Menu Prices 2024

Jersey Mike’s Subs Menu Prices

Are you craving a delicious sub but unsure about the Jersey Mike’s Subs menu prices? Look no further!

Wondering about the cost of your favorite sub or curious about the variety of options available.

From classic favorites to specialty creations, explore the menu and discover the value-packed options that await you. Stay tuned as we uncover the details you’ve been searching for, making your Jersey Mike’s experience both satisfying and budget-friendly.

Cold Subs Menu Prices 

Menu ItemPrice
Jersey Shore’s Favorite$6.65
Jersey Shore’s Favorite$8.25
Jersey Shore’s Favorite$15.65
Jersey Shore’s Favorite$8.25
Jersey Shore’s Favorite$8.25
Cancro Special$7.75
Cancro Special$10.65
Cancro Special$18.15
Cancro Special$10.65
Cancro Special$10.65
Turkey Club Sub$7.45
Turkey Club Sub$9.95
Turkey Club Sub$17.45
Turkey Club Sub$9.95
Turkey Club Sub$9.95

Breakfast Menu Prices 

Menu ItemPrice
Porkroll, Egg and Cheese$6.25
Bacon, Egg and Cheese$6.25
Sausage, Egg and Cheese$6.25
Ham, Egg and Cheese$6.25
Steak, Egg and Cheese$7.25
Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Peppers and Mushrooms$7.25
Cheese, Ham, Bacon, Peppers and Mushrooms$7.25

Catering Menu Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Subs By The Box$58.00
Lunch Box$10.15
Lunch Box$7.85

Chips, Drinks & Dessert Menu Prices 

Menu ItemPrice
20oz Bottled Soda & Chips$4.29
20oz Bottled Water & Chips$4.09
Pureleaf Tea & Chips$4.29
Regular Drink & Chips$3.99
Lays Classic$1.79
Doritos Nacho$1.79
Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt$1.79
Sun Chips Cheddar$1.79
Lays BBQ$1.79
Lays Salt & Vinegar$1.79
Miss Vickie’s Spicy Dill Pickle$1.79
Doritos Cool Ranch$1.79
Miss Vickie’s Jalapeño$1.79
Miss Vickie’s BBQ$1.79
Sun Chips Salsa$1.79
Lays Sour Cream and Onion$1.79
Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream$1.79
Fountain Drink$2.59
Fountain Drink$2.79
Bottled Water$2.49
Mountain Dew$2.99
Diet Mountain Dew$2.99
Pepsi Zero Sugar$2.99
Diet Pepsi$2.99
Wild Cherry Pepsi$2.99
Mountain Dew$3.49
Diet Mountain Dew$3.49
Pepsi Zero Sugar$3.49
Diet Pepsi$3.49
Wild Cherry Pepsi$3.49
Celsius Sparkling Orange$3.49
Celsius Peach Vibe$3.49
Gatorade Fruit Punch$2.99
Gatorade Orange$2.99
Pure Leaf Sweet Tea$2.99
Pure Leaf Peach Tea$2.99
Pure Leaf Raspberry Tea$2.99
Pure Leaf Green Tea$2.99
Pure Leaf Unsweetened Black Tea$2.99
GF Snickerdoodle$2.59
Bubly Lime$2.79
Bubly Blackberry$2.79


Craving a delicious sub sandwich but lost in the world of Jersey Mike’s menu prices? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Whether you’re a longtime Jersey Mike’s fan or just discovered their mouthwatering cheesesteaks and classic Italians, knowing the menu prices can be a huge help when planning your next visit. This guide will be your one-stop shop for everything Jersey Mike’s menu prices, from their subs and sides to drinks and desserts. So, ditch the confusion and get ready to dive into a world of deliciousness at Jersey Mike’s – your taste buds (and wallet) will thank you!

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How much does a typical sub cost at Jersey Mike’s?

ersey Mike’s subs come in two sizes: Regular (Mini) and Giant. Regular subs typically range from $7.85 to $10.15, while Giant subs can cost between $11.75 and $14.25.

Do they offer any deals or combos at Jersey Mike’s?

Yes! Jersey Mike’s offers a few combo options that include a sub, chips, and a drink. These combos usually start around $3.99 for a Regular sub and drink with chips.

What are the drink prices like at Jersey Mike’s?

Fountain drinks come in Regular and Giant sizes, priced at $2.59 and $2.79 respectively. Bottled water and bottled sodas are also available, typically around $2.49 to $2.99.

Do they have any healthy drink options?

Yes! Jersey Mike’s offers a variety of bottled teas from Pure Leaf, including unsweetened black tea and flavored options like peach and raspberry. They also carry Gatorade and some sparkling water options.

How much are chips at Jersey Mike’s?

Individual bags of chips like Lays, Doritos, and Sun Chips are priced at $1.79 each.

Are there any vegetarian or gluten-free options on the menu?

Jersey Mike’s offers vegetarian subs like the Veggie Delight, which can be customized without cheese for a vegan option. They also have a Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle cookie available.

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