Haldiram Menu Prices India [Update 2024] ❤️ [2024]

Haldiram Menu Prices India [Update 2024] ❤️

Haldiram’s is an Indian chain of sweets, snacks, and restaurants based in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

It was founded in 1937 by Ganga Bishan Agarwal, fondly known as Haldiram Ji as a retail sweets and Namkeen shop in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

The company has over 400 products on its different menus like savories, sweets, beverages, and more.

In the guide below, you will find the full menu of Haldiram’s and its prices for Namkeen, papad, Mathri, packed sweets, and other items.

Haldiram Menu and Prices India

Namkeen Menu

Namkeen Prices
Bhujia Sev (200gm) Rs.50
 (400gm) Rs.95
Bhujia Sev (1kg) Rs.225
Bhel Puri (150gm) Rs.55
Bhel Puri (300gm) Rs.100
Aloo Bhujia (150gm) Rs.35
 (350gm) Rs.80
Aloo Bhujia (1kg) Rs.190
Moong Dal (200gm) Rs.55
 (400gm) Rs.100
Moong Dal (1kg) Rs.250
Tasty Nuts (200gm) Rs.45
Corn Flakes Mixture (150gm) Rs.55
Corn Flakes Mixture (350gm) Rs.110
Vermicelli (400gm) Rs.35
Vermicelli (900gm) Rs.70
Pasta (200gm) Rs.20
Lemon Bhel (150gm) Rs.27
Punjabi Tadka (150gm) Rs.30
Khatta Meetha (150gm) Rs.30
 (350gm) Rs.65
Khatta Meetha (1kg) Rs.160
Mixture (150gm) Rs.30
Mixture (350gm) Rs.74
Aloo Lachha (100gm) Rs.32
Ratlami Sev (150gm) Rs.34
Chana Cracker (150gm) Rs.34
Dal Biji (150gm) Rs.34
Chana Jor Garam (150gm) Rs.35
Lite Chiwda (200gm) Rs.40
Boondi (150gm) Rs.40
Phalhari Chiwda (200gm) Rs.45
Golden Mix (200gm) Rs.40
Chana Nuts (200gm) Rs.44
Navratan Mix (150gm) Rs.45
Soya Sticks (200gm) Rs.45
Chatpata Dal (200gm) Rs.46
Salted Peanuts (200gm) Rs.47
All in One Rs.48
Salted Kaju (35gm) Rs.50
Masala Kaju (35gm) Rs.50
Karodpati Bhujia (125gm) Rs.50
Marwari Bhujia (125gm) Rs.50
Chekaralu (150gm) Rs.50
Moorukulu (150gm) Rs.50
Panchratan Mixture (150gm) Rs.55
Kaju Kashmiri Mix (150gm) Rs.55
Bikaneri Bhujia (150gm) Rs.60
Boondi Bhujia (150gm) Rs.60
Mini Bhakarwadi (200gm) Rs.60
Murukku (200gm) Rs.60
Mini Samosa (200gm) Rs.60
Dry Fruit Mix (150gm) Rs.70
All in One (400gm) Rs.90
Gol Kachauri (350gm) Rs.95
Lite Chiwda Rs.150
Bhujia Sev Jar (700gm) Rs.235
Corn Flakes Mixture (1kg) Rs.240
Lite Namkeen Combo Rs.450
Spicy Namkeen Combo Rs.450
Tangy Namkeen Combo Rs.450
Papad Chavanu (200gm) Rs.40

Papad Menu

Papad Prices
Bikaneri Papad (200gm) Rs.50
Bikaneri Papad (400gm) Rs.98
 (1kg) Rs.240
Bikaneri Katran Papad (1kg) Rs.225
Coin Papad (1kg) Rs.215
Udad Papad (200gm) Rs.50
Moong Papad (200gm) Rs.50
Punjabi Papad (200gm) Rs.53
(400gm) Rs.104
Punjabi Papad (1kg) Rs.255

Mathri Menu

Mathri Menu

Mathri Prices
Masala Tit Bit & Masala Sticks Combo Rs.120
Namkeen Tit Bit & Namkeen Sticks Combo Rs.115
Namkeen Tit-Bit (200gm) Rs.60
Mathtri (200gm) Rs.60
Masala Tit Bit (200gm) Rs.60
Masala Sticks (200gm) Rs.60
Namkeen Sticks (200gm) Rs.55


Packed Sweets Prices
Agra Taj Petha (200gm) Rs.55
Agra Taj Petha (350gm) Rs.90
Dodha Burfee (250gm) Rs.190
Dodha Burfee (500gm) Rs.380
Kaju Katli (250gm) Rs.270
Kaju Katli (500gm) Rs.530
Flavourful Fusions – milk (500gm) Rs.330
Flavourful Fusions – Kaju (500gm) Rs.585
Badam Halwa (200gm) Rs.50
Mango Halwa (200gm) Rs.55
Soan Cake (Elaichi Flavour) (200gm) Rs.65
Soan Cake (Elaichi Flavour) (400gm) Rs.125
Soan Papdi – Chocolate Flavour (250gm) Rs.65
Soan Papdi – Orange Flavour (250gm) Rs.65
 Orange Flavour (500gm) Rs.120
Soan Papdi (Elaichi Flavour) (250gm) Rs.65
Soan Papdi (Elaichi Flavour) (500gm) Rs.120
 (Elaichi Flavour) (1kg) Rs.230
Soan Papdi – Coconut Flavour (250gm) Rs.70
Orange Burfee (250gm) Rs.155
Orange Burfee (500gm) Rs.310
Soan Papdi – Desi Ghee (250gm) Rs.110
Soan Papdi – Desi Ghee (500gm) Rs.200
Besan Ladoo (250gm) Rs.165
Besan Ladoo (500gm) Rs.315
Moti Choor Ladoo (250gm) Rs.165
Moti Choor Ladoo (500gm) Rs.315
Moong Burfee (250gm) Rs.170
Moong Burfee (500gm) Rs.330
Kaju Sangam Burfee (250gm) Rs.215
Aata Dry Fruits Modak Rs.250
Mini Kaju Katli (250gm) Rs.275
Kaju Roll (250gm) Rs.290
Kaju Roll (500gm) Rs.575
Boondi Ladoo (250gm) Rs.150
Boondi Ladoo (500gm) Rs.290
Orange Coconut Ladoo (250gm) Rs.150
Orange Coconut Ladoo (500gm) Rs.290
Pinni (500gm) Rs.310
Rajasthani Peda (250gm) Rs.165
Rajasthani Peda (500gm) Rs.330
Badam Katli (250gm) Rs.315
Dry Fruit Bites (250gm) Rs.325
Patisa (500gm) Rs.330
Flavouful Fusions – Ghee (500gm) Rs.340
Assorted Baklava Sweets (300gm) Rs.360
Milk Cake (250gm) Rs.185
Milk Cake (500gm) Rs.365
Anjeer Dry Fruit Burfee (250gm) Rs.405
Anjeer Dry Fruit Burfee (500gm) Rs.810
Kaju Chocolate Laddu (500gm) Rs.479
(750gm) Rs.706
Kaju Chocolate Laddu (1kg) Rs.945
Kaju Modak Rs.510

Exotic Collection Menu

Exotic Collection Prices
Khajur Dry Fruit Ladoo (500gm) Rs.441
 (750gm) Rs.643
Khajur Dry Fruit Ladoo (1kg) Rs.882
Kaju Katli – Jain (500gm) Rs.445
 (750gm) Rs.667
Kaju Katli – Jain (1kg) Rs.889
Kaju Mango (500gm) Rs.479
 (750gm) Rs.706
Kaju Mango (1kg) Rs.945
Pista Bite Cake (500gm) Rs.518
 (750gm) Rs.777
Pista Bite Cake (1Kg) Rs.1,036
Kaju Anjeer Raj (500gm) Rs.523
(750gm) Rs.784
Kaju Anjeer Raj (1kg) Rs.1,045
Mewa Bites (500gm) Rs.523
 (750gm) Rs.784
Mewa Bites (1kg) Rs.1,045
Strawberry Bites (500gm) Rs.523
 (750gm) Rs.784
Strawberry Bites (1kg) Rs.1,045
Choco Bites (500gm) Rs.523
 (750gm) Rs.784
Choco Bites (1kg) Rs.1,045
Date Bites (500gm) Rs.523
 (750gm) Rs.784
Date Bites (1kg) Rs.1,045
Orange Bites (500gm) Rs.523
(750gm) Rs.784
Orange Bites (1kg) Rs.1,045
Pista Pan (500gm) Rs.630
 (750gm) Rs.945
Pista Pan (750gm) Rs.1,247
Badam Katli (750gm) Rs.945
Badam Katli (1kg) Rs.1,247

Tin Sweets Menu

Tin Sweets Menu

Tin Sweets Prices
Rasgulla (500gm) Rs.110
Rasgulla (1kg) Rs.210
Gulab Jamun (500gm) Rs.110
Gulab Jamun (1kg) Rs.210
Sweet Wonder (1kg) Rs.220
Cham Cham (1kg) Rs.210
Rajbhog (1kg) Rs.210


Items Prices
Kala Khatta Squash (700ml) Rs.120
Lemon Squash (700ml) Rs.120
Orange Squash (700ml) Rs.120
Pineapple Squash (700ml) Rs.120
Khus Sharbat (700ml) Rs.135
Rose Sharbat (700ml) Rs.135
Mango Panna Squash (700ml) Rs.140

Haldiram Menu and Prices India Contact Details

Phone: +91 712-2779451

Customer Support number – (+91)-712-2681197

Haldiram’s Email address – [email protected]

Official website – https://www.haldirams.com/

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This covers the complete menu of Haldiram’s, along with the prices for all the items available at their store.

Haldiram,s has over 400 products on its different menus like savories, sweets, beverages, and more to enjoy.

If you find something incorrect regarding this post, please let us know below.

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FAQs – Haldiram Menu and Prices India

Haldiram offers a wide range of cuisines. Haldiram offers many different cuisines.

These include Indian street food and snacks, sweets chaats, and traditional Indian dishes.

Haldiram offers vegetarian choices.

Haldiram does offer a range of vegetarian dishes.

Are there any non-vegetarian dishes at Haldiram?

Haldiram is a vegetarian-only restaurant. Haldiram does not offer non-vegetarian options.

Does Haldiram serve sweets?

Haldiram’s sweets include gulab jamuns, rasgullas, jalebis, and soan papadis.

Do you offer combo meals at Haldiram?

Haldiram does offer combo meals, which include a variety of snacks, sweets, and dishes.

Can I get regional specialties from Haldiram?

Haldiram does offer regional specialties, including dishes from Rajasthan, Punjab, and South India.

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