Captain D’s Menu With Prices 2023 ❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

Captain D’s Menu With Prices 2023 ❤️

Captain D’s Menu With Prices: Captain D’s is a popular chain of fast-food seafood restaurants known for its diverse seafood dishes.

From fried shrimp and fish to delicious lobster and crab legs The menu at Captain D’s has something for every seafood lover’s appetite.

In this post we’ll explore Captain D’s menu and pricing, highlighting some of the tasty options on offer and revealing the pricing structure for the restaurant.

Introduction to Captain D’s

Captain D’s is a fast-food chain that is a specialist in seafood. With its casual and relaxed environment, it has been serving the seafood-loving public all across the United States for several decades.

To ensure customer happiness, the restaurant is committed to offering high-quality seafood meals produced from fresh ingredients.

Captain D’s Menu Prices List


Seafood Meals

Seafood Meals

Batter-Dipped Fish 2 Pc. $6.39
Batter-Dipped Fish 3 Pc. $7.39
Batter-Dipped Fish 4 Pc. $8.29
Deluxe Seafood Platter   $8.69
2 Pc. Batter Dipped Fish & 6 Pc. Butterfly Shrimp   $7.49
Catfish 2 Pc. $6.99
Catfish Feast   $8.99
White Fish, 4 Pc. Shrimp, & Crab Meal   $7.49
Butterfly Shrimp 15 Pc. $6.49
Supreme Sampler   $8.29

Chicken Meals

Chicken Meals

2 Pc. Batter Dipped Fish & 2 Pc. Chicken   $7.79
Chicken 4 Pc. $7.19

Seafood Specials

Seafood Specials

Includes 2 Regular Sides

Ultimate Seafood Platter   $8.99
Fish & Popcorn Shrimp Meal   $6.99
Creamy Shrimp Scampi Meal   $6.99

Family Meals

Family Meals

Seafood Feast (12 Batter Dipped Fish, 12 Butterfly Shrimp, 3 Seafood Stuffed Crab Shells) $25.99
Battered Dipped Fish 10 Pc. $19.99
Chicken Tenders 14 Pc. $19.99
Fish Tenders & Chicken Tenders   $21.99
Family Style Side $3.79
Premium Family Style Side   $4.99

Grilled Meals

Grilled Meals

Surf & Turf   $7.99
Blackened Tilapia   $7.99
Shrimp Skewers   $7.99
Grilled White Fish & Shrimp Skewer   $8.29
Wild Alaskan Salmon   $7.99
Lemon Pepper White Fish   $6.49

Limited Time $4.99 Full Meal Deals

Limited Time $4.99 Full Meal Deals

Southern-Style Fish Tenders   $4.99
Nashville Hot Fish   $4.99
Butterfly Shrimp 12 Pc. $4.99
The Sampler   $4.99

Kid’s Meals

Kid’s Meals

Battered Dipped Fish   $3.99
Fish Tenders   $3.99
Grilled Fish Tenders   $3.99
Popcorn Shrimp   $3.99
Chicken Tenders   $3.99

Salads & Sandwiches

Salads & Sandwiches

Wild Alaskan Salmon Salad   $7.29
Shrimp Skewer Salad   $7.29
Chicken Salad (Crispy or Grilled)   $7.29
Great Little Fish Sandwich & Fries   $3.99
The Captain Sandwich   $4.79
The Captain Sandwich & Fries   $5.99



Butterfly Shrimp 6 Pc. $2.49
Butterfly Shrimp 24 Pc. $3.99
Clam Strips   $2.29
Mozzarella Sticks 8 Pc. $2.29
Jalapeño Poppers 10 Pc. $2.29
Batter Dipped Fish 1 Pc. $2.29
Batter Dipped Fish 2 Pc. $3.99
Chicken Tenders 2 Pc. $2.49
Chicken Tenders 4 Pc. $4.49
Shrimp Skewer   $2.69
Grilled Steak Tips   $3.49
Hush Puppies 6 Pc. $1.99
Great Little Fish Sandwich   $1.99
Clam Strips & Butterfly Shrimp   $3.99
Butterfly Shrimp (Limited Time) 12 Pc. $3.29
Shrimp, Cheese & Bacon Bites (Limited Time) 6 Pc. $3.29
Shrimp Jambalaya Soup (Limited Time) Regular $2.29
Shrimp Jambalaya Soup (Limited Time) Large $3.99



Funnel Cake Stix   $1.99
Cheesecake   $2.58
Cheesecake Strawberry Topping   $0.29
Chocolate Cake   $1.99
Georgia Pecan Pie (Limited Time)   $1.99
Apple Pie Bites (Limited Time)   $1.99



French Fries   $1.79
Steamed Broccoli   $1.79
Cole Slaw   $1.79
Green Beans with Country Ham   $1.79
Premium Side Salad   $2.18
Premium Mac ‘n Cheese   $2.18
Premium Corn on The Cob   $2.18
Premium Breaded Okra   $2.18
Premium Baked Potato   $2.18
Premium Loaded Baked Potato   $2.78



Soft Drink Small $1.79
Soft Drink Medium $1.99
Soft Drink Large $2.19
Bottled Water   $1.69
Gallon D’s Tea   $3.29

Captain D’s Nutritional Information and Dietary Options

Captain D’s is aware of its importance in providing nutrition information to customers. The restaurant provides comprehensive nutritional information on each menu item, allowing customers to make educated choices in accordance with their diet.

No matter if you’re looking for foods that are low in calories or stay clear of allergens, CaptainD’s strives to meet the needs of different dietary requirements.

Captain D’s Special Offers and Promotions

To make eating at Captain D’s attractive, the restaurant regularly offers special discounts and deals.

These may include discounts on meals or menu items that are limited in time or loyalty reward programs.

When taking advantage of these deals, customers can get their favorite meals for more affordable prices.

  Captain D’s Store Locator

With multiple locations across in the United States, finding a Captain D’s location near you is simple.

The official website of Captain D’s offers a store locator that lets you easily locate the closest store. Just enter your city or zip code and you’ll receive an inventory of nearby eateries.

Captain D’s Contact Information

Captain D’s Head Office Address: 624 Grassmere Park Drive, Suite 30, Nashville, Tennessee 37211

Captain D’s Phone Number: 800-314-4819

You can also contact the team Captain D by using the contact form on their website.

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Captain D’s is a seafood lover’s paradise, offering a wide range of delicious options at affordable prices.

From crispy fish and shrimp to grilled salmon and tasty sides, the menu has something for everyone.

With a commitment to quality and freshness, Captain D’s continues to satisfy customers with its flavorful seafood meals.

Faq Captain D’s Menu With Prices

What kind of seafood dishes can be found on the menu of Captain D’s?

Captain D’s serves a wide selection of seafood options, including seafood, shrimp, and crab as well as scallops and clams. They also offer dishes of seafood, sandwich, and salads.

Do you know if Captain D’s have non-seafood options on their menu?

Captain D’s offers non-seafood options such as chicken tenders grilling chicken, and special side dishes such as coleslaw, green beans, and macaroni and cheese.

Are there vegan or vegetarian options available on the menu at Captain D’s?

Captain D’s primarily focuses on seafood and doesn’t offer many vegan or vegetarian alternatives. However, they might offer a few sides and salads that can be eaten by vegetarians.

What are the costs on the menu of Captain D’s reasonable?

Captain D’s menu prices are generally regarded as reasonable and reasonable for fast casual seafood restaurants. Prices can vary slightly based on the restaurant and the items you pick.

Is it possible to view Captain D’s menu along with prices on the Internet?

you can view Captain D’s menu and price on their website. Third-party delivery apps might also offer a menu with the prices.

Does Captain D’s provide any specials or meal deals?

It is true that Captain D’s frequently offers meal deals and promotions which could include discounted combos or offers that are limited in time. Visit their website or ask the restaurant about current deals.

What are the most well-known dishes that are on the menu at Captain D’s?

Some of the most requested dishes served at Captain D’s include the Batter-Dipped Fish, Butterfly Shrimp, Seafood Platters, Fish Tenders, and the Deluxe Seafood Platter.

What can I do to personalize my Captain D’s order?

Captain D’s offers certain customizing options. You might be able to ask for modifications or replacements however it’s advised to inquire with the personnel regarding possible extra charges.

Is Captain D’s a restaurant that has a menu for children?

It is true that Captain D’s offers a kids’ menu that includes items including chicken tenders, fish tenders, and popcorn shrimp as well as macaroni and cheese. The meals for kids also include a side dish and drinks.

Do you have healthier choices on the menu of Captain D’s?

Captain D’s provides healthier choices on their menus such as grilling shrimp, grilled fish, and fresh salads. Also, they offer steamed vegetables and baked potato choices.

Do Captain D’s serve desserts?

Captain D’s has a variety of desserts like New York Style Cheesecake, Funnel Cake Stix, and Chocolate Cake.

Are there alternatives that are suitable for people with allergies on Captain D’s menu?

Captain D’s treats allergy issues seriously and offers an allergen checklist that lists allergens that could be present in every menu item. Let the staff know of any food allergies or restrictions in order to ensure proper processing of the order.

Do I have the ability to make special requirements for my food in Captain D’s?

Captain D will accommodate special requests when it is feasible. It is possible to request modifications or additions on your purchase, however, it is best to inquire with the staff about the possibility of costs that might be added.

Do you offer Captain D’s service for carry-out or drive-thru?

It is true that Captain D’s offers drive-thru services in all places. They also have carry-out options for those who prefer to pick the order up.

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