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If you are looking for Chili’s Menu Prices in India then check here Below I have listed Chili’s Menu India with updated prices.

All prices are taken from the Official site of Chili. I Have also included images of Food Items with their latest prices. You can also check the official portal for details at chili’s India menu

chili's menu

My Box Meals

Items Images Prices
My Box For 2 – Veg My Box For 2 – Veg Rs.695
My Box For 2 – Non Veg My Box For 2 – Non-Veg Rs.745
My BoX For 4 – Veg My Box For 4– Veg Rs.1,245
My BoX For 4 – Non Veg My Box For 4– Non-Veg Rs.1,295


Items Images Prices
Spicy Broccoli Poppers Spicy Broccoli Poppers Rs.325
White Spinach Queso White Spinach Queso Rs.475
Southwestern Rolls Southwestern Rolls Rs.325
Texas Cheese Poppers Texas Cheese Poppers Rs.475
Tostada Chips & Salsa Tostada Chips & Salsa Rs.495
Classic Nachos classic nachos Rs.545
Loaded Chicken Bites Loaded Chicken Bites Rs.575
Chicken Nachos chicken nachos Rs.645
Boneless Chicken Bites boneless chicken bites Rs.525
Southwestern Ranch Hand Wings Southwestern Ranch Hand Wings Rs.425
Crispy Seafood Trio Crispy Seafood Trio Rs.795
Texas Spicy Chilli Wings Texas Spicy Chilli Wings Rs.425
Tripple Dipper Tripple Dipper Rs.695
Creamy Jalapeno Wings creamy jalapeno wings Rs.425
Signature Wings signature wings Rs.425

Soups Chilli & Salads

Items Images Prices
Veg Terlingua Chilli Cup Veg Terlingua Chilli Cup Rs.215
Cream of Mushroom Soup-Bowl Cream of Mushroom Soup-Bowl Rs.315
Cream of Mushroom Soup-Cup cream of mushroom soup cup Rs.215
Santa Fe Cottage Cheese Salad Santa Fe Cottage Cheese Salad Rs.395
House Salad House Salad Rs.225
Veg Terlingua Chilli-Bowl Veg Terlingua Chilli-Bowl Rs.315
The Lamb Chilli-Cup The Lamb Chilli-Cup Rs.215
The Lamb Chilli-Bowl The Lamb Chilli-Bowl Rs.315
Quesadilla Explosion Chicken Salad Quesadilla Explosion Chicken Salad Rs.425
Cream of Chicken-Cup Cream of Chicken-Cup Rs.215
Cream of Chicken Soup-Bowl Cream of Chicken Soup-Bowl Rs.315

Recommended Burgers

Items Images Prices
Cajun Club Cottage Cheese Sandwich Cajun Club Cottage Cheese Sandwich Rs.496
Bombay Burger bombay burger Rs.425
Southern Smokehouse Burger Southern Smokehouse Burger Rs.475
Tempura Crisp Burger Tempura Crisp Burger Rs.475
Sunrise Burger Chicken Sunrise Burger Chicken Rs.595
Sunrise Lamb Burger Sunrise Lamb Burger Rs.695
Cajun Club Chicken Sandwich Cajun Club Chicken Sandwich Rs.495
Southern Smokehouse Burger-Lamb Southern Smokehouse Burger-Lamb Rs.695
Old Timer Lamb Burger Old Timer Lamb Burger Rs.595
Southern Smokehouse Burger-CK Southern Smokehouse Burger-CK Rs.595
Ultimate Bacon Burger—Lamb Ultimate Bacon Burger—Lamb Rs.695
Grilled Chicken Burger Grilled Chicken Burger Rs.495
Chicken Ranch Burger Chicken Ranch Burger Rs.475

Mix and Match Fajita

Items Images Prices
Vegetarian Fajita vegetarian fajitas Rs.525
Black Bean & Veggie Fajita Black Bean & Veggie Fajita Rs.495
Chicken & Shrimp Fajita Chicken & Shrimp Fajita Rs.695
Chicken & Buffalo Fajita Chicken & Buffalo Fajita Rs.695
Buffalo & Shrimp Fajita Buffalo & Shrimp Fajita Rs.695
Chicken Shr & Buffalo Trio Fajita Chicken Shr & Buffalo Trio Fajita Rs.895
Trio of Chicken Fajita Trio of Chicken Fajita Rs.895

Fresh Mex

Items Images Prices
Crispy Broccoli Tacos Crispy Broccoli Tacos Rs.415
Chipotle Cottage Cheese Fresh Mex Chipotle Cottage Cheese Fresh Mex.JPG Rs.475
Chipotle Veggie Quesadilla Chipotle Veggie Quesadilla Rs,525
Veggie Tacos Veggie Tacos Rs.395
Santa Fe Cottage Cheese Quesadilla Santa Fe Cottage Cheese Quesadilla Rs.525
Crispy Chicken Tacos Crispy Chicken Tacos Rs.415
Smoked Chicken Quesadillas Smoked Chicken Quesadillas Rs.545
Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas Rs.595
Chiptole Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl Chiptole Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl Rs.475

Ribs and Steaks

Non-Veg Images Prices
Baby Back Ribs – Full Rack Baby Back Ribs – Full Rack Rs.1,995
Baby Back Ribs – Half Rack Baby Back Ribs – Half Rack Rs.1,095
Philadelphia Melting Chicken Steak Philadelphia Melting Chicken Steak Rs.545
Philadelphia Melting Cheese Steak Philadelphia Melting Cheese Steak Rs.745


Items Images Prices
Skillet Jambalaya Skillet Jambalaya Rs.415
Herb River Salmon Herb River Salmon Rs.645
Roasted Pepper Chicken Roasted Pepper Chicken Rs.545
Chicken Crispers Chicken Crispers Rs.525
Tortilla Crusted Chicken Tortilla Crusted Chicken Rs.575
Ancho Salmon Ancho Salmon Rs.925
Country Fried Chicken Country Fried Chicken.JPG Rs.545
Crispy Chicken Crispers Crispy Chicken Crispers Rs.525
Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers Crispy Honey – Chipotle Chicken Crispers Rs.595

Southwestern Pastas


Items Images Prices
Cajun Veg Pasta Cajun Veg Pasta Rs.525
Cajun Chicken Pasta Cajun Chicken Pasta Rs.525
Spicy Smoked Chicken Pasta Spicy Smoked Chicken Pasta Rs.575

Sweet Stuff

Items Images Prices
Brownie Sundae Brownie Sundae Rs.225
Red Velvet Cake Red Velvet Cake Rs.245
Cheesecake Cheesecake Rs.245
Molten Chocolate Cake (yellow dot) Molten Chocolate Cake (yellow dot) Rs.425
Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie (yellow dot) Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie (yellow dot) Rs.325


Items Images Prices
Chipotle Rice Chipotle Rice Rs.215
Jalapeno Mash Jalapeno Mash Rs.215
Black Beans Black Beans Rs.215
Garlic Bread Garlic Bread Rs.215
Homestyle Fries Homestyle Fries Rs.215
Seasoned Steamed Veggies Seasoned Steamed Veggies Rs.215
Sweet Corn on the Cob Sweet Corn on the Cob Rs.215

Kids Menu

Items Images Prices
Kids Cheese Pizza Kids Cheese Pizza Rs.300
Kids Pasta Kids Pasta Rs.300
Kids Macaroni & Cheese Kids Macaroni & Cheese Rs.300
Kids Chicken Crispers Kids Chicken Crispers Rs.300
Kids Crispy Chicken Dipper Kids Crispy Chicken Dipper Rs.300

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