McDonald’s Burgers Menu India

McDonald’s Burgers Menu India 

If you’re craving the world’s best burgers and french fries in India, then McDonald’s may be the best fit for you.

To help foodies find the perfect items they looking for from a selection of food items, the chain has split down its menu in India.

McDonald’s Burgers Menu is one of them that is loaded with a variety of burgers.

In the following section, you will find updated McDonald’s Burgers Menu Prices in India along with the deals, offers, and discount coupons offered by McDonald’s India.

McDonald's Burgers Menu India

McDonald’s Menu Prices for Burgers and Wraps

Check out the latest McDonald’s Burgers Menu with Prices in India

Items Prices
McSpicy Chicken Burger Rs.159
McVeggie Burger Rs.118
Mexican McAlooTikki Burger Rs.50
Chicken Maharaja Mac Rs.194
American Cheese Supreme – Chicken Rs.127
McAloo Tikki Burger Rs.45
Chatpata Naan – Aloo Rs.59
Chatpata Naan – Kebab Rs.76
Chicken Kebab Burger Rs.76
McChicken Burger Rs.112
American Cheese Supreme – Veg Rs.118
Salad Wrap Rs.123
Chicken Kebab Double Patty Burger Rs.132
Filet-O-Fish Burger Rs.138
McSpicy Paneer Burger Rs.159
Big Spicy Paneer Wrap Rs.184
Veg Maharaja Mac Rs.184
Big Spicy Chicken Wrap Rs.194

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McDonald’s Burgers Menu is loaded with a variety of burgers with different tastes and flavors to customers’ needs.

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McDonald’s Burgers Menu India

What are the most popular burgers offered by McDonald’s in India?

A few popular burgers in McDonald’s in India are McVeggie, Big Mac, McChicken, McVeggie, Big Mac Filet-O’Fish, and Chicken Maharaja Mac.

Are there vegetarian options for burgers in McDonald’s in India?

Indeed, McDonald’s in India offers vegetarian options for burgers, like McVeggie, McAloo Tikki McVeggie, McAloo Tikki, and McSpicy Paneer.

Can I personalize my burger at McDonald’s in India?

Yes, You can modify your burgers when you dine at McDonald’s in India by either adding ingredients or taking them out to suit your preferences.

What are the various sizes that are of burgers available at McDonald’s in India?

Burgers from McDonald’s in India are sold in different sizes, including big and regular. Some burgers such as Big Mac and Chicken Maharaja are available in larger sizes. Big Mac and Chicken Maharaja Mac are also available in bigger sizes.

Is there any particular offers and meal deal available for McDonald’s burgers? McDonald’s in India?

McDonald’s in India frequently offers special meals and combination offers which include burgers, fries, and drinks at a reduced cost. The best place to get the most recent offers is on their website or mobile app because these discounts may change over time.

Do I have the option of ordering an entrée for home delivery at McDonald’s in India?

Indeed, McDonald’s in India provides home delivery service through various food delivery platforms, which allow you to purchase your most-loved burgers and get them delivered right to your door.

What components do McDonald’s hamburgers in India contain?

The ingredients that are used in McDonald’s hamburgers in India generally include patties, buns (chicken or vegetarian) onions, lettuce pickles, cheese sauces, and various seasonings.

Are there alternatives that are healthier for burgers from McDonald’s in India?

McDonald’s offers various healthier alternatives to Burgers in India including McVeggie, which is McVeggie without mayo, grilled chicken choices, and salads. You can also think about opting for smaller portions.

Are there any seasonal or limited-time hamburger options available on offer at McDonald’s in India?

It’s true, McDonald’s in India introduces limited-time or seasonal burgers at times that feature unique flavors and ingredients. Keep an eye out for their specials or check their website to check out the latest menus.

Can I purchase a hamburger online via McDonald’s in India?

Yes, You can buy McDonald’s Burgers online on their official website or mobile application and also via various food delivery platforms in India.

Are there any special burgers that are only available in India at McDonald’s?

Sure, McDonald’s in India occasionally releases burgers with special flavors designed specifically for Indian customers. The Indian market incorporates local flavors and tastes.

Can I get a burger with no specific component at McDonald’s in India?

Yes, you can modify your hamburger order at McDonald’s in India or make a request for certain ingredients to be left out or added based on your preference.

Is there a kid-friendly burger available at McDonald’s in India?

McDonald’s in India offers kid-friendly hamburger options such as McHicken Junior, McChicken Junior Happy Meal hamburgers, and McAloo Tikki Happy Meal.

Are the buns used in McDonald’s hamburgers in India are egg-free?

For individuals who don’t consume eggs, the buns that are often used to manufacture McDonald’s hamburgers in India are perfect.

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