Corner House Menu and Prices India [Update 2023] ❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

Corner House Menu and Prices India [Update 2023] ❤️

Corner House Menu and Prices India

Coming to Corner House is like coming home, a place to find warmth and create memories with loved ones.

Corner House takes pride in serving quality, no-fuss desserts efficiently, at all times – 100% dairy ice creams sundaes, milkshakes, and affordable desserts since 1982.

The company always strives to offer the same awesome taste, unmatched quality, and a simply delightful experience, each time, every day.

In the below guide, I have gathered the latest Corner House Menu and Prices from the company’s official website. I also have mentioned working Corner House Discount Coupons, Deals, and Offers that will help you to save some money.

Corner House Menu and Prices India

Let us check out the latest Corner House Menu with Prices –



Scoops Single Double
Vanilla Ice Cream Rs.60 Rs.80
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Rs.60 Rs.90
Strawberry Ice Cream Rs.60 Rs.90
Chocolate Ice Cream Rs.60 Rs.90
Mocha Ice Cream Rs.60 Rs.90
Pista Ice Cream Rs.60 Rs.90
Mango Ice Cream Rs.60 Rs.90
Rum & Raisin Ice Cream Rs.60 Rs.90
Fig & Honey Ice Cream Rs.60 Rs.90
Butterscotch Ice Cream Rs.60 Rs.90
Rocky Road Ice Cream Rs.60 Rs.90
Dry Fruit Ice Cream Rs.70 Rs.100
Black Current Ice Cream Rs.70 Rs.100
Chocolate Europa Ice Cream Rs.80 Rs.120
Caramel Crunch Ice Cream Rs.80 Rs.120
Crispy Chocolate Malt Ice Cream Rs.80 Rs.120
Sugarless Vanilla Ice Cream Rs.70 Rs.110

Milk Shakes 

Milk Shakes 

Items Prices
Vanilla Shake Rs.110
Strawberry Shake Rs.110
Banana Shake Rs.110
Mocha Shake Rs.120
Apricot Shake Rs.120
Mango Shake Rs.120
Lychee Shake Rs.130
Banana Caramel Shake Rs.130

Classic Thick Shakes

Classic Thick Shakes

Items Prices
Chocolate Malt Rs.170
Chocolate Rs.160
Mocha Rs.160

Signature Sundaes

Signature Sundaes

Items Prices
Death By Chocolate Rs.200
Cake – A – Mocha Rs.140
Brownie Fudge Sundae Rs.150
Brown Bomb Rs.160
Cake Fudge Rs.170
Dew Drop Sundae Rs.160
Creme De La Caramel Rs.130
Almond Fudge Rs.170
Cafe Caramel Rs.170
Royal Butterscotch Rs.160
Dry Fruit Sundae Rs.170
Cashew Fudge Rs.170



Items Prices
Hot Chocolate Fudge (Single) Rs.80
Hot Chocolate Fudge (Junior) Rs.110
Hot Chocolate Fudge (Regular) Rs.130
Hot Chocolate Fudge (Magnum) Rs.160
Chocolate Mint Fudge Rs.130
Chocolate Nut Fudge Rs.140
Banana Split Rs.150
Choc – A – Mocha Rs.140

Vanilla Combinations

Vanilla Combinations

Items Prices
Vanilla with Coffee Sauce Rs.110
Vanilla with Butterscotch Sauce Rs.110
Vanilla With Mint Sauce Rs.110
Vanilla with Strawberry Sauce Rs.110

Fruit Sundaes

Fruit Sundaes

Items Prices
Apricot with Ice Cream and Cream Rs.140
Apricot with Cream Rs.130
Lychee with Ice Cream and Cream Rs.160
Lychee with Cream Rs.150
Peach Melba Rs.150
Impeached Rs.150
Trilogy Rs.200
Fruit Jackpot Rs.160
Cherry Jubilee Rs.160
Super Scooper Rs.200

Cake Desserts

Cake Desserts

Items Prices
Black Forest with Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce Rs.150
Truffle Cake with Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce Rs.170
Apple Crumble Rs.130
Apple Crumble with Cream Rs.140
Apple Crumble with Ice Cream and Cream Rs.150
Hot Caramelo Pudding Rs.140
Chocolate Mousse with Ice Cream and Cream Rs.310
Chocolate Mousse with Cream Rs.100
Chocolate Mousse Rs.90

Corner House Contact Detail

Phone: +91 9880846251


Reference Link

Corner House Ice Creams Official Website


Corner House has done a good job offering quality, no-fuss desserts efficiently, at all times – 100% dairy ice creams sundaes, milkshakes, and affordable desserts.

Hope that you will get the useful details from this guide. 

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FAQ Corner House Menu and Prices India

Then what is Corner House?

Corner House is a popular Ice cream parlor chain in India that is known for its extensive selection of flavors for ice cream and desserts.

Where can I locate Corner House outlets in India?

Corner House has multiple outlets in large cities in India comprising Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

What kinds of Ice cream flavors are on offer in the Corner House? Corner House?

Corner House offers a variety of flavors for ice cream that include classic flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, in addition to distinct flavors like Belgian chocolate, almond roasted, or black currant.

Are there ice cream flavors that are dairy-free or vegan?

Corner House also offers vegan and dairy-free Ice cream alternatives like sorbets and fruit-based Ice creams.

What kind of desserts are offered in the Corner House?

Apart from Ice cones and creams Corner House serves a selection of desserts, including milkshakes, sundaes, and sundaes as well as cream waffles, cakes, and waffles topped with toppings made of ice cream.

What are the costs of Corner House?

Prices for the items at Corner House vary depending on the items you pick. In general, single scoops of Ice cream begin at INR 50. Sundaes and milkshakes can vary between INR 100 up to INR 250.

Are there any combination offers that are available?

Corner House often offers combo deals that allow you can buy several items for less. These offers may change from time to moment.

Does Corner House provide home delivery?

a number of Corner House outlets provide home delivery services. You can visit their official website and food delivery apps to determine whether home delivery is offered in your region.

Do I have the choice to alter the flavor or toppings of my ice cream?

Corner House allows customers to personalize their ice cream flavors as well as choose toppings. Certain outlets may have restrictions and it’s best to inquire with the store’s staff.

Are there sugar-free options for people who have food restrictions?

Corner House offers sugar-free ice cream choices for those who have dietary restrictions or who want low-sugar desserts.

Are prices comparable at every Corner House outlet?

Prices may differ slightly among different Corner House outlets due to factors such as location and operational expenses. But, the differences are generally very small.

Do I have the option of ordering cakes or ice cream for specific celebrations?

Corner House provides ice cream cakes for special events. The customer can place your request in advance and then customize the cake to suit your requirements.

Are there limited-time or seasonal flavors available?

Corner House introduces seasonal or limited-time flavors at times of the moment, often in connection with celebrations or other special events.

Are there any possibilities to host a celebration or other event with Corner House?

Corner House offers party packages and catering for special events. You can reach the customer service or visit their nearest location for more details.

How can keep me informed about the most current offers or promotions?

To keep up-to-date with the most current offers or promotions from Corner House You can check their official Twitter and Facebook channels or sign up for their newsletter, if it is available, or visit their website for regular updates.

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