Faasos Menu Prices in India [2024]

Faasos Menu Prices in India

Faasos Menu Prices in India 

Faasos is an Indian “food on demand” service founded in 2004. Established by Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee, it is owned and operated by Rebel Foods.

Faasos Menu features Signature Wraps, Classic Wraps, All Day Breakfast and snacks,  Rice Bowls, Quick Meals Mini Thalis, Biriyani, Royals Meals in 1 Thalis, Desserts, Value Meals, Immunity Booster Meals, Immunity Booster Meals, Drinks, and Wrapped Combos.

Faasos Menu Prices and participation may vary.

Hence, knowing Faasos Menu Prices in India is always tricky.

To help you, In this guide, I have gathered an updated list of Faaso Menu Prices from Faaso’s official website.

Faasos Menu Prices in India

Classic Wraps

Items Prices
Masala Potato Wrap Rs.90
Mutton Boti Wrap Rs.220
Double Cheese Meatball Wrap Rs.185
Egg Cheese Sausage Wrap Rs.125
Double Egg Chatpata Wrap Rs.95
Cheesy Potato Wrap Rs.110
Veg Falafel Wrap Rs.135
Chatpate Chole Wrap Rs.95
Mac & Cheese Wrap Rs.145
Cheese Melt Chicken Wrap Rs.175
Barbeque Chicken Wrap Rs.140
Reshmi Chicken Kebab Wrap Rs.155
Masala Paneer Tikka Wrap Rs.145
Masala Chicken Tikka Wrap Rs.155
Cheese Melt Paneer Wrap Rs.165
Cheesy Corn Salsa Wrap Rs.150
Chicken Bhuna Wrap Rs.160

Signature Wraps

Items Prices
Barbeque Chicken Overload Wrap Rs.230
Jumbo Falafel Salsa Wrap Rs.190
Bhuna Chicken Overload Wrap Rs.250
Baked Veggie Pizza Wrap Rs.200
Baked Chicken Pizza Wrap Rs.240
Mexican Potato Salsa Wrap Rs.200
American Smokey Sausage Wrap Rs.230
Makhani Falafel Wrap Rs.190
Chicken Mac & Cheese Wrap Rs.230
Veggie Mac & Cheese Wrap Rs.190
Mutton Overload Wrap Rs.290
Jumbo Paneer Chole Wrap Rs.200

Rice Bowls

Rice Bowls

Items Prices
Egg Rice Bowl (Mini) Rs.125
Veg Rice Bowl (Mini) Rs.155
Veg Rice Bowl Rs.220
Chicken Rice Bowl (Mini) Rs.170
Chicken Rice Bowl Rs.250
Rajma Masala Rice Bowl (Mini) Rs.145
Rajma Masala Rice Bowl Rs.180
Smoked Butter Chicken Rice Bowl (Mini) Rs.190
Smoked Butter Chicken Rice Bowl Rs.250
Paneer Signature Rice Bowl (Mini) Rs.180
Chole Signature Rice Bowl (Mini) Rs.140
Mutton Bhuna Rice Bowl (Mini) Rs.245
Mutton Bhuna Rice Bowl Rs.340
Royal Veg Rice Bowl Rs.280
Royal Chicken Rice Bowl Rs.315


Items Prices
Royal Chicken Awadhi Biryani Rs.315
Chicken Awadhi Biryani Rs.265
Mutton Awadhi Biryani Rs.345
Paneer Awadhi Biryani Rs.240
Veg Awadhi Biryani Rs.215
Sabudana Wada & Curd Meal Rs.145

Quick Meals Mini Thalis

Items Prices
Smoked Butter Chicken Meal Rs.225
Chicken Kheema Meal Rs.200
Bhuna Mutton Meal Rs.340
Rajma Masala Meal Rs.155
Dal Makhni Meal with Potato Chilli Shots Rs.170
Dal Makhni Meal with Chicken Meatballs Rs.190
Mutton Haleem Meal Rs.256
Palak Paneer Meal Rs.190
Chicken Saagwala Kofta Meal Rs.195
Chicken Saagwala Meal Rs.220
Sabudana Khichdi Meal Rs.190
Matar Paneer Meal Rs.190
Malai Kofta Meal Rs.200

Royals Meals All in 1 Thalis

Items Prices
Rajma Masala Royal Meal Rs.230
Bhuna Mutton Royal Meal Rs.420
Smoked Butter Chicken Royal Meal Rs.310
Chicken Kheema Royal Meal Rs.295
Chicken Saagwala Royal Meal Rs.295
Chicken Saagwala Kofta Royal Meal Rs.280
Matar Paneer Royal Meal Rs.310
Malai Kofta Royal Meal Rs.320

All Day Breakfast & Snacks

Items Prices
Aloo Paratha & Omelette Combo Rs.165
Chicken Kheema Kulcha Rs.165
Pancakes with Honey & Chocolate Sauce (3 pcs) Rs.170
Cheesy Chicken Meatballs Rs.100
Falafel Nuggets with Mayo Dip Rs.90
Potato Chilli Shots with Mayo Dip Rs.90
Omelette with Masala Bread (Double) Rs.145
Aloo Paratha Chole & Curd Meal (2 pcs) Rs.185
Aloo Paratha Chole Meal (2 pcs) Rs.175
Desi Chai (Serves 4) Rs.150



Items Prices
Moments Rs.340
Hazelnut Brownie Rs.105
Chocolate Truffle Pastry Rs.155
Rich Red Velvet Pastry Rs.155
Red Velvet Dessert Jar Rs.210
Chocolate Dessert Jar Rs.210
Rose Phirni Rs.90
Orange Chocolate Brownie Rs.105
Indulgence Brownie Rs.115
New York Cheesecake Rs.180
Chocolate Fantasy Rs.95
Honey Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce (Pack Of 6) Rs.267


Items Prices
SWIG Jeera Masala Rs.42
SWIG Green apple Rs.42
Mint Chaas Rs.39
French Lavender Latte (Hot) Rs.134
Skinny Cold Coffee (No ice cream, No Sugar) (Cold) Rs.110
Mocha Tales (Hot) Rs.124
Latte Love (Hot) Rs.91
Madras Mud (Hot) Rs.91
Long Black Java (Hot) Rs.76
Classic Cold Coffee (Cold) Rs.124
Hazelnut Latte Love (Hot) Rs.114
Iced Long Black Java (Cold) Rs.72

Value Meals

Items Prices
Paneer Tikka Rice Bowl. Rs.175
Veggie Delight Rice Bowl. Rs.155
Chicken Bhuna Rice Bowl Rs.148
Veggie Delight Rice Bowl Rs.129
Chicken Salami Rice Bowl Rs.133
Chicken Tikka Rice Bowl Rs.158
Reshmi Chicken Kebab Wrap Rs.114
Cheese Melt Chicken Wrap. Rs.175
Barbeque Chicken Wrap. Rs.140
Masala Paneer Tikka Wrap. Rs.145
Cheesy Corn Salsa Wrap. Rs.150
Double Egg Chatpata Wrap + Choco Fantasy Rs.148
Masala Potato Wrap + Hazelnut Brownie Combo Rs.143
Chicken Bhuna Wrap + Choco Fantasy Rs.181
Chole Signature Rice Bowl + Hazelnut Brownie Combo Rs.181

Immunity Booster Meals

Items Prices
Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea by Faasos Rs.175
Immunity Pro Chole Kulcha Meal Rs.145
Iron Booster Palak Paneer Meal Rs.190
Iron Booster Palak Chicken Meal Rs.220
Antioxidant Rich Rajma Masala Meal Rs.155
Protein Powerhouse Egg Rice Bowl Rs.125
Immunity Pro Chole Wrap Rs.95
Protein-packed Double Egg Wrap Rs.95
Protein-Powerhouse Double Omelette Kulcha Combo Rs.145
Antioxidant-Rich Rajma Rice Bowl (Jumbo) Rs.180
Protein-Packed Peri Peri Paneer Steak Rs.255
Protein-Packed Roasted Chicken Steak Rs.270
Antioxidant-Rich Sabudana Khichdi Meal Rs.190
Antioxidant-Rich Sabudana Wada Meal Rs.145

Wrapped Combos

Items Prices
Non-Veg SUPREME Meal for Four Rs.860
Veg Saver Meal for Two Rs.270

Reference Link

Faasos India

Contact Details

Phone: 77000 20020


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FAQs – Faasos Menu Prices in India

What kind of cuisines do Faasos offer?

Faasos offers the widest selection of food options which include Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and more. The menu is diverse catering to different taste preferences.

Does Faasos offer vegetarian choices?

Faasos provides vegetarian options on its menu. There are plenty of vegetarian options available.

What are the most popular dishes available on the Faasos menu?

The most popular items from the Faasos menu include wraps biryanis and rolls, pasta, rice bowls sandwiches, desserts, and wraps. These dishes are frequently loved by patrons.

Can I customize my order at Faasos?

Faasos allows the customization of orders. You can alter products by including or removing ingredients based on your personal preferences.

Does Faasos provide catering services for events?

Faasos may offer catering services for special events and special occasions. It is recommended to get in touch with them directly for inquiries about their catering services.

Are there loyalty programs or benefits for members at Faasos?

Faasos may offer loyalty programs or benefits for membership. You can look on their website or application for details on any rewards or loyalty programs.

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