Fatburger Menu With Prices [2024]

Fatburger Menu With Prices

Fatburger Menu With Prices: Welcome to Fatburger the popular fast-food chain renowned for its delicious burgers as well as tempting menu items.

In this post, we’ll look at the wide and varied menus that are offered by Fatburger as well as their prices.

If you’re a fan of burgers or simply seeking something to eat Fatburger has something to provide to all.

Let’s explore Fatburger’s world Fatburger and discover the tasty options to satisfy your hunger.

Fatburger Menu With Prices History of Fatburger

Before we dive into the delicious menu options Let’s take a brief review of the background of Fatburger.

It was founded on the 22nd of May 1952, 1952 by Lovie The Yanceys, Fatburger quickly gained popularity for its tasty and juicy hamburgers.

With a dedication to the highest quality and flavor, Fatburger has expanded its global reach and continues to be a popular choice among fans of burgers.

Fatburger Menu With Prices List




Fatburger $4.00
Fatburger $5.50
Fatburger $6.50
Fatburger $8.50
Fatburger $9.69
Chicken Sandwich $6.50
Turkey Burger $5.75
Veggie Burger $5.75
Western Bacon BBQ Fatburger $6.50
1000 Island Fatburger $6.00

Add Ons

Add Ons

Cheese (American or Swiss) $1.00
Bacon $1.00
Egg $1.00
Chili $1.00



Fat or Skinny Fries $3.00
Chili Cheese Fat Fries $5.25
Chili Cheese Skinny Fries $5.25
Homemade Onion Rings $4.00

Drinks & Shakes

Drinks & Shakes

Real Ice Cream Milkshakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Maui Banana, or Oreo) $4.50
Soda $2.25

Make It A Meal

Make It A Meal

Includes Fries & Drink

Small Meal (Small Fatburger) $8.50
Medium Meal (Medium Fatburger) $10.00
Large Meal (Large Fatburger) $11.00
Chicken Meal $11.00
Veggie Meal $10.25
Turkey Meal $10.25

Fatburger Special Offers and Promotions

Be on the lookout for special deals and discounts available at Fatburger. They often offer limited-time deals combo meal discounts or seasonal promotions that provide more value for dollars.

Fatburger Nutritional Information

For those who are conscious of their nutrition intake, Fatburger provides detailed nutritional information on the menu options.

You can find the information on their website or ask at the place about how healthy the food you want to eat is.

 Fatburger Locations

Fatburger is well-known and has numerous locations across different countries. To locate the closest Fatburger restaurant, visit their official website or search on the internet for their locate finder tool.

Important Links

Important Links fatburger.com/
Locations locations.fatburger.com/search
Franchise fatburgerfranchise.com/

Contact Information

Office Address: 301 Arizona Ave., Suite 200, Santa Monica, California 90401

Office Phone Number: (310) 319-1850

You can also contact the team of Fatburger by using the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/Fatburger

Instagram: instagram.com/fatburger/

Twitter: twitter.com/fatburger

Fatburger Menu Near Me


Fatburger serves a delicious menu offering a range of choices to satisfy your desire. From their famous burgers to vegetarian options, there’s plenty to satisfy all at Fatburger.

With reasonable prices and a focus on high quality, it’s not surprising that Fatburger is now a cult fast-food restaurant across the globe.

Faqs – Fatburger Menu With Price

How much are the costs of the Fatburger’s Classic Burger?

Prices for the Classic Burger typically range from $6 to $8, based on the location and other toppings.

What does an Fatburger Cheeseburger cost?

The Cheeseburger at Fatburger generally costs between $7-$9 according to the location and the size.

What’s the cost of the Veggie Burger at Fatburger?

The Veggie Burger is usually priced from $7 to $9 depending on the location and any additional toppings

What is the price Fatburger charges for bacon on their Burgers?

Adding bacon to your Fatburger typically costs an additional $1.50 up to $2.50 depending on the size of your burger and the area.

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