KFC Menu and Prices in India [2024]

KFC Menu and Prices in India

KFC Menu and Prices in India 2024

KFC is an American food chain that has around 480 outlets available all around India.

For chicken lovers, KFC is heaven offering fried chicken, chicken burgers, and other chicken products.

In addition to offering tasty and yummy chicken products, the chain also offers Box Meals, Burgers, Rice Bowls, Snacks, and Beverages for vegetarian people.

Here is the latest KFC menu with prices in India.

KFC Menu and Prices in India

KFC Menu and Prices in India

Chicken Menu

Items Prices
Click & Share Rs.449
KFC Favorites Rs.399
6 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken Rs.549
8 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken Rs.699
5pc Smoky Red Chicken Rs.429
Big 8 Rs.619
Mingles Bucket Meal Rs.459
Big 12 Rs.729
Ultimate Savings Bucket Rs.699
Family Feast Rs.789
5pc Leg Piece Bucket & 2 Dips Rs.449
10 strips & 2 Dips Bucket Rs.449
Bucket for Two Rs.599
Friendship Bucket  Rs.699
Stay Home Bucket Rs.749
10pc Leg Piece Bucket & 4 Dips Rs.799
5pc Leg Piece Bucket Meal Rs.599

Trending Pepsi Money Heist Buckets

Items Prices
Tokyo Swag Bucket Rs.549
Professor Swag Bucket Rs.649
Money Heist Swag Combo Rs.379
Berlin Swag Combo Rs.499
Nairobi Swag Combo Rs.419

Box Meals Menu

Items Prices
Veg Zinger Box Rs.299
Tandoori Zinger Box Rs.299
Classic Zinger Box Rs.299
Veg Rice Box Rs.249
Chicken Rice Box Rs.249
All Chicken Box Rs.179

Burgers Menu

Items Prices
2 Veg Krispers Meal Rs.249
Veg Zinger Box Rs.299
Veg Zinger Burger Rs.160
Veg Zinger Burger – with cheese Rs.181
Buddy Meal Rs.460
Classic Zinger Box Rs.299
Classic Zinger Burger Rs.170
Mixed Zinger Doubles Rs.309
Tandoori Zinger Box Rs.299
Tandoori Zinger Burger Rs.180
Chicken & Krisper Combo Rs.499
2 Veg Krisper Burgers Rs.138
2 Chicken Krisper Burgers Rs.219
Classic Zinger Burger – with cheese Rs.191
Tandoori Zinger Burger – with cheese Rs.201
Cheesy Zinger Burger Rs.180
2 Veg Krisper Burgers – with cheese Rs.180
2 Chicken Krisper Burgers – with cheese Rs.261
Double Down – Duo Meal Rs.649
2 Double Down Burgers Rs.489
Double Down – Solo Meal Rs.399
1 Double Down Burger Rs.249

Rice Bowls

Items Price
Veg Rice Bowl Rs.150
Veg Rice Box Rs.249
Smoky Red Rice Bowl Rs.180
Rice Duo Meal Rs.419
2 Popcorn Rice Bowls with 8 Hot Wings Rs.519
Chicken Rice Box Rs.249
Popcorn Rice Bowl Rs.159

Snacks Menu

Items Price
Pack of 2 Dips Rs.50
Pack of 4 Dips Rs.90
Tandoori Masala Dip Rs.25
2 pc Veg Patty Rs.140
3pc Boneless Chicken strips Rs.150
1 pc Smoky Red Chicken Rs.110
1 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken Rs.110
4pc Hot Chicken Wings Rs.150
6pc Boneless Chicken strips Rs.229
2 pc Smoky Red Chicken Rs.219
2 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken Rs.219
Medium Fries Rs.95
Large Fries Rs.115
Regular Popcorn Rs.109
Medium Popcorn Rs.150
Large Popcorn Rs.229
4pc Hot & Crispy Chicken Rs.399
Mingles Bucket Rs.309
Popcorn & Fries bucket Rs.299
Chicken & Fries Bucket Rs.119
Coffee Mousse Cak Rs.119
Choco Mud Pie Rs.119


Items Price
Red Bull Energy Drink Rs.160
Mirinda Can 330 ml Rs.60
Pepsi Black Can 330 ml Rs.60
7UP Can 330 ml Rs.60
Pepsi Can 330 ml Rs.60
Pepsi PET Rs.60

KFC India Customer Service Phone Number

Customer Care Numbers: 3399-4444 / 080 4275 4444

Office Phone Number:  +(91)-22-61522692

Head Office Address:  702, Prism Towers, Link Road, Goregaon West (Behind Hypercity, Mindspace), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Pin Code – 400062

Fax Number :  +(91)-22-61522600

Social Media Page

Twitter ID: twitter.com/KFC_India

Facebook Fan Page:  facebook.com/KFCIndia

YouTube Channel:  youtube.com/user/KFCinIndia

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If you love fried chicken dishes, then this is the place for you where you can enjoy fried chicken, chicken burgers, and other chicken products at affordable prices.

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FAQs – KFC Menu and Prices in India

What are the most popular options for food offered in KFC in India?

A few popular options for food available at KFC in India are Fried Chicken Buckets, Zinger Burgers, Hot Wings, Chicken Popcorn, and Veg Strips.

Are there vegetarian alternatives at KFC in India?

KFC in India indeed offers vegan menu items like Veg Zinger Burger Veg Rice Bowl along with Veg Strips.

Can I personalize the order I place at KFC in India?

Yes, You can modify your order on KFC in India by including or eliminating ingredients based on your preferences.

What are the costs of food items in KFC in India?

The cost of food items sold at KFC in India may differ according to the product as well as any promotions currently running. It is recommended to visit KFC India’s official KFC India website or contact their customer support to inquire about the latest prices.

Are there any combo or meal deal offers that are available on KFC in India?

KFC frequently offers meal deals and combo offers which include a selection of food items like fries, chicken, burgers, and drinks at reduced costs. These offers can change over time and it’s advisable to visit their website regularly or ask about promotions currently in place for more information.

Can I get food items to be delivered to my home via KFC in India?

Yes, KFC offers home delivery in India, allowing you to order your favorite foods and have them brought straight to your door.

What components are present in KFC menu items sold in India?

Ingredients used in KFC food products in India typically comprise breading, chicken sauces, spices vegetables, as well as other ingredients based on the specific food item.

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