McCafe Menu Prices in India

McCafe Menu Prices in India 

If you’re craving espresso drinks and coffee in India, then McCafe may be the best fit for you.

McCafé’s menu in India features hot drinks, frothy sweets, and tons of iced coffee options.

Divided into two parts; hot and cold drinks, McCafe menu item prices between ₹97 and ₹233; from Raw Mango Fruit Splash Regular to the highest priced item Strawberry Oreo Whirl.

Loves enjoying drinks with a burger or french fries? do you know how much McCafe menu items in India cost? don’t panic!

Here, in this article, we have provided an accurate list of McCafe Menu Prices in India, prepared from the company’s official website.

Also find great deals, offers, and exclusives offered by McCafe India to enjoy great discounts on your bill.

McCafe Menu Prices in India

McCafe Cold Drinks Menu with Prices in India 

Enjoy yummy tasty cold drinks starting at just Rs 97 and other drinks –

Items Prices
Berry Lemonade Splash Regular Rs.97
Raw Mango Fruit Splash Regular Rs.97
McCafe Iced Americano Rs.128
McCafe-Lemon Ice Tea Regular Rs.138
Chocolate Shake Rs.138
Strawberry Shake Rs.138
McCafe-Strawberry Ice Tea Regular Rs.138
McCafe-Green Apple Tea Regular Rs.138
McCafe-Ice Coffee Regular Rs.150
American Mud Pie Rs.152
Mango Smoothie Small Rs.152
McCafe-Vanilla Coffee Frappe Regular Rs.192
2 Iced Coffee Rs.198
McCafe-Chocolate Frappe Regular Rs.216
McCafe-Mocha Frappe Regular Rs.216
Double Chocolate Frappe Rs.227
Mixed Berry Smoothie Rs.229
Mango Smoothie Rs.229
Share Shake Espresso & Brownie Overload Rs.233
Strawberry Oreo Whirl Rs.233
Oreo Cookie & Cream Shake Rs.192

McCafe Hot Drinks Menu with Prices in India

Have a look at the hot drinks menu of McCafe in India –

Items Prices
Strawberry Green Tea Small Rs.116
Masala chai latte Small Rs.123
English Breakfast Rs.123
Cappuccino Small Rs.128
McCafe Americano Small Rs.128
Latte Small Rs.128
Hot Chocolate Small Rs.134
McCafe Americano Regular Rs.135
Flat White Rs.135
Moroccan Mint Green Tea Rs.147
Cappuccino Regular Rs.148
Masala chai latte Regular Rs.153
Latte Regular Rs.160
Mocha Small Rs.160
Hot Chocolate Regular Rs.165
Mocha Regular Rs.190
2 Cappuccino Rs.198
Cappuccino Small + Chocolate Chip Cookie Rs.99
Cappuccino Small + Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Rs.99

McCafe opening hours 

Days Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 10:00 am 11:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am 11:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am 11:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am 11:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am 11:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am 11:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am 11:00 pm

McCafe India Customer Care Number

  • All India No.
    • 022-40291300
    • 080-66569000
  • Toll-Free No. 180030002454

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Hopefully, you find something tasty to eat off this McCafe Menu in India.

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What is McCafe India phone number?

McCafe Customer Support number in India is (+91)-22-49135000.

What is McCafe India email address?

McCafe India Email address is [email protected].

What coffee does Mccafe use?

McCafé ground coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans. Arabica beans are widely recognized for their superior flavor, smooth body and rich aroma versus other coffee.

Does McCafe have milk alternatives?

Yes, McCafe coffees (lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas, all made with espresso) may be ordered without milk products (whole or nonfat).

What is the difference between McDonalds and McCafe?

McCafé is a part of McDonald's chain, but it operates as a separate branch and independent brand.

McCafe Menu Prices in India

What is the cost range for beverages available at McCafe in India?

The prices of drinks available at McCafe in India can differ in accordance with the size and type of the beverage. In general, the prices can vary from about the Rs100 mark to Rs250 or more.

Are the prices for hot and cold drinks similar for McCafe in India?

the costs are different for hot and cold drinks may vary when you shop at McCafe in India. Cold drinks like frappes or iced coffees are generally a bit higher priced than hot drinks.

Are McCafe prices differ according to the location?

prices may differ a bit based upon what are the location and the number of McCafe locations in India because of factors such as operational costs and regional variations.

Are there combination offers and meal deals that are available in McCafe in India?

McCafe in India offers combo offers and meals that consist of drinks food items, bakery items, and snacks for a reduced cost.

What are the costs for snacks and bakery items on offer at McCafe in India?

The cost of bakery items or snacks offered at McCafe in India can vary from Rs50 to 200 or more, based on the item being purchased and the quantity.

Are there limited-time or seasonal offerings in McCafe in India?

McCafe in India introduces limited-time or seasonal beverages as well as menu items that may differ in price or include special offers.

Are McCafe prices include tax?

McCafe prices generally include taxes. However, it’s recommended to verify the price with the establishment or look at the menu for any additional costs.

Are there sizes to choose from for drinks in McCafe in India?

McCafe in India offers different sizes of drinks including medium, small, and large, each with different prices depending upon the dimension you select.

Do I have the option of customizing my beverage purchase on McCafe in India?

modify your beverage purchase on McCafe in India by selecting the milk you prefer as well as flavors and add-ons. Certain customizations may be charged additional fees.

Do I have the option of ordering McCafe on the Internet?

place an order for McCafe drinks online via their website or through food delivery platforms. In general, online orders are similar prices to in-store purchases, however, it is possible that there may have additional shipping costs.

Are there desserts offered in McCafe in India?

McCafe in India offers dessert options like muffins, cakes as well as cookies and pastries. The cost of desserts may vary from Rs50 to more than Rs200.

Are there any exclusive offers or discounts at McCafe in India?

McCafe occasionally introduces special offers and discounts that can change over the course of time. It is suggested to check their website or their social media channels to find the most recent specials.

Are there any McCafe menu prices on the internet?

locate information about McCafe price list for India on their website as well as on different online food delivery services.

Do McCafe prices fluctuate frequently?

While the prices for McCafe may remain constant, however, there can occasionally changes or revisions to the price of food based on factors like inflation or the cost of ingredients.

Is it possible to obtain pricing information or a menu brochure from McCafe in India?

You can typically obtain a price list and menu brochures in McCafe stores in India. You can use their mobile or website to get the most current menu and prices.

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