McDonald's Recommended Menu India [2024]

McDonald’s Recommended Menu India

McDonald’s Recommended Menu India 2024

McDonald’s Recommended Menu India: McDonald’s, an American fast-food chain with numerous locations in India, is renowned for its exceptional french fries, burgers, hash browns, hamburgers, and other offerings.

McDonald’s India has launched a new menu – McDonald’s Recommended Menu that offers popular food items from different McDonald’s menus.

McD’s Recommended Menu in India features burgers, meals, Ice creams, etc. to enjoy at affordable prices.

In this guide, you will find McDonald’s Recommended Menu in India along with the deals, offers, and discount coupons offered by McDonald’s India.

McDonald's Recommended Menu India

McDonald’s Recommended Menu with Prices

Check out the latest McD’s Recommended Menu with Prices –

Items Prices
McSpicy Chicken Burger Rs.159
McSaver American Cheese Supreme – Veg Meal Rs.239
American Mud Pie Rs.152
McSpicy Chicken + American Cheese Supreme + McChicken + Chicken Maharaja + 3 Fries Larg Rs.913
McSaver American Cheese Supreme – Chicken Meal Rs.244
McSaver Big Spicy Chicken Wrap Meal Rs.310
Filet-O-Fish Burger Rs.138

McDonald’s India Customer Service

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  • Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. 1001 – 1002, Tower – 3, 10th floor, Indiabulls Finance Centre, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai – 400013
  • Phone Number –  022 – 49135000
  • Fax – 022 – 49135001
  • Gift Voucher Enquiry: [email protected]

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McDonald’s Recommended Menu in India features burgers, meals, Ice creams, etc to enjoy at affordable prices.

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FAQs – McDonald’s Recommended Menu India

Which McDonald’s vegetarian menu items are the most well-liked in India?

McDonald’s in India offers a variety of vegetarian options, including McAloo Tikki Burger, McAloo Tikki Burger Veg Maharaja Mac, and McVeggie Burger with Pizza McPuff.

Are the fries from McDonald’s in India suitable for vegans?

Fries served at McDonald’s in India are acceptable for vegetarians because they are made of vegetarian ingredients and are cooked independently from non-vegetarian food items.

Does McDonald’s in India offer some vegan-friendly menu items?

Although McDonald’s in India isn’t able to have any specific menu items for vegans but they do offer certain vegan options like McDonald’s Veg Pizza McPuff French Fries, and various drinks.

What different hamburger varieties does McDonald’s offer in India?

McDonald’s in India offers a variety of burgers, including classics such as McAloo Tikki Burger, McAloo Tikki Burger McChicken Burger Filet-O-Fish, McSpicy Paneer along with McSpicy Paneer, and the Veg Maharaja Mac.

Are there special menu items that are seasonal or only available for a limited time in McDonald’s in India?

Indeed, McDonald’s in India introduces seasonal menu items or those that are only available for a limited time. These may contain special wraps burgers or desserts influenced by local celebrations or festivals.

Do you have any suggestions for a good value dining alternative for McDonald’s in India?

The McSaver Meals which consist of fries, a burger as well and a beverage are very popular choices for a low-cost meal for customers at McDonald’s in India.

What are the most popular beverages on offer at McDonald’s in India?

McDonald’s in India offers a range of drinks, including carbonated soft drinks, Iced Tea milkshakes, coffee, and fruit-based drinks such as McFloat. McFloat.

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