Mio Amore Menu Prices In India [Update 2024] ❤️ [2024]

Mio Amore Menu Prices In India [Update 2024] ❤️

Mio Amore Menu Prices in India

Are you searching for Mio Amore Menu Prices in India then check here Below I have listed Mio Amore Menu India with updated prices.

All prices are taken from the Official site of Mio Amore. I Have also included images of Food Items with their latest prices. You can also check the official portal for details at Mio Amore – The Cake Shop | Online Cake Delivery

Mio Amore Menu Prices in India

Signature Cakes

Items  Prices
Choco Espresso(non-veg) Rs.400
Mango Samoa(non-veg) Rs.280
Blueberry Puree(non-veg) Rs.365
Choco Blossom(non-veg) Rs.475
Choco Feather(non-veg) Rs.335
Dual Forest(non-veg) Rs.880
Black Forest(non-veg) Rs.430
Red Velvet(veg) Rs.365
White Forest(veg) Rs.470
Rich Dutch Chocolate(non-veg) Rs.220
Chocolate Large(non-veg) Rs.650
Strawberry(non-veg) Rs.320
Butterscotch(non-veg) Rs.350

Cake Library 

Birthday & Congratulations Cakes 

Items  Prices
169(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1050
156(veg) Rs.1400
008(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1050
002(veg)(non-veg) Rs.800
116(veg)(non-veg) Rs.840
153(veg) Rs.1050
093(veg)(non-veg) Rs.900
172(veg)(non-veg) Rs.800
157(veg) Rs.1750
053(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1400
013(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1500
171(veg)(non-veg) Rs.800
005(veg)(non-veg) Rs.840
074(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2700
183(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1400
113(veg)(non-veg) Rs.700
170(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1050
006(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1050
112(veg)(non-veg) Rs.840
134(veg) Rs.1800
121(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1200
044(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
145(veg) Rs.1050
083(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
159(veg) Rs.2100
110(veg)(non-veg) Rs.900
161(veg) Rs.1400
130(veg) Rs.1350
137(veg) Rs.1800
017(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1350
133(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1350
097(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1200
090(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1200
115(veg)(non-veg) Rs.700
118(veg)(non-veg) Rs.900
173(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1800
045(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1800
179(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1500
189(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2400
078(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4200
122(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1200
198(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.7200
199(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.7200
199(2 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3600
198(2 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3600
150(veg) Rs.1050
003(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1200
136(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1800
131(veg) Rs.1350
160(veg) Rs.1400
166(veg) Rs.1800
016(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2400
175(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2100
187(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2400
028(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3000
154(veg) Rs.1400
107(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1000
191(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2000
181(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1400
054(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
101(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1000
193(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2400
046(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
020(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3600
272 Rs.500
056(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4000
080(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4000
018(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3600
038(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4200
139(veg) Rs.1800
009(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1500
026(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3000
004(veg)(non-veg) Rs.840
032(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2400
070(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2400
082(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2100
104(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1200
043(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2100
146(veg) Rs.1400
163(veg) Rs.2100
165(veg) Rs.3600
022(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
025(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
033(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3500
010(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2100
059(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
096(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1000
126(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1200
143(veg) Rs.1050
196(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4200
182(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2400
091(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1000
144(veg) Rs.1050
001(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1800
075(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4200
089(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1000
106(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1000
124(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1000
031(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
048(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1500
067(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4200
037(veg)(non-veg) Rs.6000
055(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
062(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3200
185(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1800
021(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
127(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1200
200(2 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.5900
084(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
049(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3600
066(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3750
125(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1000
065(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3200
108(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1000
174(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2100
178(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1500
050(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
061(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
073(veg)(non-veg) Rs.5400
186(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2400
190(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2400
047(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2400
058(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3200
068(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4500
036(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4200
042(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2100
063(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
072(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3500
103(veg)(non-veg) Rs.900
142(veg) Rs.1050
034(veg)(non-veg) Rs.6000
064(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3000
086(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
079(veg)(non-veg) Rs.8000
129(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2000
041(veg)(non-veg) Rs.9000
040(veg)(non-veg) Rs.9000
188(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800

Wedding & Engagement Cakes

Items  Prices
237(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2100
237(2 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1750
240(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3600
239(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3600
242(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3600
259(4 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.15000
259(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.9000
259(2 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4500
261(4 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.17000
261(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.10200
251(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1200
243(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4500
262(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.10200
262(4 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.17000
265(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2250
266(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3000
252(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1200
254(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
253(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1200
260(3 Tier )(veg)(non-veg) Rs.9000
244(veg)(non-veg) Rs.5600
248(4 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.14000
248(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.8400
245(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.14000
245(2 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.8000
241(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4500
238(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
246(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.14000
246(2 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.8000
264(veg)(non-veg) Rs.12000

Anniversary Cakes

Items  Prices
215(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1350
212(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1800
208(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1050
207(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1050
206(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1050
205(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1050
204(veg)(non-veg) Rs.900
203(veg)(non-veg) Rs.900
219(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
220(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1400
226(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.3600
231(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.9000
231(2 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4500
213(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1800
209(veg)(non-veg) Rs.1800
211(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2100
214(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2100
216(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2100
218(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2400
221(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
227(2 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4500
228(2 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4500
217(veg)(non-veg) Rs.2800
224(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4200
225(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4500
229(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.8400
229(2 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4200
230(3 Tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.8400
230(2 tier)(veg)(non-veg) Rs.4200
232(veg)(non-veg) Rs.5600
233(veg)(non-veg) Rs.7500
234(veg)(non-veg) Rs.9000

Other Products



Items  Prices
Red Velvet Pastry(veg) Rs.50
Choco Chips(non-veg) Rs.26
Choco Excess(non-veg) Rs.28
Black Forest Supreme(non-veg) Rs.44
Butterscotch(non-veg) Rs.25
Choco Crunch(non-veg) Rs.28
Strawberry(non-veg) Rs.25
Choco Hazelnut Pastry(non-veg) Rs.32
Choco Classic(veg) Rs.30


Items  Prices
Vegetable Patties(veg) Rs.18
Chunky Chicken Burger(non-veg) Rs.55
Chicken Tikka Pizza(non-veg) Rs.46
Chicken Sandwich(non-veg) Rs.40
Chicken Patties(non-veg) Rs.26
Chicken Internet(non-veg) 5G Rs.35
Chicken Claws(non-veg) Rs.50
Chicken 65 Roll(non-veg) Rs.50


Items  Prices
Oatmeal Rasin Cookies Rs.70
Shrewburry Cookies Rs.80
Chocolate Cookies Rs.60
Choco Vanilla Cookies Rs.60
Cashewnut Cookies Rs.60
Salted Cookies Rs.50
Vanilla Cookies Rs.50

Photo Cake

Items  Prices
Photo Cakes Rs.800


FAQs – Mio Amore Menu Prices in India

What is Mio?

Mio Amore (a popular bakery chain and confectionery in India) is well-known for its range of tasty food items and bakery goods.

Where can I locate Mio Amore in India?

Mio Amore stores are spread across India. These include Kolkata, and Siliguri Durgapur Asansol among other cities.

Do MioAmore outlets offer vegetarian food?

Mio Amore does offer a wide range of vegetarian dishes.

Where can I get the Mio Amore price list?

Mio Amore offers menu prices online or in their restaurants.

Is the menu price for Mio Amore the same at all stores?

Menu Prices may vary between Mio Amore Outlets, depending on factors as location and costs.

Are Mio Amore’s menu prices inclusive or exclusive of taxes?

Taxes are not included in the prices of menu items. At the time of purchase, additional taxes might be applicable.

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