Taco John’s Menu Prices 2023 ❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

Taco John’s Menu Prices 2023 ❤️

Taco John’s Menu Prices: Taco John’s is a popular fast-food chain offering many Mexican-inspired meals.

With tasty menu items and reasonable costs, Taco John’s has become an absolute favorite for foodies.

In this post, we’ll examine the menu prices at Taco John’s and highlight some of their most popular meals, and offer a glimpse into the value they provide.


Taco John’s is known for its wide variety of Mexican-inspired dishes. Taco John’s menu is designed to accommodate a variety of tastes, with vegetarian and meat-based choices.

Furthermore, Taco John’s serves breakfast items to get your day right. One of the most notable aspects that are offered by Taco John’s is its affordable cost, which allows customers to indulge in delicious meals that aren’t expensive.

Taco John’s Menu Prices


Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos

Fish Taco   $2.19
Fish Taco – Combo   $6.79

EZ Combos

EZ Combos

Crispy Beef Taco   $1.29
2 Crispy Beef Tacos – Combo   $4.99
Super Burrito   $3.69
Super Burrito – Combo   $5.99
Softshell Beef Taco   $1.59
2 Softshell Beef Tacos – Combo   $5.99
Softshell Chicken Taco   $1.99
2 Softshell Chicken Tacos – Combo   $6.39
Taco Bravo   $2.49
Taco Bravo – Combo   $4.99
Beef Burrito   $3.69
Beef Burrito – Combo   $6.19
Crunchy Chicken Burrito   $4.19
Crunchy Chicken Burrito – Combo   $6.69
Grilled Chicken Burrito   $4.19
Grilled Chicken Burrito – Combo   $6.69
Cheesy Quesadilla Melt   $2.79
Cheesy Quesadilla Melt – Combo   $4.99
Chicken Quesadilla Melt   $4.29
Chicken Quesadilla Melt – Combo   $6.49
Meat & Potato Burrito and Softshell Taco – Combo   $6.99
Stuffed Grilled Taco   $2.99
Stuffed Grilled Taco – Combo   $5.49



Super Nachos Small $3.59
Super Nachos Regular $4.99
Super Potato Oles Small $3.59
Super Potato Oles Regular $4.99
Mexi Rolls 2 Pc. $2.19
Mexi Rolls 4 Pc. $3.89
Mexi Rolls 6 Pc. $5.19
Taco Burger   $2.29
Bean Burrito   $1.29
Beefy Burrito   $2.79
Combination Burrito   $2.49
Crunchy Chicken   $4.29
Taco Salad   $4.79
Chicken Taco Salad   $5.29
Crunchy Chicken Taco   $5.29

Baja Boneless Wings

Baja Boneless Wings

Baja Boneless Wings Small $4.29
Baja Boneless Wings Half Pound $5.59
Baja Boneless Wings One Pound $10.19

Mex & Match Pack

Mex & Match Pack

6 Meat & Potato Breakfast Burritos and 12 Mexican Donut Bites $17.99
12 Beef Tacos & A Pound of Potato Oles   $17.99

Six-Pack & A Pound

Six-Pack & A Pound

6 Beef Tacos & A Pound of Potato Oles   $10.99

Kids’ Meals

Kids’ Meals

Beef Crispy or Softshell Taco   $2.99
Cheesy Quesadilla   $2.99
Crunchy Chicken   $2.99



Churro   $1.29
Mexican Donut Bites   $1.49



Fountain Drink Small $1.69
Fountain Drink Medium $1.99
Fountain Drink Large $2.19
Milk   $1.59



Potato Oles Small $1.89
Potato Oles Medium $2.29
Potato Oles Large $2.59
Chips & Nacho Cheese   $1.89
Side Salad   $1.89
Refried Beans   $1.89

Add Ons

Add Ons

Chips & Queso   $2.69
Nacho Cheese   $0.99
Sour Cream   $0.99
Guacamole   $0.99

  Taco John’s Catering Services for Your Special Events

Are you planning a memorable event or gathering? Taco John’s catering service is here to make your event more memorable.

If it’s a birthday celebration or a corporate event, as well as an intimate gathering with family, Taco John’s can cater to your requirements by offering a variety of delicious menu items.

From taco bars to burritos Their catering services will assure that your guests are served a feast of tastes that leave an unforgettable impression.

  Taco John’s Special Offers and Discounts

Taco John’s loves to reward customers who are loyal with special deals and discounts. By joining their email newsletter and downloading the mobile app, you will gain an exclusive discounts, promotions discounts as well as freebies.

Keep up-to-date with the most recent promotions at Taco John’s to make the most of your time at the restaurant and get more value from every bite.

  Taco John’s Rewards Program

For those who frequent Taco John’s, their Rewards Program is essential. If you sign up for their rewards program that rewards you with points for every purchase.

Points can be used to redeem delicious food or other benefits. The more you enjoy Taco John’s delicious flavors and flavors, the more you’ll be recognized with loyalty.

  Finding a Taco John’s Location Near You

With TacoJohn’s extensive reach, finding Taco John’s close to your home is simple. Visit their mobile or website to find the closest Taco John’s restaurant and plan your trip.

No matter if you’re traveling or looking for some delicious Mexican food Taco John’s is always close by.

 Taco John’s Commitment to Quality

Taco John’s is committed to offering high-quality ingredients and delicious flavors in each bite.

The team is dedicated to finding fresh ingredients, making meals carefully, and ensuring that every customer enjoys an unforgettable dining experience. At Taco John’s, you can be sure that your meal is made with love and passion.

  Taco John’s Nutritional Information and Dietary Options

Taco John’s understands the importance of catering to different diet preferences and demands.

They provide detailed nutrition information on their website. This allows customers to make educated decisions that meet their goals for a healthy diet.

If you’re in search of vegetarian options, gluten-free alternatives, or healthier alternatives Taco John’s aims to meet your requirements without compromising quality.

Important Links

Official Website tacojohns.com/
Locations https://locations.tacojohns.com/
Careers careers.tacojohns.com/
Gift Cards tacojohns.com/gift-card/
News tacojohns.com/news/

Taco John’s Contact Information

Taco John’s Corporate Office Address- 808 West 20 StreetP.O. Box 1589, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

Taco John’s Corporate Phone Number- (307) 635-0101

You can also contact the team at Taco John’s by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page- facebook.com/tacojohns

Instagram Account- instagram.com/tacojohns/

Twitter Handle- twitter.com/tacojohns


Taco John’s menu price offers amazing value for the delicious Mexican-inspired dishes they serve.

From mouthwatering tacos to burritos, to their delicious desserts, sides, and drinks, Taco John’s has something for every person.

They are committed to providing top-quality food catering, catering services, special deals, and rewards programs, Taco John’s goes above and beyond to provide you have a memorable dining experience.

So, visit the closest Taco John’s location or place an order online to enjoy a feast of flavor that will quench your appetite and make you want more.

FAQ Taco John’s Menu Prices

What is Taco John’s most-loved menu item?

Taco John’s most-loved menu item is the Potato Oles. They are bite-sized deep-fried potato chunks seasoned with a unique mix of spices.

What is the price of a Taco Tuesday deal cost at Taco John’s?

Taco Tuesday deals are popular. The Taco Tuesday deal at Taco John’s typically offers tacos at $1 per. But prices can differ according to location.

What’s the average price of TacoJohn’s tacos?

The cost range for Taco John’s tacos can range in the range of $1 to $2 dependent on the type of taco and the location.

Are there alternatives for vegetarians in Taco John’s?

It is true that Taco John’s serves vegetarian options like their Bean Burrito and the Veggie Taco.

What is the cost of the Super Nachos Platter cost at Taco John’s?

The cost of the Super Nachos Platter at Taco John’s is different depending on the location, however, it’s usually between $6-$8.

What’s the price for a Chicken Quesadilla at Taco John’s?

The cost of a Chicken Quesadilla at Taco John’s generally ranges from $3 to $5, based on the area of the restaurant.

Do the menu prices at Taco John’s include taxes?

No, Taco John’s menu prices do not include tax. Additional taxes will be added to your total cost.

How much will the Beef Taco Salad cost at Taco John’s?

The cost of the Beef Taco Salad at Taco John’s can vary, however, the average is between $5 and $7.

What’s the price of a Meat and potato Burrito at Taco John’s?

The cost of the Meat & Potato Burrito at Taco John’s usually ranges from $3 to $5, based on the area of the restaurant.

What’s the price of Churro costs in Taco John’s?

The cost of the Churro from Taco John’s typically ranges from $1-$2.

Do you have any combination meals at Taco John’s?

Indeed, Taco John’s offers combo meals that consist of an entree along with a side dish and drinks. Prices for combo meals can vary according to the particular items selected.

What’s the cost of an entire Six-Pack and one Dollar at TacoJohn’s?

The cost of a Six-Pack and one Pound in Taco John’s can vary by location but is generally between $10 and $12.

How much will a Crunchy Chicken Taco cost at Taco John’s?

The cost of the Crunchy Chicken Taco at Taco John’s generally ranges from $1.50 to $2.50.

What’s the cost of the Beef Burrito at Taco John’s?

The cost of the Beef Burrito at Taco John’s typically ranges from $3 up to $5, based on the area.

Are there any special offers or special offers at Taco John’s?

Taco John’s often has special offers and discounts like limited-time deals or discounts. They may differ based on the location, so it’s a good idea to contact any nearest Taco John’s for current promotions.

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