Wade’s Cafe Menu With Prices 2023 ❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

Wade’s Cafe Menu With Prices 2023 ❤️

Wade’s Cafe Menu With Prices: Welcoming you to Wade’s Cafe an acclaimed culinary place where quality meets affordability.

In this post, we’ll guide you on a gourmet trip through the wonderful selections of Wade’s Cafe’s menu.

Wade’s Cafe is the ideal location for everyone, whether you’re a foodie or just seeking a comfortable place to unwind.

 A Brief History of Wade’s Cafe

Let’s begin by exploring the story of this charming café which has won the hearts of many since its opening.

Wade’s Cafe, founded in 1995 by food guru Wade Johnson, began as an unassuming, family-owned restaurant within the heart of the heart of the city.

Wade’s Cafe Menu With Prices List


Hearty Appetites

Hearty Appetites

Chicken Fried Steak $8.49
Liver and Onions $8.29
Sirloin Steak $9.99
Chicken Strips $8.49
Pork Chops $8.49
Ham Steak $8.29
Hamburger Steak $8.29
Grilled Chicken Breast $8.29
Low Carb $7.39



Grilled Chicken $6.79
Chef Salad with Toast $5.99
Dinner Salad $1.99
Southwest Grilled Chicken $7.19
Tuna Salad $5.99
Small Dinner Salad & Bowl of Soup $4.99



Jumbo Burger $6.99
Rueben $6.99
Club $6.99
BLT $6.19
Grilled Ham and Cheese $6.19
Tuna Melt $6.19
Fried or Cold Ham $6.19
Grilled Cheese $5.49
Tuna Salad $6.19
Bacon and Eggs $6.19
1/2 Sandwich, a Cup of Soup, or a Dinner Salad $5.39
1/4 Lb. Deluxe Burger $5.79
Patty Melt $6.59
Chili Cheese Dogs $6.59
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $6.59
French Dip $6.59
Chili Cheese Burger $6.59
Pork Cutlet $6.59

Daily Lunch Special

Daily Lunch Special

Chicken Strips, Fries, or Salad $6.99
Fish & Chips $6.99

For Our Younger Friends – Breakfast

For Our Younger Friends – Breakfast

3 Dollar size Pancakes $3.29
A Special Waffle $3.29
2 Slice of Regular Size French Toast $3.79
A Child is a Portion of Hash Browns $4.29
A Bowl of Cereal or Oatmeal $4.29
1 Roll-Up with Topping $3.29
1 Slice of Mountain Size French Toast $3.79
1 Biscuit with Gravy $3.79
An Order of Toast $4.29

For Our Younger Friends – Lunch

For Our Younger Friends – Lunch

Hot Dog on a Bun $4.29
Grilled Cheese $4.29
Child’s Ground Sirloin Steak $4.49
Cod Fillet $4.49
Cheeseburger $4.29
Chicken Strips $4.29
Slice of Ham Topped with A Pineapple Ring $4.49
Pork Chop $4.49



Pie $2.39
Ice Cream $0.99
Cake $2.39



Juice $1.79
Flavored Coffee $2.29
Soft Drinks $1.99
Milk $1.79
Hot or Iced Tea $1.79
Hot Chocolate $1.99

Catering Services

If you are a fan of Wade’s Cafe cuisine and want to give it to others their catering services will be able to meet your needs.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate celebration or a family gathering or a celebration with your friends their menu for catering has a range of choices that can be adapted to every occasion and budget.

 Loyalty Rewards Program

Wade’s Cafe values its customers and has a loyalty reward program that is in place. Each time you dine at Wade’s Cafe, you earn points that can be used for amazing discounts and special deals.

  Cozy Ambiance

In addition to the mouthwatering food menu, Wade’s Cafe is renowned for its warm and cozy atmosphere.

The warm and welcoming decor and staff create a warm and welcoming environment that makes you feel at the heart of your home.

Wade’s Cafe Contact Information

Below is Wade’s Cafe’s contact information in case you want to contact the restaurant or visit there.

Wade’s Cafe Address 3504 N Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917
Wade’s Cafe Phone Number (719) 596-8122
Wade’s Cafe Contact Form Fill Here

Wade’s Cafe Social Profiles

You can follow Wade’s Cafe restaurant on the social media platforms given below where they upload every update.

Facebook N/A
Instagram N/A
Twitter N/A

Important Links

Below is a list of some important links to Wade’s Cafe restaurant like their locations, nutritional information, careers, and much more.

Official Website wades-cafe.com
Wade’s Cafe Menu Check Here
Wade’s Cafe Order Online Order Here

Wade’s Cafe Near Me


In the end, Wade’s Cafe is not just a restaurant to eat at but an experience that delights your palate and soothes your soul.

With a wide selection of menus that caters to different tastes and dietary requirements, Wade’s Cafe has firmly established itself as a cherished restaurant.

Faq Wade’s Cafe Menu With Prices

What kind of food items is available at Wade’s Cafe offer?

Wade’s Cafe offers a wide variety of menus with a variety of food, including breakfast items sandwiches, salads, soups, and more.

Do you know if Wade’s Cafe has vegetarian options?

Wade’s Cafe usually offers an assortment of vegetarian meals that cater to various food preferences.

Do you have gluten-free options on the Wade’s Cafe menu?

It is likely that Wade’s Cafe will have several gluten-free menu items in order to cater to customers who have gluten-related allergies or preferences.

Question 4: What are the most popular breakfast items served in Wade’s Cafe?

The most popular breakfast options at Wade’s Cafe might include classic items like pancakes and omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and a variety of sides such as bacon, hash browns, or even hash.

Do you know if Wade’s Cafe offers a daily menu of specials?

It’s possible there is a possibility that Wade’s Cafe features daily specials that are regularly updated to offer customers fresh and innovative choices.

Do you have any special dishes that are exclusive to Wade’s Cafe?

Wade’s Cafe may have certain dishes that are exclusive to their restaurant and have been a popular choice for customers.

Can I get a delivery or takeaway at Wade’s Café?

If the cafe has a policy, policies and offerings you may be able to order delivery or takeaway to your home or office at any time.

Do you have alternatives to healthy food options at Wade’s Cafe?

Yes, plenty of cafes are now offering healthier options like wraps, salads, and meals made with healthy proteins and fresh ingredients.

Is Wade’s Cafe serve alcoholic beverages?

The answer is no. Not all cafes offer alcohol, however, some provide a variety of beers wines, specialty drinks, or drinks.

Which desserts do Wade’s Cafe have on their menu?

Wade’s Cafe may offer various desserts including cakes or pastries, pies, and ice cream based on the items they offer.

Do I have the ability to make reservations to eat at Wade’s Café?

Certain cafes might accept reservations for larger groups or other special occasions, but it’s best to contact them to inquire regarding their reservation policy.

Is Wade’s Cafe offer catering services?

Based on the capabilities of their staff, Wade’s Cafe might offer catering services for parties or gatherings.

Do you have any menus for children on the menu at Wade’s Cafe?

Most cafes offer an option for kids’ meals that is smaller in size and kid-friendly menus that cater to the youngest patrons.

What are the hours of opening and closing?

The operating hours for Wade’s Cafe may vary, therefore it’s important to verify their website or phone ahead for their specific hours.

Are the prices in Wade’s Cafe reasonable and affordable?

The price for Wade’s Cafe will depend on the location and also the kind of food items they provide. In general, restaurants strive to provide a variety of prices to suit different budgets.

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