Adiga's Menu Prices in India [2024]

Adiga’s Menu Prices in India

Special Ice Creams & Sundaes

Are you searching for Adiga’s Menu Prices in India then check here Below I have listed Adiga’s Menu India with updated prices.

All prices are taken from the Official site of Adiga. I Have also included images of Food Items with their latest prices. You can also check the official portal for details at Official Portal

Adiga's Menu Prices in India


Adiga’s South Indian Menu 


Items  Prices
Plain Dosa Rs.40
Butter Plain Dosa Rs.50
Cheese Plain Dosa Rs.65
Set Dosa Rs.45
Neer Dosa Rs.50
Onion Dosa Rs.50
Rava Dosa Rs.55
Rava Onion Dosa Rs.55
Rava Masala Dosa Rs.55
Rava Onion Masala Dosa Rs.60
Masala Dosa Rs.45
Butter Masala Dosa Rs.55
Open Butter Masala Dosa Rs.55
Cheese Masala Dosa Rs.75
Paper Plain Dosa Rs.70
Paper Masala Dosa Rs.80
Paper Butter Plain Dosa Rs.85
Paper Butter Masala Dosa Rs.95
Idli Rs.15
Rava Idli Rs.35
Vada Rs.25
Curd Vada Rs.40
Khara Bhath Rs.25
Kesari Bath Rs.30
Chow-chow Bhath Rs.55
Puri Sagu Rs.40
Bonda soup Rs.30


Items  Prices
South Indian Pulao Rs.40
Pongal Rs.40
Bisi Bele Bhath Rs.40
Curd Rice Rs.65


Items  Prices
South Indian Meal Rs.75
South Indian Deluxe Meal Rs.145
Cup Curd Rs.20
Extra Rasam Rs.20


Items  Prices
Special Rice of the day Rs.40
Special Dosa of the day Rs.70

North Indian 

Curries & Dals

Items  Prices
Palak Paneer Rs.155
Paneer Mattar Rs.155
Paneer Butter Masala Rs.155
Paneer Tikka Masala Rs.175
Veg Shahi Paneer Rs.175
Kadai Paneer Rs.190
Vegetable Jalfrezi Rs.165
Navratan Jalfrezi Rs.165
Chana Masala Rs.135
Aloo Gobhi Rs.135
Aloo Mattar Rs.135
Vegetable Kofta Rs.140
Aloo Palak Rs.140
Stuffed Capsicum Rs.145
Capsicum Masala Rs.145
Veg Kurma Rs.145
Mattar Masala Rs.145
Mixed Veg Curry Rs.145
Vegetable Shahi Kurma Rs.150
Dum Aloo Hyderabadi Rs.155
Vegetable Malai Kofta Rs.155
Vegetable Pepper Masala Rs.155
Vegetable Makhanwala Rs.165
Navarathan Kurma Rs.165
Veg Hyderabadi Rs.160
Veg Kolhapuri Rs.165
Mushroom Masala Rs.175
Kadai Mixed Vegetable Rs.175
Kaju Masala Rs.180
Kadai Mushroom Rs.185
Dal Makhani Rs.160
Dal Tadka Rs.135
Dal Fry Rs.105


Items  Prices
Chana Bhatura Rs.85
Bhatura Rs.45
Kulcha Rs.30
Pudina Kulcha Rs.40
Onion Kulcha Rs.40
Butter Kulcha Rs.40
Stuffed Kulcha Rs.50
Paratha Rs.35
Stuffed Paratha Rs.45
Pudina Paratha Rs.40
Aloo Paratha Rs.50
Naan Rs.30
Butter Naan Rs.40
Garlic Naan Rs.50
Roti Rs.25
Butter Roti Rs.35
Pudina Roti Rs.35


Items  Prices
Basmati Rice Rs.70
Veg Biryani (Basmati) Rs.125
Ghee Rice Rs.125
Mughlai Biryani Rs.150
Mattar Pulao Rs.140
Kashmiri Pulao Rs.150


Items  Prices
North Indian Meals Rs.130
North Deluxe Meal Rs.200

Salads & Raithas

Items  Prices
Mixed Raitha Rs.75
Boondi Raitha Rs.75
Green Salad Rs.55
Plain Curd (Bowl) Rs.20



Items  Prices
Vegetable Spring Roll Rs.130
Gobi Chilli Rs.110
Mushroom Chilli Rs.160
Paneer Chilli Rs.175
Baby Corn Chilli Rs.165
Gobi Manchurian Rs.110
Vegetable Ball Manchurian Rs.145
Baby Corn Manchurian Rs.155
Spinach Manchurian Rs.155
Paneer Manchurian Rs.175
Mushroom Manchurian Rs.160



Items  Prices
Vegetable Szechwan Noodles Rs.140
Vegetable Hakka Noodles Rs.140
Vegetable Noodles Rs.125
Manchow Noodles Rs.140


Items  Prices
Vegetable Fried Rice Rs.120
Ghee Rice Rs.125
Jeera Fried Rice Rs.130
Paneer Fried Rice Rs.140
Vegetable Szechwan Fried Rice Rs.140

 Chaats & Soups


Items  Prices
Samosa Rs.35
Samosa Masala Rs.40
Pani Puri Rs.35
Masala Puri Rs.40
Sev Puri Rs.45
Papdi Chaat Rs.45
Bhel Puri Rs.40
Special Bhel Rs.50
Dahi Puri Rs.45
Dahi Batata Puri Rs.45
Sev Dahi Batata Puri Rs.50
Pav Bhaji Rs.70
Extra Pav Rs.35
Finger Chips Rs.75
Plain Papad Rs.20
Masala Papad


Items  Prices
Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup Rs.65
Hot ‘n’ Sour Soup Rs.70
Manchow Soup Rs.75
Vegetable Clear Soup Rs.65
Cream of Tomato Soup Rs.55
Cream of Vegetable Soup Rs.65
French Onion Soup Rs.75
Cream of Mushroom Soup Rs.75


Hot Beverages


Items  Prices
Coffee Rs.20
Tea Rs.18
Hot Badam Milk Rs.20
Masala Chai Rs.20

Cold Beverages

Items  Prices
Butter Milk Rs.30
Sweet Lassi Rs.45
Special Lassi Rs.50
Mineral Water Rs.25
Fresh Lime with Soda Rs.50
Fresh Lime with Water Rs.40


Items  Prices
Banana Milkshake Rs.65
Chickoo Milkshake Rs.75
Apple Milkshake Rs.80
Mango Milkshake Rs.85
Rose Milkshake Rs.95
Litchi Milkshake Rs.110
Vanilla Milkshake Rs.80
Strawberry Ice Cream Milkshake Rs.85
Chocolate Milkshake Rs.85
Coffee Milkshake Rs.95
Butterscotch Milkshake Rs.100
Pista Ice Cream Milkshake Rs.90
Kesar Pista Milkshake Rs.95
Dry Fruit Milkshake Rs.110
Dry Fruit Badam Milkshake Rs.125
Kaju Anjir Milkshake Rs.140


Ice Creams

Items  Prices
Strawberry Cup/Cone Rs.30
Chocolate Cup/Cone Rs.35
Pista Cup/Cone Rs.35
Blackcurrant Cup/Cone Rs.35
Butterscotch Cup/Cone Rs.35
Vanilla CupCone Rs.30
Vanilla Slab Rs.50
Pista Slab Rs.50
Cassata Slab Rs.55
Butterscotch Slab Rs.55

Special Ice Creams & Sundaes

Items  Prices
Triple Sundae Rs.110
Fruit Sundae Rs.110
Vanilla Nut Sundae Rs.110
Choco Nut Sundae Rs.110
Nut Sundae Rs.120
Special Double Sundae Rs.120
Gudbud Rs.105
Banana Split Rs.110
Honeymoon Special Rs.130
Litchi Special Rs.135
Titanic Special Rs.140
Special Falooda Rs.110
Kesar Falooda Rs.110
Royal Falooda Rs.125
Hot Jamoon with Ice Cream Rs.40
Fruit Salad Rs.85
Fruit Salad with Ice Cream Rs.110


The menu prices of Adiga’s in India offer affordable choices with a variety of meals, offering the best value for money for their customers.

Their low prices, consistency across all locations, and widespread access to the restaurant have made them popular with customers.

Adiga’s has proven its reputation as a trustworthy choice for people looking for quality food at a reasonable price in India.

FAQs – Adiga’s Menu Prices in India

Are the menus of Adiga’s costs in India reasonable?

Adiga’s menu costs are well-known for being affordable catering to customers with budgets.

Do you have the same pricing policy across Adiga’s locations in various cities?

Adiga’s indeed has a consistent price across all its locations in diverse cities, which means customers can expect the same prices no matter the location.

Do you think Adiga offers any discounts or meals?

sometimes offers special discounts or meals, that may differ based on promotional events as well as seasonal offers.

Do the ingredients that are used in the dishes at Adiga’s of good quality?

emphasizes using only the finest ingredients in their menus, ensuring an enjoyable dining experience.

Is it possible to find regional cuisines from different regions of India on the menu at Adiga’s?

the menu at Adiga’s includes regional cuisine from all parts of India and offers a varied food experience.

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