KFC Menu With Prices Australia [Update 2024] ❤️ [2024]

KFC Menu With Prices Australia [Update 2024] ❤️

KFC Menu Australia: KFC abbreviated as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is an internationally renowned fast-food chain that is known for its delicious Fried chicken And tasty menu options.

With A strong market share within Australia, KFC has become an essential destination for food enthusiasts.

In this post, I’ll look at the many appealing and diverse menu options on the menu at KFC Australia, including popular dishes, seasonal menus as well as customizing choices, delivery services, vegetarian options, And more.

KFC Menu Australia


KFC Specials Menu Price
24 Nuggets (5707 Kj) $10.00
Mates Burger Box (15636 Kj) $32.95
Value Burger Box (11307 Kj) $19.95

Family Meals Australia


Family Meals Menu Price
Value Burger Box (11307 Kj) $19.95
Mates Burger Box (15636 Kj) $32.95
Mixed Feast (13830 Kj) $25.95
Giant Feast (29488 Kj) $45.95
Family Feast (17903 Kj) $34.95
Burger Feast (14372 Kj) $30.95

KFC Boxed Meals

KFC Boxed Meals

Boxed Meals Price
3 Piece Box (4928 Kj) $13
Original Tenders Box (4213 Kj) $13.45
Favourites Box (5514 Kj) $14.45
Ultimate Box (4005 Kj) $12.95
Zinger Burger Box (4558 Kj) $13.95
Zinger Stacker Burger Box (5903 Kj) $16.95
Zinger Crunch Burger Box (5188 Kj) $15.95
Original Crunch Twister Box (4648 Kj) $13
Zinger Crunch Twister Box (4743 Kj) $14

Burger Box


KFC Burger Box Price
KFC Value Burger Box (11307 Kj) $19.95
Zinger Burger Box (4558 Kj) $13.95
Stacker Zinger Burger Box (5903 Kj) $16.95
Crunch Zinger Burger Box (5188 Kj) $15.95
KFC Mates Burger Box (15636 Kj) $32.95

KFC Chicken Menu


Chicken Menu Price
1 Piece Of Chicken (1031 Kj) $3.00
Original Fillet Piece (780 Kj) $3.95
Zinger Fillet Piece (896 Kj) $3.95
Regular Popcorn Chicken Combo (2898 Kj) $9.95
Regular Popcorn Chicken (1723 Kj) $5.95

Bucket Menu


KFC Bucket Menu Price
24 Nuggets (5707 Kj) $10.00
6 Pieces Of Chicken (6188 Kj) $15.45
21 Pieces Of Chicken (21659 Kj) $35.95
Maxi Popcorn Chicken Combo (4176 Kj) $13.45
Maxi Popcorn Chicken (3002 Kj) $9.45
3 Wicked Wings Combo (2643 Kj) $9.45
3 Wicked Wings (1468 Kj) $5.45
6 Wicked Wings Combo (4111 Kj) $12.45
6 Wicked Wings (2937 Kj) $8.45
10 Wicked Wings Combo (6069 Kj) $15.95
10 Wicked Wings (4894 Kj) $11.95
5 Original Tenders Combo (4436 Kj) $15.45
3 Original Tenders Combo (3018 Kj) $11.45
3 Original Tenders (1843 Kj) $7.45
6 Nugget Combo (2517 Kj) $11.45
6 Nuggets (1342 Kj) $7.45
10 Nugget Combo (3509 Kj) $12.95
10 Nuggets (2334 Kj) $8.95

KFC Burgers Menu


KFC Burgers Menu Price
Double Tender Burger (2048 Kj) $6.55
Double Tender Burger Combo (3223 Kj) $10.95
Original Recipe Burger (1600 Kj) $8
Original Recipe Burger Combo (2775 Kj) $12.05
Zinger Burger (1716 kJ) $8
Zinger Burger Combo (2891 kJ) $12.05
Zinger Stacker Burger (3062 kJ) $11
Zinger Stacker Burger Combo (4236 kJ) $15
Zinger Crunch Burger (2346 kJ) $10
Zinger Crunch Burger Combo (3521 kJ) $14

Twisters & Bowls Menu


Twisters & Bowls Price
Zinger Crunch Twister (2374 Kj) $9.85
Zinger Crunch Twister Combo (3549 Kj) $14.25
Original Crunch Twister (2278 Kj) $9.30
Original Crunch Twister Combo (3453 Kj) $13.70
Zinger Crunch Bowl (1672 Kj) $9.85
Zinger Crunch Bowl Combo (2847 Kj) $13.85
Original Tender Crunch Bowl (1797 Kj) $9.85
Original Crunch Tenderbowl Combo (2972 Kj) $13.85

KFC Australia Kids Menu

KFC Australia Kids Menu

Snacks & Kids Meals Price
Go Bucket Popcorn Chicken (2165 kJ) $5.45
Go Bucket 1 Original Tender (1594 kJ) $5.45
Go Bucket 2 Wicked Wings (2148 kJ) $5.45
Go Bucket 3 Nuggets (1693 kJ) $5.45
Original Pepper Mayo Slider (1199 kJ) $3.75
Original BBQ Slider (1048 kJ) $3.75
Original Supercharged Slider (1129 kJ) $3.75
Zinger Crunch Bowl (1672 kJ) $9.85
Zinger Crunch Bowl Combo (2847 kJ) $13.85
Original Tender Crunch Bowl (1797 kJ) $9.85
Original Tender Crunch Bowl Combo (2972 kJ) $13.85
3 Wicked Wings (1468 kJ) $6.00
Kids Meal with Snack Popcorn Chicken (2165 kJ) $5.95
Kids Meal with Nuggets (2161 kJ) $5.95
Kids Meal with BBQ Slider (1459 kJ) $5.95

Sides Menu


KFC Sides Menu Price
Large Chips (2338 kJ) $5.45
Regular Chips (1169 kJ) $3.25
Double Chocolate Mousse (1490 kJ) $2.95
Crunchy Jalapeno Slaw (776 kJ) $6.55
Large Potato & Gravy (1210 kJ) $7.65
Regular Potato & Gravy (296 kJ) $5.45
Large Coleslaw (1683 kJ) $7.65
Regular Coleslaw (411 kJ) $5.45
Regular Gravy (253 kJ) $5.45
Dinner Roll (460 kJ) $1.05
Dipping Sauces $0.55

Drink Menu In Australia


Drinks Price
Raspberry Freeze (819 Kj) $1.50
Pepsi Freeze (690 Kj) $1.50
Mountain Dew Freeze (895 Kj) $1.50
Pepsi Max (6 Kj) $3.80
Pepsi $3.80
7Up $3.80
Mountain Dew $3.80
Solo $3.80
Sunkist $3.80
Bottled Water $3.80
Orange Juice $3.80
Apple Juice $3.80
Lipton Peach Ice Tea $4.90

KFC’s menu options

KFC’s menu for Australia provides a wide range of delicious options that go beyond the traditional Fried chicken.

If you’re a fan of crispy original recipes or crave the spiciness of chicken, KFC has something to satisfy every palate.

From burgers and sides to desserts to drinks, KFC ensures there’s a delicious option to satisfy every craving.

KFC’s ordering procedure and delivery options

The ordering process at KFC is simple and easy. Customers can walk into their nearest KFC restaurant and make their purchases at the counter or through the drive-through service.

KFC also offers the ease of online ordering via their website and mobile apps. This lets them customize their foods and have them brought right to their door.

Reviews and satisfaction of customers

The satisfaction of customers is the top main concern for KFC and their dedication to excellence is evident by the glowing reviews they get.

A majority of customers rave about the delicious flavor of chicken, the many choices available as well and the warm and friendly customer service provided by the KFC staff.

The constant positive feedback from customers shows how popular and appealing the menu at KFC in Australia is.


The menu at KFC in Australia provides a wide range of dishes that go beyond the chicken fried.

With their delicious sides, burgers, and drinks, KFC ensures that every visit is a pleasant one.

If you’re a lover of the original recipe or searching for healthier options, KFC has something to delight your taste buds their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction make KFC an ideal destination for quick, delicious food.


What is KFC?

KFC short for Kentucky Fried Chicken, is an extremely popular fast-food chain renowned for its chicken fried.

Where can I locate KFC where in Australia?

KFC has multiple locations across Australia. KFC is available in towns, cities, and even in suburbs.

What are the primary things on the KFC menu?

The primary products that are on menus on the KFC menus in Australia comprise a variety of fried chicken including the original recipe, extra crisp spicy, and hot. The menu also offers wraps, salads, and burgers, along with desserts, sides, and desserts.

Which is the top sought-after product at KFC Australia?

The most requested item offered at KFC Australia is typically the Original Recipe fried chicken, which is cooked with a mix of 11 spices and herbs.

Are there vegetarian options available at KFC Australia?

KFC Australia provides vegetarian choices like the Veggie Burger, featuring a vegetable patty with mayonnaise, lettuce, and cheese.

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