Just Bake Menu Prices in India [2024]

Just Bake Menu Prices in India

Just Bake Menu Prices in India

Just Bake Menu Prices in India: If you have searched for Just Bake Menu Prices in India then check here Below I have listed Just Bake Menu India with updated prices.

All prices are taken from the Official site of Just Bake. I Have also included images of Food Items with their latest prices. You can also check the official portal for details at Order Birthday Cakes Online – Just Bake \

Just Bake Menu Prices in India


Items  Prices
Brazilla Vanilla Cake – Egg Free (Small)(1 Kg) Rs.375/Rs.700
Pinata Cake (1 Kg) Rs.1250
Rasmalai Cake (Small)(1 Kg) Rs.500/Rs.950
Pinata Cake (Small) Rs.650
German Chocolate Cake Rs.500
Red Velvet Cake Rs.575
Death by Chocolate Cake Rs.500
Rusty Rasberry Chocolate Cake Rs.550
Malted Chocolate Cake Rs.550
Sumptuous English Strawberry Chocolate Cake Rs.500
Newzealand Kiwi Cake Rs.325
Fruit of Forest Rs.475
Choco Nilla Cake Rs.375
Premium Butterscotch Cake Rs.500
Canadian Blueberry Cake Rs.525
Vancho Vanilla Chocolate Cake Rs.500
White Forest Cake Rs.500
Belgium Truffle Cake Rs.500
Arabian Cashew & Date Rs.500
Classic Chocochips Cake Rs.500
American Almond Chocolate Cake Rs.525
Irish Coffee Cake Rs.475
English Strawberry Cake Rs.500
Premium Pineapple Cake Rs.425
Lipich Cake (Small)(1 Kg) Rs.500/Rs.950
Coffee Toffee (small)(1 Kg) Rs.475/Rs.900
Premium Black Forest Cake Rs.450

Occasional Cakes

Occasional Cakes

Items  Prices
3 Tier Cake with Flowers AN20 Cream Finish Rs.1200
Degree Theme Cake 05 Rs.1200
Eid Special Cake Rs.1200
Santa Icing Cream Cake Rs.1200
Christmas Xmas Theme Cake (01,02,03,04,05,06,07) Rs.1200
Christmas Snowman Face Rs.1200
Diwali Special Rs.1200
Chocolate Easter Egg Pack of 4 Rs.500
Easter Bunny Cake Rs.1200
Easter Special Cake Rs.1200
Valentine’s Day Red & White Cake Rs.1000
Stream of Hearts Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Classic Chocolate AN13 Rs.1200
Simple Elegant Designer Cake NM30 Rs.1200
Communication Cake 05 2Kg Cream Fondant Rs.1200
Rakshya Bandhan Cake Rs.650
Carnations Cake Cream Fondant Rs.1200
Special Cake For Mom Rs.1200
Smash Cake BS31 Mickey Theme Rs.1200
Fashion Designing Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Designer Cake For Him 05 Rs.1200
Lets Unite Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Heart Theme Valentines Day Cake DE42 Rs.1200
Cake For Him 01 Rs.1200
Baby On Moon Cake Cream Fondant Rs.1200
Proposal Cake 02 Rs.1200
Valentine’s Day Special Flower Cake Rs.1200
Communication Cake 06 2Kg Fondant Rs.1200
Red Heart Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Angle Heart Cake Cream Rs.1200
Friendship Day Cake4 1Kg Rs.1200
Musical Couple Cake Cream Fondant Rs.1200
Floral Elegance Designer Fondant Cake Rs.1200

Designer (Shape) Cakes

Designer (Shape) Cakes

Items  Prices
Sitting Princess Cake 3Kg Fondant Rs.1200
Hobby Theme Cake 01 Rs.1200
Number Theme Mickey in Blue 3Kg Fondant Rs.1200
Basket Of Colourful Flowers DE16 Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Cockroach Cake Rs.1300
Starry Jungle Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Hobby Theme Fondant Cake 02 Rs.1200
Pink Frill Dress Doll Theme Cake Rs.1200
My Village Home Cream Finish Cake Rs.1200
Glenfiddich Cream Finish Cake Rs.1200
Jungle Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Rock Band Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Yellow Gift Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Hatching Egg Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Paint Palette Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Layered Gown Doll Theme Cake Rs.1200
Beer Mug Cutout Cake Rs.1300
Frozen Theme Cake 02 1Kg Rs.1200
60th Birthday Cake Rs.1200
Black Label Cake Rs.1200
Lets Colur Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Ready Steady Action Cream cake Rs.1200
Drive Safe Fondant 2D Bike Cake Rs.1200
Candy Crush Fondant Cake Rs.1200
White Flower Basket 3D13 Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Minnie Theme Cake Rs.1200
Hulk Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Baby Dinos Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Drum Fondant Cake Rs.1200
3D Number4 McQueen Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Angry Birds Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Red Flower Gown Doll Theme Cake Rs.1200
Minion Theme Cake Rs.1200
Pink Bouquet Cream CH Cigars Cake Rs.1200
Angry Birds Theme Cake 03 RW157 Rs.1200
Cricket Birthday Cake Decorations Rs.1200
Melting Icecream 3D34 Rs.1200
Black Hangbag Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Chuck Chuck Train Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Oogy Cockroaches Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Piano Cream Finish Cake Rs.1300
Mermaid in Shell Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Small Igloo Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Pumpkin Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Nemo in Ocean Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Pen Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Car Ride Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Fruit Baskets Cake Rs.1200
Peppa Pig Cream Fondant Cake Rs.1200
Frog in Pond Fondant Cake Rs.1200


Items  Prices
Sacred in Purple Rs.949
Good Luck Rs.1549
Dreamy Red Rose Bouquet with Cadbury Bars Rs.849
A Colourful Bunch Rs.549
Forever You Rs.1299
Romantic Red Roses Bouquet Rs.749
I Remember You Rs.1199
Pink Heart Rs.2899
Pretty Pink Roses Rs.549
My Hope Rs.599
A Sea Of Love Rs.999
Elegant Rose Bouquet Rs.949
Buds Of Love Rs.1299
Exotic Beauty Rs.1299
I Admire You! Rs.499
Bouquet Of Ombre Roses Rs.949
Premium White Orchids Bouquet Rs.845
Bunch Red Carnation Rs.699
Texture Of Emotions Rs.1249
Unique Rs.1399
Serene Flowers Rs.995
Power Of Friendship Rs.1649


Items  Prices
Mousse Shots Melange Rs.220
Assorted Desserts1 Rs.195
Assorted Desserts Rs.245
Assorted Celebration Bars Rs.180
Assorted Fruity Chocolate Bars Rs.180
Assorted Special Bars Rs.195
Kids Special Rs.240
Cheese Cake-Mismash Rs.270
Medley Of Brownie Rs.220

Desserts & Snacks 

Desserts & Snacks 

Items  Prices
Almond Thins 100gm Rs.100
Biscotti Kaju 150gm Rs.85
Red Velvet Cupcake Rs.50
Almond Biscotti 150gm Rs.85
Blueberry Muffin (set of 6) Rs.270
Granola Biscotti 200gm Rs.85
Red Velvet Single Serve Rs.80
N Veg Puff Bhuna Chicken Set Of 4 Rs.140
Snow White Cupcakes Set Of 6pcs Rs.270
Jeera Cookies 200gm Rs.85
Oreo Cheese Cake Rs.90
N Veg Puff Egg Set Of 4 Rs.100
Rusk Rs.50
Chocolate Tart Rs.30
Chocolate Donut Rs.45
Biscotti Crunchy Coconut 150gm Rs.85
Sprinkle Donut Rs.45
Paneer Puff Rs.35
Cookies Danish 150gm Rs.85
Snow White Cupcake Rs.45
Cinnamon Sugar Donut Rs.35
Cookies Classic Salt 150gm Rs.85
Muffin Chocochip (pack of 6) Rs.270
Chocolate Coated Cashewnuts 75gm Rs.125
Veg Puff Set Of 4 Rs.100
Red Velvet Cupcakes (set of 6pc) Egg Free Rs.300
Double Chocochip Cookies 200gm Rs.85
Cookies Peanut Butter n Linseed 200gm Rs.85
French Tongue Rs.85
Chocolate Coated Butterscotch 75gm Rs.100
American Fudge Brownie Rs.80
Ragi Cookies 150gm Rs.85
Dark Chocolate Cupcakes Set Of 6pc Rs.270
Fruit Cookies 200gm Rs.85
Lava Cake Rs.70
Cheese Straw Rs.70

Photo Cakes

Items  Prices
Disney Minnie Mouse Cake Rs.1000
P Tigger2 Photo Cake Rs.1000
T Optimus Prime1 Cake Rs.1000
Avatar2 Photo Cake Rs.1000
Doraemon Photo Cake Rs.1000
D Hiccup On His Ride Photo Cake Rs.1000
Lilo And Stitch Photo Cake Rs.1000
Special Agent OSO Photo Cake Rs.1000
Aladdin2 Photo Cake Rs.1000
Cars Sheriff Photo Cake Rs.1000
Incredibles Photo Cake Rs.1000
Poncahontas Photo Cake Rs.1000
Spiderman1 Photo Cake Rs.1000
Jack Pirates Photo Cake Rs.1000
Aladdin Charm Photo Cake Rs.1000
Car Strip the King Weathers Photo Cake Rs.1000
Disney Family2 Photo Cake Rs.1000
Kim Possible Cake Rs.1000
Batman Photo Cake Rs.1000
Horton Ants Photo Cake Rs.1000
Aladdin Jasmine Photo Cake Rs.1000
Cars Two Mater Photo Cake Rs.1000
P Cindrella Photo Cake Rs.1000
An Avengers2 Photo Cake Rs.1000
Cars Sally Carrara Photo Cake Rs.1000
Pokemon1 Photo Cake Rs.1000
Thunder Cats Photo Cake Rs.1000
Frozen Elsa Sofia Photo Cake Rs.1000
Ice Age Photo Cake Rs.1000
Bey Blade2 Photo Cake Rs.1000
Tom & Jerry Photo Cake Rs.1000
Garfield Photo Cake Rs.1000
Andys Toys Photo Cake Rs.1000
Monster Inc Photo Cake Rs.1000
Coyote And Runner Photo Cake Rs.1000
P Mulan Photo Cake Rs.1000
Peter Pan Adventures Photo Cake Rs.1000
Tangled Photo Cake Rs.1000
Alpha and Omega Photo Cake Rs.1000
Mask Man Photo Cake Rs.1000
Chowder Photo Cake Rs.1000
Octonauts Photo Cake Rs.1000
Sponge Bob Photo Cake Rs.1000
Jungle Book Photo Cake Rs.1000
Robin Hood Photo Cake Rs.1000
Happy Feet2 Photo Cake Rs.1000
Flintstones Photo Cake Rs.1000
Peanut Photo Cake Rs.1000
Ninja Turtles Photo Cake Rs.1000


FAQs – Just Bake Menu Prices in India

Do you have different flavors of cakes that are available on Just Bake?

Just Bake offers a diverse selection of cake flavors including vanilla, chocolate strawberries, butterscotch black forest, pineapple red velvet, and many more.

Do they have eggs-free options for cakes?

Just Bake provides eggless cakes that are suitable for those who want egg-free or vegetarian options.

Do I have the ability to modify the theme or design of cakes?

Just Bake offers customization services that allow you can make requests for specific themes, designs, or personal messages for your cake.

Are there combination offers offered by Just Bake?

ust Bake often has combination offers in which you can receive a mix of various baked goods at a reduced cost. These offers may differ from time to date.

Do you know if Just Bake offers home delivery?

is true that Just Bake provides home delivery of their baked goods. You may order delicious baked products online or through their smartphone app, and they will bring them right to your door.

What is the best way to can do I place an order with Just Bake?

you can place an order with Just Bake by visiting their website, or by using their mobile application and by calling the closest Just Bake outlet.

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