Mcdonald's Menu In Japan [2024]

Mcdonald’s Menu In Japan

Mcdonald’s Menu In Japan: In this article, we will explore the fascinating World of McDonald’s Japan and dive into the unique Menu Offerings that cater to the taste and preferences of Japanese Customers.

McDonald’s successfully integrated Japanese culture into its global brand, while still maintaining its rich history in Japan.

History of McDonald’s Japan

McDonald’s began in Japan’s Ginza Neighborhood in Tokyo back in 1971. It has subsequently expanded rapidly, becoming one of the biggest fast-food franchises in Japan.

Due to its introduction, the Big Mac, Happy Meal, and other iconic products have gained in popularity.

Japanese McDonald’s Regular Menu  

McDonald’s Japan does not only offer breakfast options, they have a regular menu as well as a dinner option. The regular dinner menu starts at 5 p.m. and continues till 10:30 am.

The dinner menu then begins at 5 p.m. There is a lot of regular dinner menu on the menu. However, the prices are higher and the portions are larger or the patties doubled.

Roasted Soy Sauce Double Thick BeefA La Carte¥550~

Roasted Soy Sauce Double Thick Beef

Roasted Soy Sauce Bacon Tomato Thick BeefA La Carte¥540~

Roasted Soy Sauce Bacon Tomato Thick Beef

Big Mac®A La Carte¥450~

Big Mac®

Chicken Tatsuta Yuzu-flavored grated radish A La Carte¥460~

Chicken Tatsuta Yuzu-flavored grated radish

Chicken Tatsuta®A La Carte¥420~

Chicken Tatsuta®

Japanese McDonald’s Dinner Menu

The Japanese McDonald’s Dinner Menu is only served after 5 p.m. Many of the foods from the normal menu are included on this menu.

They are often larger portions, or there are extra patties in the burgers. Some meals are available only at the dinner table in Japan.

Bai Big Mac A La Carte¥650~

Bai Big Mac

Bai Filet-O-Fish A La Carte¥470~

Bai Filet-O-Fish

Gohan Chicken Tatsuta A La Carte¥470~

Gohan Chicken Tatsuta

Gohan Chicken Tatsuta Yuzu-flavored grated radish A La Carte¥510~

Gohan Chicken Tatsuta Yuzu-flavored grated radish

McDonald’s Breakfast In Japan

McDonald’s will always serve the McMuffins as their breakfast, but they also offer a wide variety of Japanese delights.

In Japan, the hashbrowns are called “hash potatoes” and you can get a yogurt side dish with your main breakfast selection.

Egg McMuffin® A La Carte¥240~

Egg McMuffin®

Bacon Egg McSandwich A La Carte¥250~

Bacon Egg McSandwich

Sausage Egg Muffin A La Carte¥290~

Sausage Egg Muffin

Sausage Muffin A La Carte¥180~

Sausage Muffin

Chicken Tatsuta Yuzu-flavored grated radish A La Carte¥460~

Chicken Tatsuta Yuzu flavored grated radish

Chicken Tatsuta® A La Carte¥420~

Chicken Tatsuta

McDonald’s HiruMac Japan

McDonald’s Japan’s diverse menu offers the HiruMac set, which includes a Big Mac Double Cheeseburger and many other popular items. The set is available for up to 120 yen off during weekday lunch hours.

Mac® HiruMac¥650~

HiruMac Big Mac®

Chicken Filet-O HiruMac¥620~

HiruMac Teriyaki Chicken Filet-O

HiruMac Double Cheeseburger HiruMac¥620~

HiruMac Double Cheeseburger

Japanese sides in McDonald’s

McDonald’s Japan’s menu features unique Japanese sides. Japanese Happy Meals offers a variety of sides, including yogurt, edamame bean and corn salads, hash browns, or side salads.

McFry S Size¥190~ M Size¥330~ L Size¥380~


Chicken McNuggets® 5Pcs A La Carte¥240~

Chicken McNuggets® 5Pcs

Chicken McNuggets® 15Pcs A La Carte¥710~

Chicken McNuggets® 15Pcs

Shaka Shaka Potato® JAGA Butter S Size¥230~ M Size¥370~ L Size¥420~

Shaka Shaka Potato® JAGA Butter

Localization Menu

McDonald’s launched several locally-adapted menu items to suit Japanese culinary tastes. Teriyaki Burgers with their succulent beef or chicken patty topped off with teriyaki mayonnaise sauce, are a favorite among Japanese customers. Shaka Pork, Ebi Filet O, or the McPork have also become popular.


McDonald’s Japan successfully adapted its Menu to cater to the unique tastes and preferences of Japanese customers while retaining a global identity. McDonald’s has continued to innovate through localization and seasonal offerings.

Menu adaptations are also made based on customer feedback. Its ability to adapt to and thrive in the diverse market is demonstrated by its integration into Japanese culture.

FAQs – Mcdonald’s Menu In Japan

Is McDonald’s Japan serving teriyaki Burgers?

McDonald’s in Japan serves teriyaki as part of its menu.

Does McDonald’s Japan have any special menu items?

McDonald’s in Japan does offer limited-time or seasonal items unique to the Japanese market. Examples include the Teritama Burger (teratoma burger) and Shaka Shaka Bird.

Does McDonald’s Japan sell rice dishes?

McDonald’s in Japan serves rice dishes such as Chicken Tatsuta Rice and Rice Burgers.

Is there a vegan or vegetarian option at McDonald’s Japan?

McDonald’s Japan does offer some vegetarian choices, including Veggie Burgers or Veggie McNuggets. The vegan menu may be limited.

Are there any seafood-based dishes at McDonald’s in Japan?

McDonald’s in Japan has seafood-based menu items such as the Fillet-O-Fish (Fillet-O-Fish) and Ebi Filet-O.

Is there a matcha dessert at McDonald’s in Japan?

McDonald’s Japan offers matcha-flavored sweets like Matcha McFlurry, Matcha Pie, and Matcha McFlurry.

Does McDonald’s Japan provide breakfast items throughout the day?

McDonald’s Japan does not serve breakfast all day.

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