Sugar & Spice Menu Prices in India [2024]

Sugar & Spice Menu Prices in India

Sugar & Spice Menu Prices in India

If you have searched for Sugar & Spice Menu Prices in India then check here Below I have listed Sugar & Spice Menu India with updated prices.

All prices are taken from the Official site of Sugar & Spice. I Have also included images of Food Items with their latest prices. You can also check the official portal for details at The Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice Menu Prices in India


Cakes, Hampers, and Strawberry Season Special Menu of Sugar and Special 

Items  Prices
Strawberry Almond Tart Rs.130
Strawberry Shortcake Pastry Rs.160
Strawberry Shortcake From Rs.903
Big Hamper Box2 Rs.4495
Big Hamper Box1 Rs.4550
Caribbean Blue Rs.1520
Peach Box Rs.3460
Move Hamper Box1 Rs.2710
Hand Rolled Chocolates And Cookies Box Rs.1200
Praline Chocolates And Cookies Box Rs.1050
Praline Chocolate Box Rs.700
Cookie Box Rs.1400
Hand Rolled Chocolate Boxes Rs.1400
Purse Box – “Praline Chocolates” Rs.425
Hand Rolled Purse Box Rs.890
Hamper Box 12 Rs.1670
Hamper Box 11 Rs.1685
Hamper Box 10 Rs.1800
Hamper Box 9 Rs.1600
Hamper Box 8 Rs.1500
Hamper Box 7 Rs.1725
Hamper Box 6 Rs.1650
Hamper Box 5 Rs.1877
Hamper Box 4 Rs.1645
Hamper Box 3 Rs.1982
Hamper Box 2 Rs.1782
Hamper Box 1 Rs.1917
Hamper Box Rs.1360
French Hearts Rs.350
Jellies Rs.245
Almond Dragees And Hazelnut Dragees Rs.295
Jar Of Marshmallows Rs.125
Minced Meat Pie Rs.150
Opera Gateaux Rs.1003
Gift Hamper – 2 Rs.950
Gift Hamper – 1 Rs.900
Fresh Pineapple Cake Rs.903
Red Velvet Cake Rs.903
Moist Chocolate Truffle Cake Rs.903
Fresh Fruit Gateaux Rs.903
Chocolate Crackle Cake Rs.1003
Blueberry Cheese Cake Rs.1003
Black Forest Cake Rs.903
Belgium Chocolate Mousse Cake Rs.1003
Soft Chocolate Cake Rs.903


Sugar & Spice has a diverse range of cakes pastries snacks and beverages. Sugar & Spice offers a variety of products, with prices that vary based on factors like size, flavor, or type. Cakes range in price from Rs500-Rs2000 and more.

Pastries can be found for Rs50-Rs200. Cookies cost anywhere between Rs20 and R100. Burgers and sandwiches are priced from Rs100 to Rs300. Pizzas range from 200 to 500 and more.

And beverages, both hot and cold, range from 30-150 Rs. Combination meals are offered, with prices ranging between Rs150 to Rs400. Note that prices and offers are subject to changes. Their official website, as well as various delivery platforms, offers online ordering.

FAQ – Sugar & Spice Menu Prices in India

Sugar & Spice has multiple outlets across India.

including major metropolitan areas like Mumbai, Delhi Kolkata Chennai, and Bangalore. Sugar & Spice has outlets in India’s major cities, such as Mumbai, Delhi Kolkata Chennai Bangalore, and Bangalore.

Are there menus at Sugar & Spice stores?

Sugar & Spice’s menu includes a variety of items including sandwiches, pastries & cookies, pizzas & burgers as well as beverages.

Are all Sugar & Spice outlets located in India the same?

The menu price is generally the same across all Sugar & Spice shops, however, some minor variations can occur depending on location.

How much are cakes at Sugar & Spice priced?

Sugar & Spice offers a variety of cake designs, flavors, and sizes. Typically, specialty cakes range in price from Rs500-Rs2000.

How much are pastries in Sugar & Spice costing?

Sugar & Spice has a wide range of pastries that vary in price depending on size and type. On average, expect to pay Rs 50 to Rs 200 per pastry.

How much do cookies cost at Sugar & Spice?

Sugar & Spice has a price range that is between Rs 20 and Rs 100 per pack.

What are the prices of sandwiches and burgers in Sugar & Spice?

Sugar & Spice offers sandwiches and burgers that range in price from Rs100 to Rs300, depending on size and ingredients.

How much does a pizza from Sugar & Spice cost?

Sugar & Spice charges a different price for each pizza, depending on its size and toppings. Prices typically start at Rs200 but can rise to Rs500 and more for larger sizes.

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