KFC Menu With Prices In Sri Lanka [2023]❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

KFC Menu With Prices In Sri Lanka [2023]❤️

KFC Menu With Prices In Sri Lanka: Are you a foodie living in Sri Lanka looking for a tasty and enjoyable experience? You should look no further than KFC the famous fast-food chain famous for its tasty chicken fried.

KFC menu, looking at the delicious options available and their costs for Sri Lanka. Prepare to entice your taste senses!


In the world of food chains that serve fast, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a worldwide brand that is popular with a lot of.

Sri Lanka is no exception in this regard since KFC has carved out a solid presence in Sri Lanka with its tasty menu options.

In this post, we’ll examine the KFC menu and costs within Sri Lanka, giving you an overview of popular dishes and the prices they come with.

History of KFC in Sri Lanka

In 1995, KFC launched its first location in Sri Lanka, introducing the nation to its delectable flavors and signature crispy fried chicken recipe.

KFC has expanded over time and now has several sites all over Sri Lanka. KFC’s dedication to high-quality and delicious food makes it a top choice for Sri Lankans.

KFC Menu Prices in Sri Lanka



Twister ₨543.00
Twister and Cheese ₨583.00
Zinger Burger with Cheese ₨623.00
Snacker ₨220.00
Zinger Burger ₨583.00
Snacker and Cheese ₨260.00
Veggie Burger ₨403.00
Veggie Burger and Cheese ₨443.00
Tower Burger ₨640.00
Big Boss Burger ₨604.00
Paneer Wrap ₨510.00
Double Down ₨600.00
Double Decker Burger ₨600.00


Picked For You

Picked For You

KFC Spice Rice ₨430.00

Daily Deals

Daily Deals

Buy Two Get One Free -Zinger Burger ₨1,160.00

Wrap Festival

Wrap Festival

Kentucky Classic Twister ₨570.00
Hot Chilli Twister ₨570.00
Lemon Mustard Twister ₨570.00
Smokey BBQ Twister ₨570.00

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken

Grill Burger ₨570.00




Submarine Regular and Cheese ₨360.00
Submarine Regular ₨302.00

KFC Combos

KFC Combos

Zinger Burger Combo ₨830.00
Grill Burger Combo ₨830.00
Twister Combo ₨830.00
Hot and Crispy Fillet Combo ₨830.00
Big Boss Burger Combo ₨860.00
Tower Burger Combo ₨860.00


Local Flavour

Local Flavour

KFC Biryani and BBQ Chicken ₨420.00
KFC Sawan ₨1,820.00

Side Items

Side Items

Mayonnaise ₨40.00
Onion Sambol ₨80.00
Cheese ₨40.00
Rice Pilaf ₨150.00
Gravy ₨40.00




Vanilla Drinking Yoghurt ₨70.00
Strawberry Drinking Yoghurt ₨70.00
Mango Drinking Yoghurt ₨70.00
Wood apple Drinking Yoghurt ₨70.00


Beverage (Drink Bottle)

Beverage (Drink Bottle)

Kizz Apple ₨100.00
Kizz Ginger ₨100.00
Kizz Orange ₨100.00
Kizz Strawberry ₨100.00
Kizz Lime ₨100.00

Limited-Time Offers

KFC frequently offers limited-time specials to make things more exciting and give new experiences to its customers. 

These special offers offer unique and interesting menu items that are only available for a short time. Be sure to keep on your watch for these promotions when you go to KFC.

KFC Delivery and Ordering

KFC located in Sri Lanka offers delivery services that allow customers to enjoy their favourite meals at the convenience of their home.

The ordering process at KFC is simple and easy using a variety of platforms online and mobile apps to make it easy and fast delivery.

When you’re hosting an event or just craving delicious food, KFC delivery is an easy choice.

The KFC Experience in Sri Lanka

A visit to KFC located in Sri Lanka offers more than simply an entrée. The lively and warm ambiance and friendly staff guarantee a memorable dining experience.

KFC’s outlets are strategically placed in areas that are easily accessible that allow customers to satisfy their hunger regardless of where they are.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Feedback and reviews from customers are crucial in shaping the ordering and delivery service at KFC. KFC appreciates the opinions of its customers and actively encourages them to give feedback.

This aids KFC recognize customer preferences as well as identifying areas that could be improved and continually improving the quality of their services to meet or surpass the expectations of customers.

Near Me In Sri Lanka



KFC has grown to be a popular fast-food spot within Sri Lanka, offering a diverse menu of mouthwatering options to satisfy any craving.

From their famous chicken fried to hot wings, zinger burgers, and tasty side dishes, KFC provides a flavorful dining experience.

Through their special deals as well as combos customers are able to have a good value for budget.

When you’re looking for a quick and delicious lunch, make sure you visit your closest KFC location located in Sri Lanka.

Faq KFC Menu With Prices In Sri Lanka

Which are the costs in Sri Lanka for KFC chicken parts within Sri Lanka?

The cost of KFC pieces of chicken for sale in Sri Lanka may vary depending on the menu item and the size of the portion. Based on the latest information available, a simple 2-piece chicken dinner is priced at around LKR 500.

What does a KFC Zinger Burger run in Sri Lanka?

The cost of the KFC Zinger Burger in Sri Lanka is around LKR 400. But the prices may fluctuate and could vary in different areas.

What’s the price for KFC Hot Wings in Sri Lanka?

The cost for KFC Hot Wings in Sri Lanka is about LKR 350 per six-piece serving. Prices could vary depending on the location of the KFC outlet, as well as current promotions.

What will a KFC Bucket Meal cost in Sri Lanka?

The price of the KFC Bucket Meal in Sri Lanka is dependent on the amount and content of the bucket. On average, a 12-piece meal of chicken including drinks, sides, and other items could cost you around LKR 2000.

What are the costs for KFC Burgers on the island of Sri Lanka?

The costs for KFC Burgers within Sri Lanka range from around LKR 400 to LKR 700, based on the kind of burger you choose to purchase and any additional toppings or enhancements.

What is a KFC Krushers cost in Sri Lanka?

The cost of the KFC Krushers beverage in Sri Lanka is about LKR 250. However, the availability and price can vary between various KFC outlets.

What’s the price for KFC Twister in Sri Lanka?

The cost of the KFC Twister in Sri Lanka is approximately LKR 400. But, prices can differ based on promotional deals or regional variations.

What will the KFC Family Feast cost in Sri Lanka?

The cost of a KFC Family Feast in Sri Lanka will depend on the ingredients of the meal. A family-style meal with chicken pieces, side dishes, and drinks can cost from LKR 2,500 to LKR 4000.

What is the cost of KFC Rice meals available within Sri Lanka?

The costs of KFC Rice meals served within Sri Lanka start at approximately LKR 500 for a standard rice and chicken meal. Prices will vary based on the particular rice dish and other items that are included.

What is a KFC Mighty Zinger cost in Sri Lanka?

The cost of the KFC Mighty Zinger burger in Sri Lanka is approximately LKR 600. But, prices can vary somewhat based on the area and the current promotions.

What’s the price for KFC Popcorn Chicken in Sri Lanka?

The cost for KFC Popcorn Chicken in Sri Lanka is around LKR 300 per standard-sized serving. Prices will vary based on what size of the serving and the current offer.

What will the KFC Streetwise Meal cost for Sri Lanka?

The price of the KFC Streetwise Meal for Sri Lanka varies depending on the particular Streetwise Meal variation. In general, it is estimated that the cost of a Streetwise Meal can cost anywhere from approximately LKR 400 – LKR 800.

What are the costs of KFC wings available in Sri Lanka?

The prices of KFC wings in Sri Lanka start at approximately LKR 350 for a six-piece serving. Prices can vary depending on the amount of food served and any promotions that are currently running.

What is a KFC Value Box cost in Sri Lanka?

The price of the KFC Value Box in Sri Lanka depends on the particular contents inside the container. The average cost for the cost of a Value Box can cost from 500-800 LKR.

What’s the cost for KFC coleslaws within Sri Lanka?

A Cost for KFC coleslaws in Sri Lanka is approximately LKR 150 for a serving of regular size. But, prices can vary in different areas.

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