Mcdonald Menu In Korea [2023]❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

Mcdonald Menu In Korea [2023]❤️

Mcdonald’s Menu In Korea: McDonald’s is a well-known fast-food restaurant across the globe and has created its mark in Korea too.

McDonald’s offers a broad variety of delectable food items and snacks in Korea, with menus that are tailored to local tastes.

In this post, we’ll examine what’s on the McDonald’s selection in Korea and include the most sought-after dishes and their prices.

Introduction to McDonald’s in Korea

McDonald’s first entered its first entry into the Korean marketplace in 1988 and is now a well-known option for fast-food.

The menu of McDonald’s Korea reflects a fusion of world-class cuisine and regional tastes.

Through its dedication to high-quality and affordable prices, McDonald’s has won the hearts of a lot of Koreans and offers a comfortable and pleasant eating experience.

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu for Korea was specifically designed to help you start your day off with delicious options.

From classics like Egg McMuffin and Sausage McMuffin to Hotcakes and Hash Browns, there are various breakfast options that will satisfy your appetite for breakfast. Prices for breakfast options typically range from 2,500 to 4500 Korean Won (KRW).

Burger Selection

Burger Selection

McDonald’s is famous for its burgers their menus in Korea provide a wide range of options. If you like the classic Big Mac, the classic Cheeseburger as well as an alternative like the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, you can discover your ideal hamburger at McDonald’s. The cost of burgers available at McDonald’s in Korea typically varies from 3,500 to 5,500 KRW.

Chicken Delights

Chicken Delights

For those who love chicken, McDonald’s in Korea has an exquisite selection of chicken dishes. You can take a bite of the crisp and tasty McChicken or the McSpicy Shanghai to get spice.

One of the most popular choices among Korean clients is McSpicy Bulgogi Chicken with tangy and sweet flavors of Bulgogi sauce and crisp chicken patties. The prices for chicken dishes at McDonald’s are between 3,500 and 5,500 KRW.

Fish and Seafood Options

Fish and Seafood Options

McDonald’s in Korea is also a favorite among people who enjoy seafood by offering seafood and fish options.

The Filet-O-Fish which comes with a delicate fish fillet is a well-loved choice. In addition, you can take advantage of eating the Shrimp Burger, which offers an innovative twist by using succulent shrimp. Prices for seafood and fish items at McDonald’s vary from 3,500 and 5,500 KRW.

Salads and Wraps

Salads and Wraps

If you’re looking for lighter options, McDonald’s in Korea provides various wraps and salads. For example, the Caesar Salad with grilled chicken is a great option, while the Grilled McWrap with a variety of fillings provides delicious and balanced food. Prices for salads or wraps in McDonald’s are ranging from 3,500 KRW to 5,500 KRW.

Snacks and Sides

Snacks and Sides

McDonald’s menu that is available in Korea offers a variety of snacks and sides to go with your meal. You can take advantage of McDonald’s World Famous Fries, or enjoy a bite of Chicken McNuggets for a tasty snack.

If you’re searching for something sweet, yummy, and sweet, try the cheesy bacon fries. Prices for snacks and other dishes typically range from 1500 up to 3500 KRW.



For those who desire to drink, McDonald’s offers a variety of drinks in Korea. From carbonated beverages such as Coca-Cola Sprite and Fanta to milkshakes with iced coffee and fruit smoothies, there’s something to suit all. The prices for drinks at McDonald’s can range from 1500 to 3,500 KRW.



It’s not like a McDonald’s meal is complete without a sweet end. McDonald’s in Korea has a wide selection of desserts. You can indulge in the traditional Apple Pie, or satisfy your hunger by having McFlurry or a Sundae or McFlurry that is available in different flavors and garnishes.

Cones with soft-serve and milkshakes are also popular options. The prices for desserts at McDonald’s vary from 1,500 to 3,500 KRW.

Happy Meals for Kids

Happy Meals for Kids

McDonald’s is cognizant of how crucial it is to satisfy their younger clients. The company offers Happy Meals in Korea, Happy Meals are offered, with the option of a nugget or burger served with fries or apple slices as well as a drink.

Every Happy Meal also includes a toy or a book which makes it a fun experience for kids. Prices for Happy Meals generally vary from 4,500 to 6,500 KRW.

Limited-Time Offerings

Limited-Time Offerings

To keep the menu interesting and new, McDonald’s in Korea introduces limited-time offers. These promotions are special and feature fresh flavors and menu items that are innovative that allow customers to try an experience that is different each time they visit. Prices for limited-time offers differ based on the particular item and promotion.

McCafe Selection

McCafe Selection

McDonald’s isn’t just about fast food. It’s also a destination for coffee enthusiasts. McCafe which is offered in select places provides a diverse selection of tea, coffee, and other specialty drinks.

If you’re looking for a hot caramel latté or a refreshing mocha iced, McCafe has you covered. The prices for McCafe drinks range from 2,500-5,000 KRW.

Seasonal Specials

Throughout the time of the year, McDonald’s introduces seasonal specials which cater to the latest needs and preferences of the customers.

These limited-time specials offer customers a chance to sample unique flavors and new menu items. Prices for seasonal specials differ depending on the special.

Customization Options

When you dine at McDonald’s in Korea You can modify your order to meet your individual preferences. If you’d like to add cheese, change an ingredient, or even remove any ingredient, customizing options are readily available to help that you’re eating as you would like it.

Healthy Choices

McDonald’s recognizes the importance of providing nutritious options for its patrons. In Korea there, you can get lighter choices like grilled chicken, salads, and fruit bags which cater to people who are looking for healthy meals.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

In response to the growing demand for vegan and vegetarian choices, McDonald’s in Korea has increased its menu to meet those dietary preferences.

There’s a Veggie Burger, made with a plant-based patty. McDonald’s also has vegetarian options for drinks and sides to ensure that those with different dietary requirements can have delicious food. The prices for vegan and vegetarian choices are comparable to others on the menu.

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McDonald’s in Korea has a wide selection of menus offering something for every person. If you’re a burger fan or chicken lover or seafood enthusiast or are looking for lighter choices, McDonald’s has you covered. With low costs and a broad range of options, McDonald’s in Korea continues to be a favorite destination to enjoy quick and tasty food.

Faq Mcdonald Menu In Korea

What are the most-loved items that are on the McDonald’s menu in Korea?

Some of the most sought-after products in Korea are the Bulgogi Burger, Shrimp Burger, and McSpicy Chicken.

Are there special menu items that are only available in Korea?

Absolutely, McDonald’s in Korea offers special menu items, such as Kimchi Burger, the Golden Potato Burger Kimchi Burger, Rice Burgers as well as Golden Potato Burger.

Is it possible to find vegan or vegetarian alternatives at McDonald’s located in Korea?

Sure, McDonald’s in Korea offers vegetarian options such as McDonald’s Veggie Burger, as well as vegan options such McAloo Tikki Burger. McAloo Tikki Burger as well as the Spicy Veggie Burger.

Are there any menu items?

Sure, McDonald’s in Korea offers various options that are spicy including McDonald’s McSpicy Chicken McWrap, Spicy Shanghai Burger as well as the Spicy Chicken McWrap.

Do I have breakfast options at McDonald’s located in Korea?

Sure, McDonald’s in Korea serves breakfast items, including those Sausage McMuffin Egg McMuffin, and Hotcakes.

Are local Korean desserts that are available?

Absolutely, McDonald’s in Korea offers local desserts such as that Melon as well as Banana Sundae, Green Tea McFlurry as well as Red Bean Pie.

Do they offer regional cuisines from other regions of Korea?

Sure, McDonald’s occasionally offers regional dishes from various regions of Korea. These limited-time specials change periodically.

Are there healthier alternatives that are available in McDonald’s located in Korea?

Sure, McDonald’s in Korea offers healthier choices like sandwiches, salads, grilled chicken as well as fruit cups.

Are there alternatives for people who have food allergies?

McDonald’s in Korea has allergy information for its menu products. If you suffer from specific allergies it is recommended to speak with the restaurant’s staff or consult their information on allergens.

Do I have the option of customizing my meal for McDonald’s in Korea?

Yes, you can personalize any order made at McDonald’s located in Korea. You can ask for changes such as eliminating or adding ingredients depending on your preferences.

Are there special menu items for the season?

Absolutely, McDonald’s in Korea introduces seasonal menu items all year long including special burgers, drinks, and desserts that are in line with the seasons.

Are there Halal alternatives on the menu at McDonald’s across Korea?

McDonald’s in Korea doesn’t currently have products that have been certified Halal. It is recommended to speak with the manager about any dietary restrictions specific to the restaurant.

Do I have to place an order on the Internet to take delivery or delivery?

Absolutely, McDonald’s in Korea offers online ordering of delivery and takeout on various food delivery platforms, as well as their official website and app.

Do the costs of McDonald’s in Korea like in other countries?

Costs for McDonald’s in Korea might differ slightly in other locations, based on the local operating costs and market conditions.

Can I use credit cards from abroad to pay at McDonald’s located in Korea?

A majority of McDonald’s restaurants in Korea accept credit cards from outside the country. It’s an ideal idea to carry some Korean won (KRW) in cash in your wallet since certain places might have a minimum payment card minimum requirement.

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