Lebanon KFC Menu With Prices [2023]❤️ ❤️ UPDATED 2023

Lebanon KFC Menu With Prices [2023]❤️

Lebanon KFC Menu With Prices: Do you want to savor delicious fried chicken? Are you thinking about how much it costs on the KFC price of their menu in Lebanon? You’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll provide a summary of KFC menu choices available in Lebanon and their prices.

From delicious chicken buckets with a mouthwatering taste to delicious sandwiches and refreshing drinks, KFC has something for every person. Let’s get into the details and explore the wonderful offerings offered by KFC located in Lebanon.


KFC has drawn chicken lovers worldwide. Because of its unique blend made up of eleven spices, herbs, and other ingredients, KFC provides a distinctive and tasty flavor that draws customers back for more.

Within Lebanon, KFC has established an impressive name, providing numerous food choices at an affordable prices.

 Classic Chicken Buckets

 Classic Chicken Buckets

One of the most popular items on The KFC Menu for Lebanon is their chicken buckets. These buckets are ideal to share with family members and friends. Here are a few most well-known chicken buckets that are offered:

  • Original Recipe Bucket: The bucket comes with an ample portion of KFC’s chicken recipes in their original style. Prices begin from LBP 14,000 for an 8-piece bucket.
  • Hot & Spicy Bucket: If you prefer a little heat, then the hot and spicy bucket is an excellent option. It comes with juicy chicken pieces, seasoned with a spicy mix of spices and herbs. Prices begin from LBP 14,500 for an eight-piece bucket.

 Signature Sandwiches

 Signature Sandwiches

KFC has tasty on-the-go snacks. The sandwiches are packed with tasty ingredients that will satisfy your hunger. Here are some popular choices:

  • Zinger Sandwich: The Zinger sandwich is really popular with the crowd. It is made up of a crispy chicken fillet, lettuce, mayo, and a spicy sauce that is placed between soft bread. Prices start at LBP 7,000 for a single Zinger sandwich.
  • Twister Wrap: It’s a delicious combination of chicken strips grilled along with fresh vegetables and an astringent dressing wrapped in the warmth of a tortilla. Prices begin with LBP 8500 per single wrap of Twister.

  Delectable Sides

  Delectable Sides

There is no meal that is complete without a delicious side dish to accompany your main meal. KFC offers a wide selection of delicious side dishes that perfectly complement their chicken. Here are a few of the popular alternatives:

  • Coleslaw KFC’s: Rich and sweet coleslaw is a traditional food item that provides a refreshing flavor to your dinner. Prices begin at LBP 3000 for a standard coleslaw.
  • Mashed Potatoes: Creamy mashed potatoes served with KFC’s signature gravy are an easy and delicious choice. Prices begin at LBP 3,500 for a normal portion of potatoes that have been mashed.

 Refreshing Beverages

 Refreshing Beverages

For those who desire to drink, KFC offers a wide selection of refreshing drinks. If you like carbonated drinks or fruity beverages There’s something to suit every person. Here are some of the choices:

  • Pepsi: The iconic cola is always the most popular drink to accompany your KFC dinner. Prices begin at LBP 2000 for a regular Pepsi.
  • Mirinda Orange: If you’re in search of an explosive burst of tangy goodness, Mirinda Orange is a great choice. Prices begin at LBP 2000 for a normal Mirinda Orange.

 Kids’ Meals

 Kids' Meals

KFC is also able to cater to younger customers through its special kid’s food menus. The meals are designed to be appealing to children and offer a wide range of yummy desserts. Here’s what you will get in KFC’s kids’ meals: KFC children’s menu:

  • chicken Strips: Tender chicken strips that are simple to eat and packed with flavor.
  • French Fries: French fries with a golden crispness that children love.
  • Apple Juice: A refreshing and healthy option for children.

 Value Meals

 Value Meals

KFC offers value meals that provide a lot of value for your money if you’re looking for a full meal at a fair price.

These meals are comprised of chicken, side dishes, as well as a drink. Here are a few good options for value meals:

  • Mighty Zinger Meal: The meal comes with the Mighty Zinger sandwich, and regular fries as well as a standard Pepsi. Prices begin with LBP 12,500 for the Mighty Zinger meal.
  • Streetwise 2 is perfect for people: who are looking for different flavors. It comes with two pieces of chicken, regular fries, a coleslaw as well as a regular Pepsi. Prices begin with LBP 8,500 for the Streetwise 2 meal.

 Special Offers Special Offers KFC often offers special deals to lure customers with tempting offers. The deals typically comprise a selection of various food items that are priced at a discount.

Check KFC’s website KFC website or visit your local KFC branch to find out the most recent offers and discounts.



If you are a fan of desserts KFC provides a variety of tasty desserts. They can make delicious meals-ending. The top choices are:

  • Chocolate Lava Cake Enjoy a deliciously warm chocolate cake that is smoky with chocolate that has been melted. Prices begin at LBP 5,500 for a one-off chocolate cake.
  • Soft Ice Cream Serve: Cool down with an icy cool and smooth soft-serve cone of ice cream. Prices begin at LBP 2000 for a regular soft serve.

Catering Services for Events

If you’re planning a memorable occasion for a gathering or event, KFC caters that can meet your requirements.

From small gatherings to large corporate events, their menu of catering includes a range of options for an unforgettable eating experience for you as well as your guest.

 Healthier Choices and Special Diets

For those who adhere to a particular diet or who are looking for healthier alternatives, KFC provides alternatives to meet their requirements.

With chicken grilled as well as salads and vegetarian choices, KFC ensures that everyone is able to enjoy a meal that fits their preferences for food.

 KFC Delivery and Online Ordering

To indulge in the KFC menu at your own workplace or home you can avail the delivery as well as online order options.

Browse the menu, place an order, and then have your preferred KFC food items delivered directly to your door.

 Rewards and Loyalty Programs

To thank KFC’s loyal clients, KFC offers rewards programs that let you earn points while enjoying exclusive benefits.

They often offer special discounts, promotions, and access to menu items that are limited in availability.

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KFC in Lebanon serves a delicious menu that is filled with delicious choices that will satisfy your chicken cravings.

From their chicken buckets to their signature meals, drinks, and sandwiches along with desserts and beverages, KFC provides something to all tastes.

The prices in this article may fluctuate, so it’s an excellent idea to call any local KFC branch to get the most current information regarding the menu and prices.

Enjoy mouth-watering delicious food at KFC and taste the delicious tastes that have created KFC the world’s most loved restaurant.

Faq Lebanon KFC Menu With Prices

What are the most famous items on KFC’s menu? KFC menu?

Some of the most requested items that are available on menus on the KFC menu include chicken and fried sandwiches the tender of a chicken, potatoes mashed biscuits, and coleslaw.

What is the best way to find out if KFC offers vegan or vegetarian choices?

The answer is yes. KFC generally offers a range of vegetarian options, including veggie burgers and side dishes like corn-on-the-cob and green beans. The majority of menu items involve animal ingredients, hence the vegan menu may not be very extensive.

Do the prices remain identical across every KFC location?

The prices may differ by a small amount between KFC places due to various factors like regional costs or promotions.

What is the best way to find out if KFC provides family meals?

It is true that KFC frequently offers families meal deals that comprise chicken, beverages, and side dishes at a reduced cost.

Are there alternatives that are healthy on KFC’s menu? KFC menu?

although KFC is renowned for its delectable and mouthwatering alternatives, they also offer barbecued chicken and a variety of salads, which are healthier choices.

Do I have the option to modify the order I receive at KFC?

KFC allows certain customization options, like selecting particular pieces of chicken or changing the side. However, the options for customization may differ based on the area of the restaurant.

Is KFC provide delivery or takeaway services?

It is true that KFC generally offers delivery as well as takeaway options. You can order on their website or phone your local KFC restaurant to find out more details.

Do you have any limited-time promotions or seasonal offerings available on KFC’s menu? KFC menu?

KFC often introduces limited-time promotions, or seasonal items, to its menu. They can change throughout the year and could be different from location to location.

Is it true that KFC offers a menu for children?

KFC generally offers a menu for children that is smaller in size and child-friendly choices.

Are there gluten-free alternatives at KFC?

KFC doesn’t typically offer specific gluten-free menu items for their chicken fried, since it is fried with flour that contains gluten. However, they do offer gluten-free alternatives such as certain dishes or grilled chicken.

Are there low-sodium alternatives available at KFC?

The menu at KFC tends to be more sodium-rich due to the seasonings they use on their chicken and other sides. But, you can inquire about specific nutritional information at the KFC’s location KFC for a more informed decision.

Can I order KFC online?

most KFC restaurants allow ordering online via their website or mobile apps for additional convenience.

Are nutritional details and allergen information provided in the menu items of KFC Menu items?

KFC provides nutritional information as well as allergen details on its menu items. The information is typically available on their website or can be obtained by customer service.

Where can I find vegetarian or vegan alternatives to chicken in KFC?

KFC does not currently offer alternatives made of plant-based ingredients for their chicken fried in a fryer. However, they might offer vegetarian alternatives that don’t contain meat.

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