McDonald's Value Meal Menu Prices in India [Update 2024] ❤️ [2024]

McDonald’s Value Meal Menu Prices in India [Update 2024] ❤️

McDonald’s Value Meal Menu Prices India 

McDonald’s India offers a range of fast foods and drinks at affordable prices in a great dining atmosphere. To help foodies enjoy more food at lower prices, the chain is running value meal deals.

McDonald’s Value Meal Menu in India has great deals like McSaver Filet-O-Fish Meal, Chatpata Naan – Kebab Meal Regular, McSaver Chatpata Naan – Aloo Meal, McSaver Salad Wrap Meal, and several more value meals deals across India.

Below is the McDonald’s Value Meal Price List in India gathered from the official McDonald’s India website

Read the post carefully and find out McDonald’s Value Meal Menu with Prices.

McDonald's Value Meal Menu Prices in India

McDonald’s Value Meal Menu with Prices 

Items Prices
McSaver Salad Wrap Meal Rs.242
McSpicy Chicken Meal Large Rs.293
Chicken McNuggets 9 Pcs Meal Large Rs.306
McSaver Filet-O-Fish Meal Rs.271
McSaver Chatpata Naan – Kebab Meal Rs.190
McChicken Meal Large Rs.250
McSaver McVeggie Meal Rs.219
McAloo Tikki Meal Regular Rs.138
Chatpata Naan – Kebab Meal Regular Rs.168
American Cheese Supreme – Chicken Meal Regular Rs.223
McSpicy Chicken Meal Regular Rs.249
McSaver McChicken Meal Rs.229
McSaver American Cheese Supreme – Veg Meal Rs.239
McAloo Tikki Meal Medium Rs.162
McSaver Chicken Maharaja Mac Meal Rs.310
Chatpata Naan – Aloo Meal Regular Rs.152
McAloo Tikki Meal Large Rs.182
American Cheese Supreme – Veg Meal Regular Rs.207
McSaver McSpicy Chicken Meal Rs.275
McSaver Chatpata Naan – Aloo Meal Rs.176
McSaver Chicken Kebab Burger Meal Rs.193
Chatpata Naan – Aloo Meal Large Rs.196
McChicken Meal Regular Rs.207
Chatpata Naan – Kebab Meal Large Rs.212
Chicken Kebab Burger Meal Large Rs.215
McVeggie Meal Large Rs.236
McSaver American Cheese Supreme – Chicken Meal Rs.244
American Cheese Supreme – Veg Meal Large Rs.250
Chicken Kebab Double patty Meal Medium Rs.251
Chicken McNuggets 6 Pcs Meal Medium Rs.257
Salad Wrap Meal Large Rs.259
McSaver McSpicy Paneer Meal Rs.267
McSaver Filet-O-Fish Meal Rs.271
American Cheese Supreme – Chicken Meal Large Rs.267
Chicken McNuggets 6 Pcs Meal Large Rs.274
Chicken Kebab Double Patty Meal Large Rs.269
Filet-O-Fish Meal Large Rs.276
Big Spicy Paneer Wrap Meal Regular Rs.279
Veg Maharaja Mac Meal Regular Rs.279
McSpicy Paneer Meal Large Rs.289
Chicken McNuggets Piri Piri 6 Pcs Meal Medium Rs.280
Big Spicy Chicken Wrap Meal Regular Rs.289
Chicken McNuggets 9 Pcs Meal Medium Rs.290
Chicken Maharaja Mac Meal Regular Rs.289
McSaver Big Spicy Paneer Wrap Meal Rs.299

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McDonald’s Value Meal Menu has great value meal deals across India by which you can enjoy more food at lower prices.

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FAQs – McDonald’s Value Meal Menu Prices in India

What is the Value Meal in India at McDonald’s?

A Value Meal is a combination meal at McDonald’s India that includes an item of the main course (burger, meal, wrap, or wrap), a side dish (fries, salad, or salad), and a beverage.

What is the price of a value meal at McDonald’s in India?

Costs of Value Meals at McDonald’s India vary according to the meal and location. Prices range between INR 150 and INR 300.

Do all McDonald’s outlets offer the same Value Meals?

The prices of Value Meals can vary between McDonald’s outlets across India, depending on factors like location and operating costs.

What are the most popular Value Meals in India at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s India offers a variety of Value Meals, including the Filet-O-Fish, McVeggie, and McChicken.

Is there a vegetarian option on the Value Meal Menu at McDonald’s India?

McDonald’s in India has some vegetarian meals on their Value Meal Menu, including the McVeggie Value Meal and McAloo-Tikki Value Meal.

Does the Value Meal include a beverage?

All Value Meals are included in India. You can choose between a soft drink and mineral water.

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