Merwans Cake Stop Menu Prices in India

Merwans Cake Stop Menu Prices in India

Are you searching for Merwans Cake Stop Menu Prices in India then check here Below I have listed Merwans Cake Stop Menu India with updated prices.

All prices are taken from the Official site of Merwans. I Have also included images of Food Items with their latest prices. You can also check the official portal for details at Merwans India

Merwans Cake Stop Menu Prices in India


Weekend Special Cakes

Items  Prices
Layered Indulgence (medium)/(large) Rs.615/Rs.1230
Rocher Lick (medium)/(large) Rs.515/Rs.1030

Rich Premium Cakes

Items  Prices
Red Velvet (medium)/(large) Rs.415/Rs.830
Purple Rain (medium)/(large) Rs.415/Rs.830

Rich Premium Cheese Cakes

Items  Prices
Raspberry Cheesecake Rs.450
Blueberry Cheesecake Rs.450

Premium Cakes

Items  Prices
Chocolate to Kill (medium)/(large) Rs.365/Rs.730
Decadent Chocolate Mousse (medium)/(large) Rs.365/Rs.730
Dutch Truffle (medium)/(large) Rs.365/Rs.730
Hazelnut Truffle (medium)/(large) Rs.365/Rs.730
Premium Black Forest (medium)/(large) Rs.365/Rs.730
Strawberry Ganache (medium)/(large) Rs.365/Rs.730
Cake Collage (medium)/(large) Rs.365/Rs.730

Rich Cakes

Items  Prices
Tuxedo (medium)/(large) Rs.315/Rs.630
Fresh Cream Hazelnut (medium)/(large) Rs.315/Rs.630
Ivory Tragan (medium)/(large) Rs.315/Rs.630
Choco Bliss (medium)/(large) Rs.315/Rs.630
Raspine Delight (medium)/(large) Rs.315/Rs.630
Truffle (medium)/(large) Rs.315/Rs.630

Exotic Cakes

Exotic Cakes

Items  Prices
Black Forest (medium)/(large) Rs.275/Rs.550
Blueberry (medium)/(large) Rs.275/Rs.550
Caramel Custard (medium)/(large) Rs.275/Rs.550
Honey Crunch (medium)/(large) Rs.275/Rs.550
Pineapple (medium)/(large) Rs.275/Rs.550
White Forest (medium)/(large) Rs.275/Rs.550
Pina Colada (medium)/(large) Rs.275/Rs.550

Exquisite Cakes

Items  Prices
Butterscotch (medium)/(large) Rs.255/Rs.510
Chocolates Crackle (medium)/(large) Rs.255/Rs.510
Lemon Crackle (medium)/(large) Rs.255/Rs.510

Special Premium Cakes

Items  Prices
Luscious Dutch Truffle (medium)/(large) Rs.380/Rs.760
Decadent Chocolate Overload (medium)/(large) Rs.380/Rs.760
Choco Berry Ganache (medium)/(large) Rs.380/Rs.760
Hazelnut Ganache (medium)/(large) Rs.380/Rs.760
Dense Black Forest (medium)/(large) Rs.290/Rs.580


Premium Pastries

Items  Prices
Red Velvet Rs.70
Chocolate to Kill Rs.70
Premium Black Forest Rs.70
Decadent Chocolate Mousse Rs.70
Ivory Tragan Rs.70
Dutch Truffle Rs.70
Hazelnut Truffle Rs.70

Exotic Pastries

Items  Prices
Black Forest Rs.50
Blueberry Rs.50
Butterscotch Rs.50
Caramel Custard Rs.50
Chocolate Crackle Rs.50
Honey Crunch Rs.50
Lemon Crackle Rs.50
Pineapple Rs.50
Truffle Rs.50
White Forest Rs.50


Items  Prices
Baked Yoghurt Rs.50
Panna Cotta Rs.50
Blueberry Cheese Cake Rs.50
Orange Cheese Cake Rs.50
Chocolate Mousse Rs.50
White Chocolate Mousse Rs.50



Items  Prices
Mini Chocolate Dream Pastry Rs.25
Chocolate Square Rs.15

Special Premium Pastries

Items  Prices
Luscious Dutch Truffle Rs.70
Decadent Chocolate Overload Rs.70
Choco Berry Ganache Rs.70
Hazelnut Ganache Rs.70
Dense Black Forest Rs.70

Puff / Rolls

Pattice (Veg)

Items  Prices
Mini Veg Pizza Rs.20
Paneer Pattice Rs.20
Cheese Puff Rs.20
Sweet Coconut Puff Rs.20
Closed Pizza Rs.18
Mawa Samosa Puff Rs.18
Vegetable Pattice Rs.16
Vegetable White Sauce Pattice Rs.16

Pattice (Non-Veg)

Items  Prices
Egg Pattice Rs.20
Chicken Garlic Pattice Rs.16
Chicken Pattice Rs.16
Tandoori Chicken Pattice Rs.16
Red Thai Pattice Rs.16

Rolls (Veg)

Items  Prices
Calzon Veg Rs.30
Vegetable Bun Rs.20
Paneer Capsicum Roll Rs.18
Pepper Veg Mayonnaise Roll Rs.18
Veg Cheese Roll Rs.18
Veg Kolhapuri Roll Rs.18
Veg Mexican Rs.18

Rolls (Non-Veg)

Items  Prices
Chicken Calzon Rs.30
Chicken Pizza Rs.30
Chicken Bun Rs.20
Chicken Cheese Roll Rs.18
Garlic Chicken Roll Rs.18
Chicken Peri Peri Sauce Roll Rs.18
Hariyali Chicken Roll Rs.18
Kabuli Chicken Roll Rs.18
Mushroom in White Chicken Roll Rs.18
Pepper Chicken Mayonnaise Roll Rs.18
Tandoori Chicken Tikka Roll Rs.18

Cookies / Bread

Premium Cookies

Items  Prices
Cashew Macaroons (non-veg) Rs.350
Walnut Macaroons (non-veg) Rs.350
Coconut Crunch (non-veg) Rs.95
Cashew Butter Biscuits (veg) Rs.95
Anjeer Cookies (veg) Rs.105
Chocolate Cookies (veg) Rs.105
Shrewsburry (veg) Rs.95
Milk Cookies (veg) Rs.85
Nan Khatai (veg) Rs.85
Ginger Man Cookies (non-veg) Rs.70

Bread / Roll / Buns

Items  Prices
Bread Sticks Rs.50
Burger Buns Rs.40
Dinner Rolls Rs.40
Focaccia Rs.40
Shallots Spicy Sticks Rs.40
Brown Bread Rs.40
Multigrain Bread Rs.40
Lavash Spicy Rs.40
Lavash Whole Wheat Mix Herbs Rs.40
Masala Bread Rs.30
White Bread Rs.20
Pizza Bread Rs.20
Sweets Bun Rs.20


Cup Cakes (Veg)

Cup Cakes (Veg)

Items  Prices
Blueberry Rs.40
Butter Vanilla Rs.40
Cashew Rs.40
Mawa Rs.40
Walnut Rs.40

Cup Cakes (Non-Veg)

Items  Prices
Mini Roasted Walnut Rs.50
Cashew Rs.40
Mawa Rs.40
Walnut Rs.40

Tea Cakes (Veg)

Items  Prices
Plum Cake (300gm) Rs.150
Fruit Cake (300gm) Rs.150
Almond Cake Rs.130
Mawa Cake (6 pieces) Rs.150

Tea Cakes (Non-Veg)

Items  Prices
Plum Cake (300gm) Rs.140
Fruit Cake (300gm) Rs.115
Almond Cake Rs.100
Mawa Cake (6 pieces) Rs.90

Finger Truffles (Non-Veg)

Items  Prices
Almond Truffle Rs.120
Walnut Truffle Rs.120
Almond Finger Rs.110
Walnut Finger Rs.110

Nibble Truffles (Non-Veg)

Items  Prices
Walnut Pie Rs.70
Chocolate Eclair Rs.60
Coconut Ball Rs.50
Lemon Tart Rs.50
Melting Moment Rs.50
Walnut Brownie (veg/non-veg) Rs.50

Sweet Puffs

Items  Prices
Almond Croissant (Non-Veg) Rs.50
Horse Shoe (Non-Veg) Rs.50
Walnut Croissant (Non-Veg) Rs.50
Cashew Roll (Non-Veg) Rs.40
Sweet Fan (Veg) Rs.30

Puff Pastries (Veg)

Puff Pastries (Veg)

Items  Prices
Cheese Paprika (250gm) Rs.95
Chilly Cheeslings (200gm) Rs.75
Salty Sweet Bites (200gm) Rs.75
Surti Butter (250gm) Rs.75
Maska Khari (250gm) Rs.75

Pudding (Non-Veg)

Items  Prices
Butter Cake Pudding (Vanilla) Rs.30

Chocolates (Veg)

Items  Prices
Assorted Chocolates (100gm) Rs.150

Photo/Novelties/3D/Tiers Cake (Veg/Non-Veg)

Items  Prices
Tier Cake (Min. 8Kg) Rs.2000
3D Cake (Min. 3Kg) Rs.1500
Novelty Cake (Min. 2Kg) Rs.1200
Rich Premium Photo Cake (Min. 2Kg) Rs.1200
Spl. Premium/Premium Photo Cake (Min. 2Kg) Rs.1000
Rich Photo Cake (Min. 2Kg) Rs.900
Exotic / Exquisite Photo Cake (Min. 2Kg) Rs.800


As I mentioned above, I don’t have real-time or specific information about Merwans Cake Stop menu prices in India.

As a result, I am unable to provide a summary or conclusion of their menu prices. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, you can contact Merwans Cake Stop or visit their website. You can get all the information about their menu in India and prices.

FAQ Merwans Cake Stop Menu Prices in India

What is Merwans cake Stop?

Merwans Cake Stop, a chain of bakeries in India, offers a wide range of cakes, pastries, and other baked products.

What are the prices of Merwans Cake Stop in India?

Merwans Cake Stop India menu prices can be found on many websites, including menu, menu, magic, Zomato, and TripAdvisor.

What are the different types of cakes available at Merwans Cake Stop?

Merwans Cake Stop has a wide variety of cakes, including pineapple, chocolates, black forests, and butterscotch.

What are the different types of pastries available at Merwans Cake Stop?

Merwans Cake Stop has a wide variety of pastries, including caramel custard and chocolate crackles.

Is there an eggless option available at Merwans Cake Stop?

Merwans Cake Stop does offer eggless options, such as eggless pineapple pie.

What are the prices of cakes at Merwans Cake Stop?

Prices at Merwans Cake Stop vary depending on the size and type of cake. Prices can be found on the menu or on various websites.

What are the prices of pastries at Merwans Cake Stop?

Merwans Cake Stop offers a variety of pastries, each with a different price. Prices can be found on the menu or on various websites.

Merwans Cake Stop offers discounts and promotions.

Merwans Cake Stop offers discounts and promotions periodically. Check their social media pages or website for the latest offers.

Is there a vegetarian option at Merwans Cake Stop?

Merwans Cake Stop does offer vegetarian options, such as cakes and pastries made without eggs.

Is there a non-vegetarian option available at Merwans?

Merwans Cake Stop is strictly a vegetarian-only bakery.

Can I order cakes or pastries online from Merwans Cake Stop?

You can order cakes from Merwans Cake Stop through their website, or via third-party delivery services such as Zomato.

How much does it cost to eat at Merwans Cake Stop for two?

Merwans Cake Stop charges Rs 100 for two people.

Is there a breakfast menu at Merwans Cake Stop?

Merwans Cake Stop does offer breakfast items like patties and rolls.

Is there a Merwans Cake Stop outside India?

Merwans Cake Stop operates exclusively in India.

What is the best-selling item at Merwans Cake Stop?

The most popular cake on the Merwans Cake Stop Menu may differ depending on location and customer preferences.

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